A new app bringing educators and the families they teach together is making a big impact on today’s classrooms. ClassDojo has only been around since 2011, but it is already used by 90% of K-8 schools in the U.S. and is in use in over 180 other countries. This incredible app is available on any device, can translate any message into 35 different languages and is free to use for teachers. So what is this app exactly? ClassDojo is an all inclusive communication program to connect teachers, students, parents, and school leaders together in one place. Within the app you can gain access to and share photos, videos, and messages through out the school day.

There are four main components that make up ClassDojo. Within the classroom teachers and students will use the app to create their “classroom culture“, where they can choose their own skills and values they feel need to be included or even worked on. Together the class can look at and share in the progress their class is making on areas such as, teamwork or creativity. Another component to this app is its messaging center. Everyone connected on the app will have the ability to instantly message between each other whether parent to teacher, or teacher to school leaders with out the need to exchange phone numbers or other contact information. Stories is another area within the app that truly brings the academic life of the students home, and connects classrooms together within the school. Constantly updating pictures and videos from the school day, there are options of School Story, Class Story, and even Student Story sharing what that student learned through the day. Last but not least is the original content that is available only through ClassDojo. Partnering with multiple Universities, ClassDojo has created video and activity content for social and emotional learning ranging from empathy to perseverance.