According to The Real Deal, Arthur Becker has an unbridled passion for arts. His Tribeca real estate office also acts as an art studio with full-fledged workshop along with sculptures and paintings that he has created on display. Becker has solo development projects a few meters away from the office. This is an 8 unit luxury condo with a projected sale of 52.5 million dollars. Becker has invested in Sullivan Street. This is a 16 condo building that is developed by Maloney and Robert Gladstones Madison Equities.

Arthur Becker is involved in other business ventures including binoculars dubbed Bnox. They collect ancient currencies from African countries such as Nigeria and Cameroon to reproduce them as sculptures. Euros and dollars inspire him. He has crumpled cash and gold bars that are stacked like a Jenga piece and Origami animals in his office. Arthur Becker has sold various pieces to Wall Street. He is planning an exhibit at one of his Sullivan Street townhouses. Becker has done previous exhibits in other places. Becker has also used his childhood fantasy of the magic eight ball in his art. He also has a cluster of paperweights on his desk. Two of them were given to him by his mother. He acquired the other one while in London.

Mr. Becker has been involved in Macadamia nuts farming that make cookies. Mr. Becker’s 465 Washington Street projects were handmade in Denmark. They remind him of the years that he restored homes in Vermont after college. He was married to Vera Wang who is an accomplished wedding dress designer. They had two children. Arthur Becker is a graduate of Bennington College with a mixed major of Ceramics and Photography. Becker is the managing member of Madison Partners, LLC. This is an investment firm that is focused on real estate and early stage Bio Tech ventures. Becker is also the chairman and chief executive officer of ZINIO, LLC. He was previously the CEO of NaviSite. This is a NASDAQ-quoted company that provided technology and application management services. He is a former Bear Sterns Stockbroker who made it through buying and selling technology companies. He has recently joined the real estate business in New York and Florida. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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