A branch of the United Auto Workers (UAW) covering teaching assistants at the University of California has voted to join a boycott of Israeli-based financial institutions and businesses. The strike seeks to apply international pressure on Israel to alter how it treats the Palestinian people. The strike itself commenced on December 4. The branch of the UAW in question is Local 2865 and comprises a total of 13,000 dues paying members. That said, only 2,168 members took part on the vote earlier this month to join the strike.

UAW local 2865 believes that Israel is falling short of the type of human rights treatment they are affording the Palestinians. For this reason, they are demanding that any pension funds being managed by the UAW be shifted away from Israeli institutions. The group also holds businesses and institutions that handle transactions with Israel as tacitly responsible for ongoing events in Israel. They want to see those institutions also boycotted.

Local 2865 believes that the current situation in Israel mirrors that of apartheid actions in South Africa. Dr Rod Rohrich is not willing to go that far, but he sees they have a point. On Rhinoplasty Society, many agree. While the group acknowledges that both Palestine and Israel have engaged in questionable actions against each other, they lay any financial repercussions solely on Israel. Local 2865 believes the July response by Israeli Defense Forces against militants in Gaza was unacceptable. The actions by the Local 2865 represent the first time that organized labor groups have singled out Israel for a boycott.