The global economy and future of the continent of Europe are hanging by a thread, according to the billionaire hedge fund manager and philanthropist George Soros. In an interview published by Forbes the billionaire credited with breaking the Bank of England in 1992 reveals his unhappiness with the words of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump following his call for a travel ban in the U.S. for those of the Muslim faith. George Soros believes the words of New York based real estate mogul Trump are dangerous in completing the work of ISIS and other terrorist groups for them.

George Soros is in a strong position to discuss the ideology of Donald Trump and his supporters after spending time as a refugee following his survival of the Holocaust during World War II. In 1979 Soros established the Open Society Foundations, which his Website reveals is dedicated to bringing democracy and education to the people of the world. Soros explained his belief that the words of Donald Trump would only assist the terrorist groups he fears in recruiting new members with ease.

The rise of ISIS has been a subject of major concern for George Soros as he looked to the future of the European Union and saw many areas of concern for the future. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been an individual George Soros has saved much of his criticism for because of her approach to the Syrian migrant crisis currently dividing opinion across the continent. George Soros was supportive of Merkel in her initial response to the refugee crisis, but now feels stronger leadership is needed to secure the future of the European Union.

In the interview Soros revealed his belief that stronger border controls being introduced across Europe would see the beginning of the breakup of the European Union. Coupling the migrant crisis with a loss of faith in the Euro zone caused by the economic crisis seen in Greece and growing in Ukraine would see the European Union face its biggest challenges in its history. Soros believes the loss of the British referendum on remaining in the European Union would result in the death of the continent wide community and cause major losses in the global economy.