The clothing industry is changing in lots of ways, and there are lot of people that are interested in what athletic clothing for women is evolving into. It is just a interesting thing to see how athletic clothing as become such a major product that is selling in such large numbers.


Much of the appeal for athletic gear for women has to do with the fact that there are so many more working mothers. Women are getting out of the homes and working out and they want to look good while they’re doing it. Kate Hudson is well aware of this and that is why she decided to put in motion a company that was going to help women look good while they were getting in shape. She is passionate about working out and elated to serve as the face of Fabletics.


By contrast, Jeff Bezos is just looking for another aspect of business to venture into. He started Amazon as a company that was simply selling books online, and helped elevate this into a business that has no bounds. Jeff wants to sell everything, and athletic clothing for women is included in this lineup.


The interesting thing that people may discover about these two companies is that the business model is not the same. Fabletics is locked into athletic clothing for women. Amazon, on the other hand, sells everything. The business model for Fabletics is geared toward subscription services and physical stores. Amazon is solely based on line. These are two differences that allow these companies to reach two different sets of individuals. There are some overlapping aspects of business that put these companies in competition, but it is clear that Fabletics has capitalized on the niche market. That will be the thing that allows this company to survive and rise to the top.


Fabletics definitely has an edge on the competition when it comes to celebrity appeal. Chrissy Teigen, for example, has made proclamations about her love for the Fabletics brand. Kate Hudson is also adamant about showing her love for the her brand by my modeling these clothes.


People are really starting to look at Fabletics and praise what Kate Hudson is doing for this company. She has taken this from a business that few people moved to a clothing company that millions of people have patronized. This is only the beginning for this company though. With more than 100 stores coming to a shopping center near you, it is evident that Kate Hudson is building Fabletics up in layers. This is how she is planning to compete with Amazon and everyone else. She started with an online community and saturated this market. Now she is going after the customers that she could not reach online.


It will be interesting for customers to see who has the best deals in the future. Kate Hudson has great plans to maximize her fan base by continuing to offer some of the best deals when it comes to workout gear.