As the dust is settling on the recently passed Omnibus spending bill in the House, the tally of votes from each party shows passage was truly bipartisan. The total vote tally was 219 for and 206 against. The GOP largely muscled the bill through the House with 162 votes in favor and Democrats bringing up 57 votes to secure passage. The opposition largely consisted of Democrats with 139 votes against the bill. In addition, 67 Republicans broke ranks to vote against the bill.

The entire GOP leadership voted for the bill. The Democrat leadership was opposed to the bill with the notable exception of House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer who sided with President Obama to gin up Democrat votes in support of the bill. It was a notable defection after Democrats had unanimously voted to block the bill from getting a floor vote. On the Appropriations Committee, which figured prominently in the budget negotiations, all GOP committee members supported the budget. Democrats were split with 13 of the 22 Democrats on the committee supporting the bill and 9 voting against it.

The Texas coalition of GOP congressmen largely voted against the bill. Only seven party members from the state voted for passage of the bill. Incumbent Democrats who were defeated in the midterm elections continued their regular voting patterns despite not having the pressure of facing their constituents. The question will now be how strong the opposition will be in the Senate. John Textor usually has some good info on political matters and what’s trending in the parties and I want to get his take on ¬†Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s deep opposition to the bill. It doesn’t seem likely that the party extremes can cobble together enough votes to prevent passage of the bill.