Recently BMG Banc executive, Marcio Alaor, interviewed Tag Heuer CEO, Jean-Claude Biver, about the direction of their watch line. Tag Heuer has 150-years of experience in making quality Swiss watches. Tag Heuer is one of the largest watch makers in Brazil and is well-known for their intricate sport watches. The company has recently made changes in their watch line including their Carrera model. They have made strives to make the Carrera watch more sportsman like at a $4500 price point. Tag Heuer also uses celebrities and athletes to excel promotion of their brand. In the interview, Biver addresses demographics, digital marketing and marketing strategies that will change the company’s outlook in the coming years.

Tag Heuer in Brazil

During his interview with Alaor, Biver discussed the importance of the Brazilian market to the company’s marketing strategy. Brazil is the company’s main demographic in Latin America. Brazil has provided passionate consumers who are emotionally connected to current trends. Biver points out that Tag Heuer’s current performance in Brazil is very active and aggressive. Consumers also love and identify with the brand which gives Tag Heuer a marketing advantage. He believes that the current situation shows that Brazil is a great market for their brand.
Internet Marketing Impact on Tag Heuer
Today’s smart marketer utilizes the internet to spread their brands wordwide, Tag Heuer is no exception. According to the interview, Biver believes that Tag Heuer has to use the digital market era to their advantage. In order to expand in the market, Tag Heuer has to include social networks, this is their next move according to Biver. Online purchases encourage convenience and reaches more potential buyers says Biver. He expresses his concerns of buyers online who may be skeptical of buying a $10,000 item online. However, he believes skepticism will die as buying online becomes even more common worldwide.

Tag Heuer Marketing Strategies

Tag Heuer has enlisted the help of celebrities in order to market their brand. According to Biver, the company uses celebrities to encourage buyers because they connect to celebrities and want to be like them. Using celebrities plays to consumers’ emotions and inspires them to buy the same products. When Tag Heuer first relaunched in Brazil they used Ayrton Senna as an ambassador. Ayrton was a well- known race car driver who re-sparked popularity of Tag Heuer’s sports line. Currently, Tag Heuer has enlisted Tom Brady as an ambassador of the brand as he is a popular football player and has fostered a lot of following. Biver is confident that using celebrities will further grow the brand and is a strategy that will never change.
In addition to using celebrities, Biver says that the company uses a simpler design for their watch designs. They use the more complicated designs for their collections that are more expensive and less in demand. However, the watches they produce more have a more simplistic design, according to Biver. He states that this saves in cost because they still produce those high end watches that are the crowd favorite but also have styles that people can afford.

About Marcio Alaor

Marcio Alaor is an executive at financial bank BMG. Much like Tag Heuer, BMG also utilizes sports sponsorship in the marketing of their business. In addition to helping run one of Brazil’s largest financial institution, he also reports on many financial phenomena such as the performance of automakers, state of global economy, Netflix financial plans, Apple financial future and many more. Alaor was recently honored with a food court tribute his city. His focus has always been to uplift and support his home city. His contributions to others will be remembered for years to come.

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