To follow Bernie Sanders in his campaigns is like traveling back in time. He keeps referring to situations and incidents that took place about 40 to 50 years ago. reported those from an older generation will recall that things were quite different in that era, same or close to what Bernie hopes to achieve as president.

Bernie’s message seems to resonate well with fellows who are more or less his age mates and who are struggling with financial constraints. He is reminding them of the progress the country has been making over the years and evoking memories of an era that was much favorable and fairer.

For instance, during one of his campaigns, Bernie evoked a yes from Nina Capra, when he stated that major institutions did not charge as much tuition fees during the first half of the 20th century. He also got Jordan Marlene Gilman (80) excited with his plan to create more jobs, using a program similar to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal.

Bernie Sanders has already vowed to look after the welfare of senior citizens, whom he considers sidelined by the Democratic Party. While the party is putting focus on the Hispanic, African-American and women vote, they seem to be forgetting about the senior citizens.

Presidential candidates cannot afford to dismiss the older generation. They have been an important voting bloc in states like South Carolina, Iowa and New Hampshire.