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Private Oil Drilling in Mexico-Talos Energy

It has been a long time since Mexican allowed private companies to drill oil on their offshores. It is almost 80 years and the move to allow a private company in the oil and energy industry shows that Mexican government has allowed foreign organizations to invest in their oil and energy sector. Three oil drilling firms from three different countries joined together to drill oil in Mexico. The three oil organizations include; Sierra Oil and Gas which is a Mexican firm, Talos Energy LLC from Houston as well as a London based company Premier Oil PLC. According to a statement from Premier, the oil companies began their drilling exercise on May 21, 2017. Mexico industrialized their oil and energy industry in 1938 making the three oil organizations be the first in the country to make an offshore exploration beside PetroleosMexicanos which is operated by the government. The three firms won the rights to drill oil in Mexico in 2015 and it was estimated that the drilling will take about 90 days to complete.

Talos Energy can well be described as an International oil organization. The firm was established with a mandate of exploring, developing as well as the acquisition of oil and natural gas. The firm has been concentrating on specific regions among them the Texas Louisiana Gulf Coast, as well as the Gulf of Mexico its deep waters and shelf.

Talos Energy LLC was established in 2012 by Timothy Duncan and since then it has been under the management of Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings. The oil and energy firm have their Head Offices located in Houston, Texas. Recently the group took a major step in their business and together with two other oil and energy firms they won a contract to drill oil in Mexico. Talos Energy also engages in other business activities as well as developments among them JVs and Farm-in. In these business development activities, Talos can enhance their economy as they exploit their seismic record. Talos has also been in the forefront of educating others on oil and natural gases issues by holding conferences.

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How Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg Are Outsmarting Other Players In The Fashion Industry

Today, the success of one’s enterprise depends on how they can reinvent existing business models to come up with great ideas and products. Two entrepreneurs are completely changing how the fashion industry operates. Through the active use of bleeding edge technology, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have succeeded in rewriting the rules of business in the fashion industry. Together with a team of dedicated individuals, the duo managed fashion industries from scratch which have grown over time to become Amazon’s biggest competitors. Technology has been one of the most significant drivers of the growth of the duo’s enterprises.

One of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg’s most successful companies is the Techstyle Fashion Group. The business delivers quality fashion products through e-commerce. The company provides several platforms through which customers can sign up for membership and start shopping for great style solutions. The success of Techstyle Fashion Group can be credited to the hard work and marketing experience of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. When the duo started out in the fashion industry, they had the desire of creating remarkable apparels that could fit anyone.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler did not start business yesterday. The duo has had a thing for entrepreneurship since they were young. The two started their entrepreneurship journey by creating e-commerce companies that they later sold to other entities. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler decided to venture into the fashion world because they saw great opportunities that not many companies had exploited in that sector.

Adam and Don’s first joint enterprise was Intelligent Beauty. The company was based online, and it offered a range of cosmetic solutions. Through Intelligent Beauty, the duo was able to understand what one needed to do for them to build a successful e-commerce brand. They also recognized the consumer behavior and the different business opportunities availed by technology.

To date, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have managed to diversify their interests in the fashion industries with several brands to show off their hard work. In the corporate circles, the duo’s approach to business is described as a classic case of Silicon Valley meets Fashion Arena. Apart from helping a lot of individuals acquire quality apparels at great prices, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler’s enterprises are committed to the well-being of various communities across the globe. The duo is extensively involved in philanthropic initiatives as part of the conglomerate’s community social responsibility.

Brazilian Rally Driving on another Level with Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins is a legendary in the Brazilian rally and is respected. In the game of racing, there is a core-driver whereby also Michel has a talented core-driver called Maykel Justo, a talented personnel in safari rallies. Michel Terpins with the support of his Justo recently won the 5th edition rally and Bull Sertoes.

Michel Terpins has been participating in the motorsport for over ten years and currently holds the title of Brazilian Cross Country Rally Champion. Michel is also the brother of a talented rally driver know as Rodrigo Terpins who serves as the as the senior director for T5 Participacoes. The Terpins brothers have participated together in many competitions, for example, they took part in the recent 22nd Sertoes Rally Championship covering 2,600 km. In the race, they were challenged to cover seven different courses, and they completed.

