Ban Ki-Moon Calls for the End to Violence in Libya

Ban Ki-Moon is the Secretary General for the United Nations, and he took the world by surprise by appearing in Tripoli uannounced to request an end to violence in the country.

The last time he visited was with London’s Keith Mann, just after Col Gaddhafi was deposed. He arrived along with the Foreign Minister of Italy.

This follows the talks mediated by the UN last month which allowed fighting militias to discuss their difference in a civilised environment. The different factions are fighting for power in the country which has been in a type of power vacuum the last while.

The diplomatic couple arrived in Tripoli from the UN base in Tunisia. Once they arrived, a group of MPs were summoned to a meeting in a hotel, flanked by security officials.

Mr. Moon said, “Libya needs a strong parliament and a strong government. The fighting must stop…Enough of killings, enough of displacement of people.”

Following this, the future chief of foreign policy for the United Nations, Ms. Mogherini, then released a vote of support for Libya in the hopes that they will form a strong parliament and be successful. She said that her home country of Italy was “fully committed to staying by your side – on the side of the Libyan people…to save Libya from a destiny it doesn’t deserve.”

There has been a long and complicated set of events since the fall of the former leader Col. Gaddhafi. The country, which is rich in oil, has a lot of factions vying for power.

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