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NuoDB: The Specialists For Database Solutions

NuoDB is a company that is dedicated to offering top of the line database solutions to a wide range of customers. The headquarters of the company is currently located in Massachusetts and was founded in 2009 by Barry Morris and Jim Starkey. The database technology that the company puts forth is used by numerous big companies like Kodak and UAE Exchange. When the company first started offering its services to clients, it went by the name of NimbusDB, and then went on to change the name after an image overhaul to NuoDB. The database solutions that the company currently uses are patented, and therefore cannot be offered by any other company. This technology has given them an edge over others in the sector, which is why they have risen the ranks to the position they are in today. The database technology that they use is referred to as the ‘Elastic SQL Database. This one of a kind technology grows along with the business, with its limit gradually expanding to meet the growing need of the company that is using it.




NuoDB main area of specialty is in Cloud Applications. The company believes in offering a service to their customers that will help put them ahead of the normal market. NuoDB knows that sometimes, conventional database solutions like MySQL are not enough to meet the growing needs of a company. NuoDB has a range of plans that it offers its clients, depending on the budget that they have in place and the requirements that they have. Accordingly, NuoDB provides them with a system that will work for them, giving them maximum efficiency. NuoDB has some of the most experienced professionals on their side to make sure that their clients are always getting the best product and to make sure that their questions are always answered.

Mike Baur Leaps Forward in Startup Industry Supporting Young Entrepreneurs

Switzerland’s most dominant startup company is the Swiss Start Up Factory, co-founded by Executive Chairman Mike Baur. He is a successful businessman and entrepreneur that started in the banking industry. For over 20 years Mike executed bank dealings which ultimately led to him wanting to move forward into the startup industry. At the age of 39, he created a business model unlike most of his peers in the industry by taking a different approach.


Swiss Start Up Factory enables young entrepreneurs the opportunity to advance their business platform and execute a company by using an accelerator program which was personally designed by Mike. It is a three-month program that provides the office space and advanced technology that entrepreneurs need to conduct business dealings without the added responsibility of managing daily operations. Entrepreneurs are provided networking for investors, legal consulting, coaching, mentoring and outstanding support from the Swiss Start Up Factory team.


Mike works directly with the teams within the program to personally provide mentoring, and he shares a wealth of knowledge and experience. He is also very involved in working with investors to bring them into the process when entrepreneurs are ready to launch their company. As Deputy Managing Director for Swiss Invest, Mike is instrumental in navigating the business relationships needed to build investment capital for the teams. His banking knowledge has created a valuable asset for Swiss Start Up Factory, and for becoming well-known by investors looking for opportunities to pursue profitable business ventures.


Mike contributes outside of Swiss Start Up Factory by being a frequent key note Speaker at prominent universities, corporations and startup networking events. He is extremely committed to giving back to the community of future leaders and entrepreneurs. His knowledge, leadership and experience have helped numerous young entrepreneurs begin the process of becoming business owners. Mike’s generous nature of supporting individuals achieve success is a huge part of his personality. His outstanding way of giving clear-cut knowledge by brainstorming the acceleration of startup ideas for developing advanced digital companies within Switzerland has created a fantastic alliance within the startup industry.


In 2011, Mike Baur was named in CRN Magazine as one of the top 100 Executives in the country. He was awarded the spotlight in the magazine for becoming one of the most-influential executives in the startup industry, and for his commitment to advancing digital technologies and successfully integrating them into entrepreneurial business ventures.


Using Make Up For Unique Style

It is common for to want to be unique. However, many people are either afraid of being unique or are having difficulties finding something that will help them express their unique sense of identity. Fortunately, Doe Deere has brought forth a new line of products that steps out of convention and helps women step out of their comfort zone when they apply their make up. The name of the company is Lime Crime. This make up company is known for its unique products that have gone outside of the normal range when it comes to colors and texture.

Doe Deere has wanted to do more than provide products that look different. She has wanted to provide customers with the products that are very high in quality and made up of the best ingredients. After all, customers are going to be looking more at the quality of the products than the look of the products. This is a lesson learned from the fashion industry. People who pay too much attention to how the product looks are going to find themselves with low quality products that don’t work well. This goes or any industry. The fashion industry is especially the type of industry to be careful with in this regard.