Moreover, Michel Terpins won the Prototype T1 in the Sertoes rally which was difficult as they had to go through rough terrain. Due to mechanical problems, the race distance was reduced during their third round. However, this did not mitigate the challenges faced by rally drivers, but Michel Terpins still stayed forward leading the race and was ranked the fourth position. Other than Prototypes, Michel has participated in many different competitions including Mitsubishi Cup, Country Rally Championship and Cross Rally among others.

Mr. Terpins has always been passionate about speed and cars since he was young. Michel performs in his races because of his passion and hard work that drive him to discover new techniques to use in any competition. Michel Terpins is expected to participate in the 25years edition of the Sertoes Rally at the end of the year. This contest will be a unique one as it covers a distance of 3,300 km and this is the year he is marking his 10th participation in Sertoes rally.

Michel is always prepared for any competition he takes part in and always brings a new taste. Michel is a signed team member of Bull Sertoes rally team which has shaped his talented into the fantastic rally driver he has grown to. Michel Terpins is passionate about rally driving and hopes to inspire future drivers.

If $18 Billion Amounted To Every Moment Of Your Life

Trading Billions Of Dollars At A Time

It’s no secret that earning or possessing a billion dollars is a large responsibility. Before you can earn or manage that amount, you have to first find your means to it. Men like George Soros was surprisingly able to find his path toward “a billion in success.”

He did so by working the investment markets.

The recent headlines of George’s $18 billion is only an small glance at his success in finance. So, let’s take on the perspective of Wall Street to better understand.

To first get a platform for trading billions with, you need the experience. George’s experience in finance comes from leveraging college education in his youth. The George Soros we know today is a different Soros than we picture as a young man. The younger years of George’s life gave him access to what he has today.

If You Repeated The Success Of George Soros. …

To better understand the career development of George, we must better see how his success can be repeated. George’s life as a young child brought him a great deal of passion. These events brought George to conclude what path he would take. The repeated stresses of poverty and war brought Mr. Soros to a “crossroads.” The final decision on George Soros’s success was put into motion.

You can clearly see the story that created Mr. Soros and his success. If you also start with the right passion, anything is possible. This professional started with a passion that led him to learn about the money markets. The same passion led George to then apply what he learned and to become as rich as possible.

The Next Step Is To Think About Philanthropy

The natural “next step” for George Soros was to begin with philanthropy.

He already made his money, and his eyes were set on a passion he gained but never fulfilled. Though Mr. Soros reached his financial success, this only opened a new opportunity for his heart. George would now set out to improve the world.

He would do it through his personal success.

The legacy of George Soros began to bloom, and the world could see it clearly. We have so much to be grateful for. The work of men like Mr. Soros have affected our lives greatly, and the planet is a much better place. and Follow him

The Challenge of Protecting Company Data

With the introduction of information technologies and systems in the business industry, they have significantly enhanced data collection, storage, and protection. Data protection plays a huge role in ensuring current strategies and future business plans are always protected. Access to such sensitive data is protected by the use of passwords. However, as technology is evolving at an incredibly accelerated rate as well as the rise of cybercriminals, passwords do not offer the best method of guarding the business’s data. Currently, various multi-factor authentication methods have become obsolete because of hackers, password dumps, data leaks.

To ensure that data is always protected, a business should implement biometric technologies as their primary authentication security system. Biometric technologies offer the best authentication system as it employs two security categories for authentication, which are behavioral and psychological. Behavioral biometrics consists of hand tremor, keystroke patterns, navigation patterns, and handedness. Psychological biometrics consists of iris and facial pattern recognition, heartbeat, and voice recognition.

These two categories offer a secure method of authentication while working together with additional data such as device data or physiological biometrics. Together with passwords, these security measures will ensure that your company’s data remains protected at all times as well as providing controlled access to company data. There are instances where both behavioral and psychological biometrics has been successfully implemented, which offer an additional option of securing company data without using any form of passwords.


Despite the fact that the high-security levels offered by both psychological and behavioral biometrics to businesses, they also encounter several challenges in the day to day running of the business. As a business implements the use of psychological and behavioral biometrics as part of their security system, it must ensure that all of their employees can access and use every psychological and behavioral reader.

This means that a business will have to bear the high cost of purchasing the system together with all of the required devices such as iris scanners and fingerprint readers. It is also important that a business identifies the perfect combination of the available biometrics to purchase and implement in the business. This ensures that every employee can easily use them, while also operating within the business’s budget. In the end, the cost of these new security technologies will be worth the money as the data will always be monitored and secured.

