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The Whitney Wolfe App That Helps Singles Find Matches Sooner

Whitney Wolfe takes her role as the CEO of bumble very seriously. She is dedicated to her mission of getting people to look at the dating industry in a much different way. Everyone that has used a dating app before is well aware that the dating game can be quite tricky. Many people sign up to a large number of apps, and most people do not check there profiles on a regular basis. The reason that people do this is because they are trying to connect to as many people as possible in order to minimize the amount of time that they look for someone.

What Whitney Wolfe has managed to do is change the way that people think about the concept of dating. She has helped more people gain dating success because she has implemented a 24-hour time period with a 24-hour extension. This gives people a total 48 hours to decide if they are going to make a match or disregard the message. Specifically, this gives women the chance to make the first move.

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So many people have been able to benefit from this type of dating app because it gives people access to a much more responsive group. With a specific time to set in motion it makes people anticipate the response. They know if there is no response that they can move on to the next person. This is great because all of the waiting for someone to respond that may never respond is a thing of the past. That is what men love about Bumble that Whitney Wolfe created. She knew that she was doing something very special when she made her decision to bring this app to the the community of apps were in place. Whitney Wolfe knew that she was creating something different.

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All You Need to Know About Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is currently the president of the Human Rights Foundation. The foundation is based in New York City, and it was launched in 2005 by the lawyer. Halvorssen parents were Norwegian and Venezuelan. Thor was born and raised in a town known as Caracas and he speaks American English. His paternal grandfather was a Norwegian King during the Second World War. His mother is also a descendant of the president of Venezuela, known as Crisobal Mendoza.

Thor is respected for his knowledge in human rights. He has fought for the rights of people in different parts of the world, including his own country. While he was working in Venezuela as a drug czar, Thor was able to expose the corruption that was taking place in the government. However, this exposure made his father to be tortured in a prison in Caracas. The 39 year old also lost his mother after she was shot during an anti- Hugo Chavez demonstration. One of his cousins is also serving his time in prison in Venezuela after challenging the Chavista regime.

Halvorssen is quite different from the other individuals in the human rights docket. Most of them spend their time stereotyping their sad sack. He rarely spends his time talking about the sour world we are living in or the evils in the American hegemony. He doesn’t behave like his colleagues who pretend to hate people but love humanity.

The re-owned lawyer loves people. Most of the people he loves are the defectors, dissidents, the freedom trouble makers and those who like throwing blows to the authorities while ensuring that they fight for the tyranny.

Thor appointed Václav Havel to serve as the chairman of HRF up to 2011 when he died. After Havel’s death, Thor appointed Garry Kasparov from Russia. Garry is a well- known political activist and Russian chess master. Although the title is not too ceremonial, most of the individuals appointed were carried away after being beaten by the police during the protests. Thor at Facebook .

In his position, Thor has also had a rough time. He has had his share of problems. He was once arrested and detained by the Vietnamese police when travelling to Ho Chi Minh City for an interview. for more .

Dr Shiva GopalVasishta and Stem Cell Transplant

Concerning the article recap, stem cell transplant can result in the long-term remission of numerous sclerosis, which are also described as autoimmune diseases. They can make an immune system attack the central nervous system. However, studies show that after receiving treatments such as autologous hematopoietic cell transplant (HCT) and high-dose immunosuppressive therapy (HDIT), more than 60% of the participants managed to survive without experiencing complication such as brain lesions, MS symptoms, and disability. Moreover, no participant took MS Medication after receiving the transplant treatment.

Also, NIAID conducted a trial research known as the HALT-MS experiment. The trial research was funded by ITN (Immune Tolerance Network). The findings of the research results were published in 2014. With the HALT-MS treatment research, researchers tested for durability, efficacy, and safety of HDIT/HCT to 24 volunteers who were of age between 26 and 52 years. The aims of the experiment treatment are to help with the suppression of the active disease and further prevention of the cause of disability. This implies that the primary purpose of HALT-MS experiment is to reset the immune system. It will also help with the prevention of MS symptoms such as chronic pain, weakness, fatigue, and speech difficulties.

About Dr. Shiva GopalVasishta

Dr. Shiva GopalVasishta received her medical skills from the Government Medical College in 1979. He has been in the medical field for 40 years. After completing his studies, Dr. Shiva GopalVasishta managed to finish his residency at the Boston Hospital.Regarding the field of medical expertise, Dr. Shiva GopalVasishta specializes in Neurology and Psychiatry. In that case, Dr. Shiva GopalVasishta currently practices his medical profession at the Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates. When offering medical services to patients, Dr. Gopal can also accept multiple insurance plans, which include Aetna and Medicare.

JHSF the Mover and Shaker of the Brazilian Real Estate Industry

The real estate sector is a thriving sector in every economy. When taking about the real estate industry in Brazil, no company can tell the story better than JHSF. JHSF is a real estate company with a high reputation when it comes to purchasing, developing, leasing, and selling both residential and commercial properties. Despite having the capacity to undertake any development project, this real estate company performs well when it comes to constructing hotels, shopping centers, and office spaces among others.

JHSF is not an ordinary real estate company in the Brazilian economy. The company, thanks to its able leadership, has been able to construct most of the country’s state of the art buildings and shopping center. With a deep understanding of the market, the firm has been able to expand its territory to capturing the greater South American region through subsidiary companies such a JHSF SA in Uruguay, JHSF Incorporacoes LTDA, and Boa Vista de Desenvolvimento Imobiliaro LTDA.

About José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto needs no introduction in the Brazilian real estate market. José is a graduate of Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) University, Sao Paulo who began his career at JHSF in 1993. With a passion for the construction industry, Mr. Neto was as active profession zealous about creating solutions for his clients. Ideally, Mr. Neto’s career turning point can be attributed to his success in 1997 when he able to create a parking lot management company called Parkbem. Through this success, José was tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the company’s first shopping project, the Shopping Santa Cruz, a task he executed successfully.

