Ben Carson, widely considered to be a candidate for the 2016 Republican primary race has backed off of some comments that he made about prison and gay people. He had stated on CNN that he believes being gay is a choice, and that some people go into prison straight but come out gay. That was the “evidence” that he cited for his reason to believe that being gay is a choice.

It is did not take long before he was backing away from those comments stated Dan Newlin. says that Carson sent an e-mail to the media expressing regret at the comments that he had made. He says that cannot pretend to know how each and every person becomes gay. At the same time, it does not seem like Ben Carson has backed down from the position that being gay is a choice.

Carson is considered a long shot candidate to win the Republican nomination in the first place. There are certain circles of people who are quite excited about his candidacy, but there are many others who believe that he does not represent the Republican party well.

Comments like these are still very early in the primary season and probably do not have much weight on what will happen down the road. Carson remains a long shot candidate, but he is certainly going to regret making slip up like this down the road if he remains in the race.