No matter what Hillary Clinton does, it seems like she is always in the spotlight. Her latest bout with the media is because of emails. She didn’t keep her emails a secret, and she used her own email address instead of a professional one to send messages, but that’s not good enough for politicians and others who want to bring her down. Since she deleted a few personal emails, osme that shouldn’t even be in the public spotlight in the first place, her campaign to run for President might be off to a slow start. ┬áBrad Reifler ( knows that there will be people who view this as her trying to hide something, but how many people out there really let others see the private emails they send to other people? There aren’t many who would let someone read what they send because it’s no one’s business. If Clinton had personal emails deleted, then it might not be anything other than sending her husband a message that she doesn’t want anyone to read.