Make up, fashion and beauty is all about self-expression. Women that are able to express themselves are going to be more likely to love and appreciate who they are. This brand offers plenty of options for women to be able to show off their sense of style. Lime crime offers plenty of options from hair dye to lip stick. Among the latest products that are worth looking into from the brand is the unicorn brand of Lime Crime. These come with unique colors that women can use to dye their hair.

Rapid Expansion Continues For Honey Birdette

The development of the luxury lingerie brand, Honey Birdette has been one of the success stories of Australian retail in the 21st-century as the company has begun to make an impact across the globe. Honey Birdette is now looking to develop its customer base across different areas of the luxury lingerie industry with a focus on both Online sales and the creation of a number of physical stores across Europe.

There are two distinct areas of interest for the executives at Honey Birdette as they are looking to create a bright future for the brand; in Europe, the focus is being placed on developing the number of physical locations as the brand moves forward with an update to its Online sales platform dedicated to its North American customers. The North American market has become increasingly important to Australia’s first sensual store as 2016 saw a sales growth of an impressive 374 percent.

In the U.K. the Honey Birdette brand is seeking to develop its number of physical stores with the company focused largely on expanding its physical stores to 40 locations in the U.K. by the end of 2018. The three current physical locations in the U.K. are also seen as the gateway to an expansion across Europe by the Australian brand.

Honey Birdette was established in Brisbane in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan who was unimpressed by her own visits to adult themed stores in Australia. The rise in popularity for Honey Birdette came with a move from selling products to designing and producing their own range of lingerie and sensual adult items.

The Honey Birdette brand has built its reputation on the success of its customer experience within stores located across Australia and the U.K. Luxury and opulence are key to building a level of trust and openness allowing customers full reign to reveal much about their own desires.

Eric Pulier, A Hyper-Innovative Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier is the founder of an entire host of entrepreneurial ventures that utilize technology in one way or another to benefit society. Pulier was born in 1966 and graduated from Harvard University in 1988, having studied wide variety of subjects including computer science, visual and environmental studies, and English and American literature. Three years later, he founded his first company, People Doing Things, which was concerned with providing educational as well as medical technology. What followed was a series of innovative ideas being implemented in the form of business ventures founded. Some of them, along with the year each was founded in, include Digital Evolution (1994), US Interactive Inc. (1998), Akana (2001), Media Platform Inc. (2007), Desktone (2007), ServiceMesh Inc. (2008), Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council (2010), FLF (2015) and, most recently, vAtomic Systems (2017).

Eric Pulier has also written on the connection between technological innovation and business concerns in his book, Understanding Enterprise SOA , published in 2005 with assistance from Hugh Taylor. He has also been published by Forbes magazine and the Harvard Crimson.

Pulier once revealed in an interview the one habit that he recommends every aspiring entrepreneur to adopt: writing down ideas as soon as they pop into one’s head, because there is no telling when that idea might lead to another which could become the next big enterprise. He also recommends innovators to ask as many people as they can for feedback on their ideas, without fear of their ideas being stolen, because, according to him, “It’s not the idea in the end that matters most, but execution.” For more info about us: click here.

Despite the plethora of start-ups he has founded and currently leads, Pulier finds time to work for the betterment of his community. One of his projects in this regard is Starbright World, the first online virtual environment for children with chronic ailments, so that they do not feel alone in their struggles. He has also donated to the XPrize Foundation which arranges contests that seek the best ideas to solve humankind’s problems. Lastly, he is a board member at The Painted Turtle, a summer camp for children afflicted with serious diseases.

The Blending of Dentistry, Entrepreneurship, and Humanitarian activities by Dr. Reddy Akhil

What is Unique about MB2?

MB2 is an organization that was established, built and is managed by dentists. The firm’s ownership is solely dentists whose objectives, persuasions about treatment and focus is geared towards the highest level of service. The organization created by coming together of dentists who had worked elsewhere has a management that is very understanding as the management is well versed with the challenges of dentists. Thus, these problems are solved as soon as possible and efficiencies eliminated to provide the dentists with ample time for patient care.

