Brad Reifler is an American entrepreneur, best known for his successes in founding a number of different financial services firms, as well as his role as director at a number of different financial institutions. Brad Reifler’s best known role is as the founder and chief executive officer of Forefront Capital, a boutique investment banking and wealth management firm offering investment advisory services for individuals and institutions, where he has been at the helm since May of 2009. However, Brad Reifler has been active in the global finance scene long before that, beginning with his first business, Reifler Trading Company.

After Brad Reifler’s first business, Reifler Trading Company, was acquired in 2000 by Refco, he went on to become a star trader at Refco. Thereafter, he proceeded to found and serve as director at a number of other successful financial ventures. Brad Reifler is the former founding partner, CEO and chairman of Pali Capital, which is a player on the global financial services scene. He also has served as a director for European American Investment Bank, Genesis Securities, as well as Genesis Securities. Today, Brad continues to serve as a director at Sino Mercury Company, as well as his current business, Forefront Capital.

Brad Reifler is seen as an expert in finance around the globe, and as such is frequently interviewed and referenced by top news sources for his financial insight and acumen. In 2014, he was the man that Yahoo! Finance sought out to answer the age old question, “How do you turn money into more money?” Brad took that opportunity and others to generously share his expertise, as he does with his clients every day, imparting education on the basics of diversification and investment for “the 99 percent.”