Festive seasons and holidays are time for supporting and giving back to the community. US Money Reserve has never been left behind and this year they have started a Crowdrise campaign to assist the needy in the Central Texas region. The company is encouraging customers, friends and other well wishers to support the Capital Area Food Bank initiative. US Money Reserve is targeting about 300 partners in more than 20 counties in the Central Texas area. Last year, they were able to donate 31 million pounds of food to less privileged families. This year, the company is planning to surpass that record in order to support more people.
US Money Reserve was created by veterans in the gold market industry who recognized the need to have a highly performing customer service, wide market experience and also provide trustworthy direction to clients planning to buy precious metals. US Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of Gold, Silver and Platinum Coins issued by the U.S. Government. It has partnered with thousands of customers who have enjoyed the financial benefits of possessing precious metals. The company is working very hard to ensure its providing quality coins made of gold, silver and platinum and issued by the U.S. Government.
Several clients have trusted US Money Reserve to assist them select precious metals that can offer them the highest value after selling them. In fact, majority of those clients are making profits today. The company has a highly qualified team of professionals who are the most trusted advisors in the industry. These professionals have helped many individuals make the right decision in regard to precious metals for many years. The professionals are specialists in precious metals industry hence they are able to create a lasting relationship with the clients. By the end of this year, US Money Reserve will be celebrating about 100,000 clients in profit making positions.
Customers who choose to work with US Money Reserve have benefited by engaging with Senior Gold Specialist who are the best in this sector. They have experience of advising clients on the importance of buying coins issued by the U.S. Government as well as helping them when selecting precious metals. The US Money Reserve coins are not paper certificates but legal tender that can be delivered to a bank, home or office. People are advised to create an account with US Money Reserve in order to access the best precious metals available anywhere.

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