One of the core values of MB2 is that patients are a greater priority than profits such that, issues like low-quality services to increase profit margins and other malpractices are not part of the firm. Additionally, MB2 solutions maintain a network with other affiliated dentists and maintain the full autonomy of the clinical services. The affiliated offices who work with MB2 retain control over patient care.

A Ph.D. Holder by 23: The life of Dr. Akhil Reddy

It is amazing how Dr. Reddy Akhil was able to complete his doctoral studies by only 23 years. A man born and brought up in Texas, Reddy was all along passionate about entrepreneur and dentistry from a young age. He is a multi-talented person having played soccer in school, was a boy scout, played table tennis and was a member of the Red Cross. Dr. Reddy Akhil always enjoyed working on hands-on and activities that would require hand skills. Interestingly, he was also passionate about pursuing engineering.

However, for his undergraduate, he pursued his BSc. in Biological sciences from the University of the Pacific’s Accelerated Dental program. Later, he graduated from the University of Pacific, School of Dentistry with a Doctor in the degree of Dental Surgery at 23. On inquiry, he suggested focus and commitment have been key pillars in his success. He rarely procrastinates, responds to emails promptly, eliminates clutter and ensures that his pursuits feed his ultimate goal. This rich educational background was pivotal to his accomplishments in business and life in general.

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The Citizen Army Captain; James Larkin

AMES Larkin was a union coordinator, effective speaker, Comrade instigator and fellow benefactor of the Irish Subject Armed force.

He was conceived on January 28, 1874, in Toxteth, Liverpool, to Irish guardians. After just a couple of years of tutoring an exceptionally youthful Jim Larkin attempted to supplement his family’s pitiful salary.

By 1890 he filled in as a docker and twice endeavored to stow-away to North America. He endured a mischance at work and amid his recovery he examined Communism.

In 1905 he turned out on hit with his kindred dock specialists in Liverpool, regardless of his position as foreman, and his bosses expelled him. The National Union of Dock Workers (NUDL) took him on as a coordinator, which enabled him to travel England and Ireland crusading.

He was the central instigator of the Belfast strikes in 1907. Larkin even persuaded the police that they were come up short on and exhausted and they went on strike close by the laborers!

Jim Larkin came to Dublin where in December 1908 he established the Irish Transport and General Specialists Union.

A court case in 1910 concerning misappropriation of assets (he utilized NUDL cash for an informal strike) saw Larkin condemned to a year in prison. Following three months he was discharged under an absolve.

In 1912 Larkin helped to establish the Work Gathering and by 1913 his union had 20,000 individuals. That August he drove the specialists of Dublin in a fight against William Martin Murphy and businesses of Dublin amid the Lockout. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

The severity of the Police amid the strike drove Larkin, James Connolly and Skipper Jack White to compose the specialists into the Irish National Armed force.

Huge Jim’s physical and psychological wellness endured enormously amid the Lockout and Connolly utilized his contact, Huge Bill Haywood, to welcome Larkin to the US on an address visit.

Larkin remained there for a long time where he included himself with the Communist Party of America and Family na Gael. He got installments from the Germans to crusade against the US entering the war in Europe.

By 1918, after the achievement of the Russian Transformation, Larkin dedicated himself to Socialism and inside two or three years ended up in Sing Jail condemned to ten years for ‘disorder’.

After almost three years he was exonerated and extradited.

Upon his arrival to Dublin in 1923, similarly as the Irish Common War was nearing an end, Larkin approached the IRA to surrender their weapons, despite the fact that he was steady of their motivation.

The ITGWU was presently under the control of William O’Brien and after an astringent fight Larkin was ousted from the exceptionally union he established.

16,000 ITGWU specialists at that point absconded to the recently established Laborers’ Union of Ireland, which turned out to be nearly connected with the Communists in Russia on account of Larkin.