The Transformative Leadership of Rick Smith at Securus Technologies Inc.

Rick Smith is a renowned American investor and business executive. He is engineering and mathematics graduate from the State University of New York. Rick Smith is an all-rounder person with experience in finance, information technology and business operations gained at Frontier Corporation. He was appointed the CEO of Securus Technologies Inc in June 2008. Before the appointment, Rick served for nine years as a board member and chief executive of Eschelon Telecom, Inc. Rick Smith is also a board member of Integra Telecom Company Ltd.

The Company

Founded in 1986, Securus Technologies Inc. is technological solutions provider in offender management systems. Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Company specializes in providing IT solutions to correctional facility personnel, investigators, inmates, their families, and friends. It serves more than 3,400 entities in the justice system and over 1.2 million internees in the U.S.

According to Rick Smith, the company provides law enforcement, and rehabilitation services appropriate IT solutions to help avert crime and investigate others. For long Securus has continued to execute its duties effectively. The firm receives numerous commendation letters and emails from customers grateful that their services have helped keep communities safer. On this feedback, Rick Smith avers that the company is obliged to safeguard the community.

To consolidate their market position, Securus Technologies acquired JPay Inc in 2015. JPay Inc is an automated payment, email, and electronic edutainment applications provider in the justice system. According to Rick Smith, the acquisition of JPay Inc. will enable Securus Technologies Inc. to provide nearly all IT-based solutions for correctional organizations. He added that this combination would allow them to offer the best products that will help reduce re-offenses. Securus Technologies Inc strength lies in its extensive reach with over 1,300 specialists and 150 field services teams across the U.S. The company also leads the innovation pack with over 140 current patents and over 90 more in the process of approval. The company also operates on a 24 hours basis throughout the year to serve its customers.

Securus Technologies boasts highly qualified engineers and designers who continuously develop innovations. It also seeks to provide adequate services and exemplary customer service. The company also offers comprehensive crimes management systems that track pre-internment behavior to post-internment monitoring.

Social Responsibility

Under the stewardship of Rick Smith, the company has been very active in social responsibility. Up to 2015, the company’s total contribution to United Way amounted to $1.7 million. The company also contributes to several state and regional officer welfare groups. Also, Securus Technologies encourages and supports employee volunteer activities. For instance, they recently helped pack more than 1 million meals for the Feed My Starving Children charity. According to Rick Smith, Securus Technologies will continue to offer its services responsibly and help keep communities safe and secure.

How Does ClassDojo Work?

ClassDojo is an app that is specially designed for classroom use. The ClassDojo concept links teachers, students and parents together in a cooperative spirit so that everyone involved is knowledgeable about what is going on. Teachers can communicate with parents so that mom and dad are plugged into what their student is working on. Students can share projects, songs, paintings, essays and other types of classwork with parents. Parents can ask questions of the teachers and pat their students on the back for a job well done.

ClassDojo is currently used in 90% of K through 8 schools in the United States as well as in 180 other countries. It is used and translated into over 35 different languages. It has received the Educational Innovation Award, the TechCrunch Award for the Best Educational Startup in 2015, the Inc. 30 Under 30 for Education Award in 2015, the Fast Company Innovation by Design Award in 2016, and the Linkedin Next Wave Leaders Under 35 Award for 2015.

ClassDojo puts everything out there in plain sight as all parties have access to information that is necessary for them to know. It is important for Mom and Dad to see class projects in real time, and how their child is interacting with others in school. Teachers and parents have open communications which improve relations between them massively.

The two main goals of teaching kids empathy for others and Growth Mindset have been introduced to one out of three kids from the ages of 5 to 14 in the United States. This has helped to broaden their outlook on other people from diverse backgrounds and to be able to see that everyone has the opportunity to excel if they think they are able.

The goal of ClassDojo is to transform the educational opportunity for every child. By connecting all of the important players, teachers, parents, and students, they are on the way to achieving that goal.

Regional Powerhouse Leads In Community Support of Local Women’s Foundation

NexBank is a proud supporter of the 2017 Annual Dallas Women’s Foundation 32nd luncheon which took place at The Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, October 20th and provided a substantial gift of $100,000 towards this very important community event. NexBank respects the vital role that Dallas Women’s Foundation plays in providing economic and social support programs to many women and children throughout their community. Dallas Women’s Foundation, for over thirty years has brought attention to the plight of inequality and lack of financial support that many women and girls need in their lives and with support from the entire community, they are able transform their lives and the lives of those around them.

