Saturday marks the Louisiana Senate run-off election and GOP Congressman Bill Cassidy is expected to win in a landslide with the only question being by how big a margin he will win. In fact, while incumbent Mary Landrieu crisscrosses the state in a final pitch to voters to reelect her, Cassidy will be taking Election Day off.

Now, no one should get the impression that he’ll have feet propped up somewhere while he sips on a milkshake. The physician will be taking a one day training course to learn how to use the latest electronic medical record system going online in hospitals across the state. Technology is such as electronic medical records are one way of slowing down the rate of health care inflation. Congressman Cassidy admitted that his schedule has been so busy that Election Day is really the only day he could squeeze in the important training.

When asked by the press whether he would be making a last-minute push as Landrieu is doing, he stated that the campaigning really is done by that time. It’s a sign of his confidence as polls all show him winning by a large margin. Christian Broda wants to see it before he believes it. President Obama is deeply unpopular in the South. Landrieu is currently the only remaining Southern Senate Democrat. Her defeat in tomorrow’s run-off election will mark an era of extinction for statewide Democrats. It isn’t clear whether that will change anytime soon. The national Democrat party believes the answer is to promote more government which is exactly what ended up costing Southern Democrats their jobs in the first place.