What Is Construcap?


Construcap is a Brazilian engineering and construction company that is based the city of Sao Paulo. The firm specializes in large scale infrastructure projects such as highways, dams, railroad lines and metro lines. Construcap also builds commercial structures such as warehouses and retail space. Industrial buildings are also constructed by Construcap. The firm can construct chemical and manufacturing plants. Building docks and airports are another task that Construcap can handle.


Besides building new buildings, plants and roads, Construcap can easily expand, renovate or add to existing structures or infrastructure. The firm has been building major highways in Brazil and across South America since 1944. This makes Construcap one of the oldest construction and engineering firms in Brazil. Construcap is also a sizeable company that has over a thousand employees working in various sectors ranging from engineering, construction, transport, management, finance and sales. In terms of size, Construcap is one of the largest privately held construction companies in Brazil. It also operates outside of Brazil.


Construcap Projects


An example of Construcap’s work in the automotive manufacturing sector is the building of a 540,000 square meter plant in the Brazilian city of Goiana. The plant was built in a time period of 16 months. Another construction project completed by Construcap was the building of an energy pipeline from Sao Domingos in Goias State. The entire pipeline was built in two years and generates about 27 megawatts of power.


An infrastructure project undertaken and completed by Construcap was the expansion of the ItanhaĆ©m municipal airport. Construcap managed to successfully expand the airport’s length by 24,000 square meters. This project was completed in 15 months. Another infrastructure project completed by Construcap is the extension of the Lilac number five subway line in the city of Sao Paulo. Construcap managed to successfully extend the line which includes both metro and train track by 1,110 meters. This entire project was completed in a span of two years. One of Construcap’s biggest infrastructure projects was the expansion of a highway that links the city of Rio Di Janiero with Juiz de Fora. This expansion involved the building of five viaducts and four bridges. The highway was extended by a total of 24 kilometers.