Billy McFarland is running a successful enterprise company. Billy McFarland is the founder for Magnises. Magnises is an exclusive membership opportunity that is linked with special discounts and event gatherings. These special discounts and event gatherings are accessed with a membership card. The membership card Magnises uses can be connected with a credit card or bank account.

The membership card opportunity that is connected with this wonderful company has some amazing perks. With the card you are able to get deals at certain clubs,bars, and restaurants. The card also allows an individual to reserve amazing getaways and concerts.

Billy McFarland’s purpose for Magnises is to have a platform that allows individuals to be able to connect socially. According to Fortune, Billy McFarland has set up an impressive platform.

Billy McFarland’s target audience is individuals that are professionals that are working and are between the ages of 21 and 35. He also clarifies that the majority of individuals that are part of Magnises work in professions such as business,fashion, and technology.

Billy McFarland’s goal is to get individuals on board that are fully engaged in this amazing opportunity. Prior to being a member of Magnises an individual must fill out an application that is done online. Once the application is submitted the individual must be approved by the team members. Once approved then an individual can join and really engage in the benefits associated with membership.

Billy McFarland is so thrilled about having the idea to start such a great and innovative company. Billy McFarland is very determined that Magnises will be a bridge that continues to make a connection between various individuals that work for different industries. Magnises looks forward to incorporating other businesses into the beneficial experience as well.

Billy McFarland has big hopes and dreams for his impressive company. His team and him plan to launch in at least 10 cities by 12 months. The launch is planned to start in Washington,DC. At the launch Magnises is planning to establish a partnership with Embassy Row Hotel.

In conclusion, Billy McFarland has created a successful enterprise company that continues to have growth.