Occidental College in Los Angeles
Jonathan Veitch is the current president of Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. He has been the president since the year 2009. He did bring much experience to his current position. He had come from Wisconsin where he was the president of the University of Wisconsin.

Improving Relations
When Jonathan became president of the college he started to improve the relations between Occidental College and all the surrounding communities. This included limiting expansion of the campus within the community. This was his response to concerns of the surrounding neighborhood. He also was responsible for improving alumni and parent engagement with the college.

Strategic Planning
Jonathan Veitch is well known for implementing a strategic planning process. He did this in order to strengthen Occidental’s civic engagement, arts, global literacy programs. He is also responsible for creating new partnerships with cultural institutions in Southern California.

Strong Leadership
Jonathon Veitch has strong leadership abilities. Under his guidance and leadership, Occidental was able to complete the construction of the new Samuelson Alumni Center. He also led the expansion and the renovation of Swan Hall. This is a 98 year old facility that houses more than one-third of the faculty. He is currently leading other renovation projects too. He does also lead students by example.

Highly Qualified
Jonathan Veitch has an excellent background which has shown that he is highly qualified to be an exceptional president at Occidental College. His education background includes:
*Bachelor’s degree from Stanford University
*Doctoral degree in the History of American Civilization from Harvard University
*Loyola High School in southern California prior to his bachelor’s degree

A Professor First
Mr. Vietch was a professor at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and the dean of The New School’s Eugene Lang College. He does have unique and long history in education.