Michel Terpins is a legendary in the Brazilian rally and is respected. In the game of racing, there is a core-driver whereby also Michel has a talented core-driver called Maykel Justo, a talented personnel in safari rallies. Michel Terpins with the support of his Justo recently won the 5th edition rally and Bull Sertoes.

Michel Terpins has been participating in the motorsport for over ten years and currently holds the title of Brazilian Cross Country Rally Champion. Michel is also the brother of a talented rally driver know as Rodrigo Terpins who serves as the as the senior director for T5 Participacoes. The Terpins brothers have participated together in many competitions, for example, they took part in the recent 22nd Sertoes Rally Championship covering 2,600 km. In the race, they were challenged to cover seven different courses, and they completed.

Moreover, Michel Terpins won the Prototype T1 in the Sertoes rally which was difficult as they had to go through rough terrain. Due to mechanical problems, the race distance was reduced during their third round. However, this did not mitigate the challenges faced by rally drivers, but Michel Terpins still stayed forward leading the race and was ranked the fourth position. Other than Prototypes, Michel has participated in many different competitions including Mitsubishi Cup, Country Rally Championship and Cross Rally among others.

Mr. Terpins has always been passionate about speed and cars since he was young. Michel performs in his races because of his passion and hard work that drive him to discover new techniques to use in any competition. Michel Terpins is expected to participate in the 25years edition of the Sertoes Rally at the end of the year. This contest will be a unique one as it covers a distance of 3,300 km and this is the year he is marking his 10th participation in Sertoes rally.

Michel is always prepared for any competition he takes part in and always brings a new taste. Michel is a signed team member of Bull Sertoes rally team which has shaped his talented into the fantastic rally driver he has grown to. Michel Terpins is passionate about rally driving and hopes to inspire future drivers.