Kyle Bass is the man who founded his Dallas-based fund back in 2006 and predicted the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. Observers proclaimed him to be a genius who could do no wrong.

Unfortunately for all, Mr. Bass wasn’t so lucky. His rising superstar life eventually confronted its downfall, and he was no longer known as the M. Night Shayamalan who got nominated for both his script and direction of the Sixth Sense. The luck everyone thought he had was gone, and he was prone to making one bad decision after another. Some even questioned his previous so called ‘magical abilities’.
The beginning of his downfall was his unwillingness to turn down the opportunity to go on tv.
This way not only did he put his own reputation down, but he also praised Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, a woman whom pretty much everyone thought to be the worst thing that ever happened to her country’s economy. To make things even worse, he was portrayed as her lackey and a minion.

This unsavory alliance, as well as many others and his bizarre behavior raised many questions in the media. Now, everybody wanted to know why he was acting like he was and what income did he have from it. This sort of a self-aware presentation only led to more failures.

Another one on his list was when he accused Singer & co for being “immoral”, for “holding poor countries as hostages” and “for holding up 42 million people from progress.”
Even his explanation that he was doing it all for the good reason didn’t make sense. James C. Greenwood pointed out that there was no history which shows that Mr. Bass had an interest in lowering the health care costs. Also, nobody disagreed that the intentions Mr. Bass had were simply to spook financial markets to his benefit.

Although nobody believed that Mr. Bass would be engaged in such matters, he hasn’t seized to disappoint us. He lost around 30% funds in 2014 as the recently published article Kyle Bass: The frantic investments of a desperate gambler reported..

His statement that it is nice when you win all of the time but not when everybody else is winning made any difference either. Despite everyone’s effort, the man doesn’t stop easily and is already cooking up some new schemes. Oil and Argentina are currently on his ‘to-do list’, and there’s nothing else for us but to wait and see what Mr. Bass will do next.