Equities First Holdings is one company which figured out this problem, and came up with an innovative solution. The company has been allowing people to borrow money and use their stocks as leverage. The company has relocated offices in Australia to the heart of Melbourne. The move is meant to make the office more accessible to their associates and business partners. Mitchell Hopwood talked about the move, saying that the move would help the company expand and connect better with clients and staff. The offices are now located in Level 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne.

The people who would be most suitable for Equities services are clients who, for one reason or the other, are not in a position to access the normal loans. These could be people that have issues with getting the proper credit scores to enable them to borrow, people who do not have the loan collaterals banks demand or those who simply prefer these loans. The difference between this loan and the regular bank loan is that the loan to value ratio is slightly higher than in the case of the normal loan. The benefit that comes from the investment is that unlike the normal three-year bank loan term, where a lot of fluctuations can happen, the stock loan favors you as you start on the downside of the investment.

The other benefit that comes from getting the loans offered by Equities First Holdings is that you get to choose between the regular stock loan for business and the margin loan. The regular loan is easier to access than the margin loan because the margin loan has a series of pre-qualifications that one needs to meet beforehand for more info: https://www.theloop.com.au/ponydesignco/portfolio/equities-first/257479 click here.

The interest rate on the regular loans is between 3 and 4 percent. Most important is the fact that as long as you hold any of the stock trading in the major markets around the globe, it is possible to access Equities First Holdings Loans.