Every business needs a financial expert. An excellent financial manager is highly equipped in mathematical and statistics skills. A degree in finance or commerce is also a requirement. Companies over the years have attributed their economic growth to the financial managers they hire.
Brian Bonar (PRNewsWire) is a financial genius who undertook his undergraduate degree in finance from Stratchlyde University. He wanted to elevate his career so he opted to get an MBA and later on a doctorate degree both from the University of Staffordshire. He has worked for a myriad of companies elevating their status in the world market. He dutifully served Dalrada Corporation for a number of years as a vice president of sales and marketing, executive vice president of the company, chief operating officer, president of the company and chairman of the board.
Prior to working in Dalrada Corporation, Brian Bonar (LinkedIn) had worked for IBM U.K Ltd for a period of seventeen years. He also worked for Trucept Inc formerly known as Smart-Tek Automated.Mr Bonar currently works for Imaging Technologies Corporation. He is the CEO and president of the company.
Dalrada Financial Corporation deals with giving financial, benefit, insurance and enterprise process outsourcing products and services to other corporations. Dalrada uses a unique plan of action to achieve personal and professional mile stones for their clients. The company gives all the capital needed to manage the business. In addition to this, they offer protection to the acquired capital and any exposure to risk.
The company provides tax strategy answers such as equipment refund services; pre-tax child care and tax limit exposure systems. The company believes that a healthy worker is beneficial and therefore they give health benefits to empower employees. They also offer dental, medical and life insurance plans .Workers that are in need of salary advance are catered for by the corporation.
Brian Bonar has also been attributed to the growth of Imaging Technologies Corporation which was founded in 1982.The enterprise creates and distributes imaging products to small, medium and large companies. It caters to clients who need to produce correct, clear and consistent images. By use of ITEC’s colorblind software, these companies are able to integrate plotters, printers and copiers into existing network solutions.
ITEC also gives administrative services, human resource and payroll services. The company attributes its growth to these services and also the acquisitions of small enterprises such as SourceOne Group Inc.The acquisition is expected to generate a significant profit to ITEC in the next fiscal report.