It is evident that banks suffer the most during hard economic times. However, that is not the case during the current crisis in Brazil. The leading banks doing business in Brazil have significant profits in 2015 just like they did in 2014.  Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian expert, and he says that the secret to banks making significant profits despite the crisis is market knowledge. Private sector banks in Brazil give loans to the most credit-worthy borrowers. According to Igor, that streamlines costs and gives them a sense of security. Igor adds that people with less credit to banks need to focus on public sector institutions. The entrepreneur says that the Brazilian government can make safer investors by focusing more on fiscal austerity and market-oriented reforms.


According to Igor Cornelsen, Brazil has a lot of natural resources, and there is a growing need for infrastructure development in a bid to support expanding population in the country. That makes Brazil an attractive market regardless of the uncertain climate. Igor also noted that Brazil is among the largest food producers globally and the largest country in the continent.


What you should know before investing

Igor explains that before you consider any investment, you need to know the nuances. Igor has a short and easy profile that investors can report before they think of Brazilian stocks to their portfolios. Brazil is the largest economy in South America and among the top economies in the globe. It operates ten significant commercial and private investment and state-owned banks. Igor said that Banco Itau is interesting since it has recorded a tremendous growth after the merger with Unibanco in 2008. Cornelsen says that China is Brazil’s largest trading partner. The economies of the two countries are linked. Cornelsen advises investors to attention to the trading partners of a country before investing there.


About Igor Cornelsen

LinkedIn tells us that Igor is an investor working in Bainbridge Group. Igor specializes in foreign exchange investment, commodity investment, and the stock market. He is one of the most influential banking consultants in Brazil. Igor was a manager of one of the largest banks in Brazil, earning him an international reputation in its segment. Currently, Igor spends most of his time in South Florida.  Follow Mr. Cornelsen on Facebook, or through his official Yolasite.