He was chosen to Dáil Éireann various circumstances in the ’30s and ’40s. Huge Jim Larkin kicked the bucket on 30 January 1947. His grave is in Glasnevin Graveyard there is a statue on O’Connell Road


Matthew Autterson Provides Strong Financial Investment Blueprint

Matthew Autterson is a very prominent financial consultant. He has been able to build a career as a financial adviser, but he has spent a lot of his time in the corporate sector in other positions. His skill level is impressive because he has worked in positions as a CEO and he has worked for companies on the east coast before his move to Colorado. He has a great amount of experience, and the experience that he has gained down through the years has been the thing that has helped them most when it comes to his leadership at WIN Wealth Management. Matthew has proven over the years that he has a knack for building businesses that are able to thrive as more employees come on board.

He has led large teams in the financial industry, and he knows about the different avenues for expanding operations when it comes to financial consulting and portfolio building. He has also been able to help clients expand their portfolio as well. Matthew knows a lot about diversity and how it plays a role in the success of a person’s portfolio. Matthew Autterson has proven himself to be a very reliable source when it comes to investment opportunities that are not clearly evident.

Autterson has proven himself to be a successful financial planner, and more people are going to gravitate towards his ideology for investing because he has proven that it works. He knows about investment strategies for long-term investing, and he is aware of annuities, ETF Trading, mutual funds and stocks. The investor that is trying to maximize the return on investment will definitely benefit from information that Matthew provides. He has been able to show himself strong in the investment world because he has studied the market diligently and gained a tremendous amount of experience in doing so.

Matthew is someone that is able to help more people when it comes to long-term investment planning. He has shown that his investment skills are valuable for the investor that is looking for a helpful guide to what they should put their money into. Most investors do not have the desire to do all of this research on their own. That is why someone like Matthew Autterson is so helpful. He helps investors pinpoint the things that are going to maximize their returns. Autterson is essentially the financial planner that provides the financial blueprint.


Get Your Husband out of the House and Join a Fantasy Football Rankinga group

If you are dreading the cold weather coming up and will miss the good times having beers with the buddies, then Fantasy Football Rankings may be for you. It is a social activity where players do a virtual draft for the best fantasy football rankings. It is popular all over the place and a lot of fun. Be quick because fantasy football rankings highest players go quickly.

The Fantasy Football rankings do not always predict what happens. Sometimes a really high round draft pick surprises you. Get a mix of all kinds of players and study those statistics. Martavisi Bryant is one of yes best, but has a drug problem, so betting on him is a bit dangerous to your checking account.

Madison Street Capital Arranges Growth Equity Facility for Sterling Packaging

Madison Street Capital is one of the most prominent investment banking firms based in the United States. For over two decades of professional experience in the industry, the company has sought to work with entities that develop fast income to companies that seek to activate better business by the end of the day. Madison Street Capital is a company that also works to sustain its business in a wide range of industries. It has also assisted companies seeking financial advice and capital solutions from all sectors in the country. The company also understands that every client has unique demands, for this reason, they conduct a careful analysis so that they understand the uniqueness of their client needs ( Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005 as an investment banking company that provides a wide range of financial services such as business valuation, corporate advisory, and the middle market company’s financial solutions.


Madison Street Capital has also worked hard so that all their clients experience a new wave of solutions in the industry. This is the reason why they continue to provide the best mergers and acquisition services in advice to assist their member and client companies to understand the true value of their business in the industry. This provides an accurate picture that is essential to the process so that they continue to have the upper hand in the future and current opportunities. Learn more:


For many business owners in the middle market, it is a challenge to identify the correct financial service company that can be part of the solutions to your problems. With a wide range of investment banking firms in the industry, middle market business owners are always overwhelmed by the search for the best corporate financial company in the country. For those who seek favorable lending, acquisitions & mergers, and the development of a second strategy, getting the services of Madison Street Capital is the best way to end your problems.


Madison Street Capital reputation also acted as the exclusive financial advisor that arranged for the Sterling Packaging Company growth fund. Sterling Packaging Company has sought to increase their funds but never got the best company to lead their way. However, they were very fortunate to get Madison Street Capital come to their aid and help them secure the correct amount of funding needed to develop facilitated business growth. Charles Boschway, the CEO and Chairman of Madison Street Capital, announced the transaction from start to end. Learn more:


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