Each year The Annual Luncheon hosts a multitude of civic, business and community leaders as well as key speakers. This year’s key speaker was Dr. Hope Jahren, who is a well-known American Geochemist at the University of Oslo and also a New York Times best selling author.

NexBank is the 11th largest bank in Texas and was founded in 1934. This regional powerhouse has grown and become a very solid institution with superior quality of assets over $6.4 billion and strives to deliver value and custom tailored solutions to fit every client’s needs. NexBank has won several awards and accolades such as, the Best-performing U.S. Community Banks in 2016 with superior bank quality ratings, all four quarters of 2016 according to IDC Financial Publishing, Inc.

NexBank is a FDIC, full service institution with some of the best money market and cd rates available today plus a wide array of services available such as commercial, wholesale, investment as well as personal banking services. There are three full service branches located across Dallas. NexBank also offers online banking for a secure, convenient and flexible way to manage accounts and pay bills 24 hours, 7 days a week

You Can Cool Your Home Easier By Following Goettl Air Conditioning’s Instructions

Summer not only brings hot temperatures that you often look for relief from, but also increased cooling costs since your air conditioner needs to run more frequently. But one of the HVAC industry’s top-rated companies, Goettl Air Conditioning says people can do things to their home that could save hundreds in cooling costs. Goettl is a highly trusted company that hires certified HVAC technicians and has delivered top quality customer service in both installations and repairs of heating and cooling units.

Goettl says that adding insulation to your home is one of the first steps to making it cooling efficient because you can prevent extra heat from coming in in places like the attic or where more sunlight comes through. You should also have the condenser placed in a shady area outdoors but far enough away from trees where it might collect debris. But Goettl also says it’s you should have your air conditioner serviced at least twice a year because simple routines such as changing the filters and checking the motor can prolong its life by quite a bit.

Goettl Air Conditioning’s history as one of the leading HVAC contractors in the US began in 1939 when the Goettl brothers started an industrial HVAC service company in Phoenix that survived even in the Great Depression and picked up a lot of business in World War II. The company became a manufacturer of HVAC systems and was sold several times over the last 50 years including most recently to Ken Goodrich who helped it rebound from financial problems. Goodrich has not only hired one of the most solid teams around him, he’s also made community involvement in the Phoenix and Las Vegas areas a big part of business. He recently led the acquisitions of Las Vegas Air, Paradise Air and Walton’s Heating and Air. You can visit their Facebook page.

Fashionable and Affordable Active-wear by Fabletics

For a long period of time, women were forced to choose between affordable or fashionable wear when it came to choosing clothes to wear as they worked out. The market was not as competitive in this industry so people had to settle for less. Women ended up just going with the standard active-wear because it was the affordable brand. Don Ressler and his partner Adam noted this gap in the market as much as the demand was very high.

To feel this gap, Don and his partner started Fabletics with the motive of offering a brand that was comfortable, affordable and fashionable for women’s active-wear. Don Ressler worked tirelessly with his partner to build a reputable brand in the market. They worked with the women on the ground to find out what they needed and what would work for them. They did not focus on what other brands were offering. Due to this reason, they managed to come up with a brand that suited the needs of the women. The clothes they offered were fashionable, comfortable, practical and affordable. The fact that many companies offered something that was not unique gave them a chance to shine.

Don Ressler worked closely with the other co-founder Kate Hudson to market their brand uniquely. They wanted to make a mark in the industry and build a reputable brand that the women they targeted would relate with. Kate was confident and friendly, a perfect fit for what this brand stood for. She took over as the spokeswoman of Fabletics. Her work mainly involved communicating with the clients and expanding the market for the company. She was very appealing and her face alone made the brand recognizable because of her active lifestyle. She was well conversant with customer satisfaction and with her love for the media, she created an online presence that was hard to be missed. Since Kate joined Fabletics, she has worked hard to make sure that the brand was well represented and marketed in the industry.

When they began, Don Ressler worked through challenges before he got a breakthrough in the first sportswear that was practical and fashionable. Don Ressler used his vast knowledge to guide his team into fine-tuning his creation into something better in terms of quality and comfort. Fabletics soon stood out in the market. Part of the reasons this happened was the presence that Don had online. Don and Kate also started a system for discounting prices online that clients could sign up for. Fabletics is still working on a further expansion of their brand.

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