Upon successful completion of the project, Mr. Neto was assigned a greater responsibility. Currently, José Auriemo Neto is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of the Board of JHSF SA. His duties include coordinating and overseeing the various real estate development projects the company is involved in.

Thanks to Neto’s leadership skills and industry experience, JHSF real estate continues to be a force to reckon within the industry.

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ClassDojo USA Today

Let The Dojo Lead The Way


ClassDojo has just entered into a new and potentially viable partnership with Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to bring a positive communication app to a classroom near you. The partnership seeks to deliver an innovative classroom experience to schools nationwide.


The ClassDojo app is able to bring positive change to children by helping teachers in recognizing positive things the student do everyday, whether it is being polite or working hard. The children respond very well to the positive reinforcement and for the recognition for their achievements.


Already, approximately 90% of teachers in United States schools are using the resources provided by the company. However, with this new outlet the goal is to help the children reduce the stress that they may feel or encounter on a basis. Really, the times have changed very quickly in the past decade and school age children are facing much more pressure than they have in decades past.


The company is hopeful that the concept catches on in a big way and that they can be at the forefront of helping to maintain the emotional stability of children throughout the world. It is to this end that the app will be further enhanced as time goes on.


Austin’s #1 Cosmetic Surgeon – Dr. Jennifer Walden

Deciding to seek a plastic surgeon is an important, private decision and one that needs careful consideration. The right doctor will make all the difference between being satisfied with your decision or wishing you hadn’t made such a drastic mistake. A knowledgeable and skillful surgeon is of the utmost importance and Austin, Texas is proud to have a remarkable cosmetic surgeon, such as Dr. Jennifer Walden, live and practice in the Lone Star State.

Who is Dr. Jennifer Walden?

Dr. Walden is a prominent plastic surgeon. She continually featured in magazines as well as on television. She began her practice in New York City , but moved to Austin, Texas after giving birth to twin boys, Houston and Rex, so that they could be raised near family.

She received her bachelors degree at the University at Texas of Austin, before attending medical school. Dr. Walden is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and is fellowship-trained in cosmetic surgery. Harper’s Bazaar named her one of the 24 best beauty surgeons in the United States.

What Does Dr. Walden Specialize in?

No matter the issue, whether it’s hair loss, unwanted hair growth, wrinkles, or unwanted fat, Dr. Jennifer Walden can help you look your best.

She specializes in facial surgery, allowing your youthful you to reappear. Too large or too small breasts? Dr. Walden can help with that too. Her skills in cosmetic procedures will amaze you, from the head to the toes.

Deciding on the right procedure for your particular problem area is not easy. However, Dr; Jennifer Walden will be able to guide you. With her help, you are sure to make the right decision without having to worry about unsatisfactory results. Looking and feeling your best is as important to Dr. Walden as it is to you.

Arthur Becker’s Series of Investment

According to The Real Deal, Arthur Becker has an unbridled passion for arts. His Tribeca real estate office also acts as an art studio with full-fledged workshop along with sculptures and paintings that he has created on display. Becker has solo development projects a few meters away from the office. This is an 8 unit luxury condo with a projected sale of 52.5 million dollars. Becker has invested in Sullivan Street. This is a 16 condo building that is developed by Maloney and Robert Gladstones Madison Equities.

Arthur Becker is involved in other business ventures including binoculars dubbed Bnox. They collect ancient currencies from African countries such as Nigeria and Cameroon to reproduce them as sculptures. Euros and dollars inspire him. He has crumpled cash and gold bars that are stacked like a Jenga piece and Origami animals in his office. Arthur Becker has sold various pieces to Wall Street. He is planning an exhibit at one of his Sullivan Street townhouses. Becker has done previous exhibits in other places. Becker has also used his childhood fantasy of the magic eight ball in his art. He also has a cluster of paperweights on his desk. Two of them were given to him by his mother. He acquired the other one while in London.

Mr. Becker has been involved in Macadamia nuts farming that make cookies. Mr. Becker’s 465 Washington Street projects were handmade in Denmark. They remind him of the years that he restored homes in Vermont after college. He was married to Vera Wang who is an accomplished wedding dress designer. They had two children. Arthur Becker is a graduate of Bennington College with a mixed major of Ceramics and Photography. Becker is the managing member of Madison Partners, LLC. This is an investment firm that is focused on real estate and early stage Bio Tech ventures. Becker is also the chairman and chief executive officer of ZINIO, LLC. He was previously the CEO of NaviSite. This is a NASDAQ-quoted company that provided technology and application management services. He is a former Bear Sterns Stockbroker who made it through buying and selling technology companies. He has recently joined the real estate business in New York and Florida. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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Susan McGalla: Fine Example of Women Running the Corporate World and Doing it Better

For those understand fashion and retail, the combination is very appealing and considered one of the most competitive markets out there. Shopping habits are shifting with heavy emphasis on e-commerce, and it takes someone with vast experience and talent to ride with the ever-changing corporate wave.


Susan McGalla has been swimming in the deep end for quite some time now, adding her expertise and vision to major labels that depend on marketing, talent management, product merchandising and the all-important branding for clothing and retail.


Ms. McGalla is well-respected around the nation and more importantly in her hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she began her steady corporate climb to the top. She held various merchandising management positions at Joseph Horne Company and then moved on American Eagle Outfitters, Inc, where she later served as President of the company. While at AEO, Ms. McGalla developed and launched two American Eagle Outfitters’s start-up brands, aerie and 77 kids. When it came to merchandising and management acuity, she was the right person at the right time.


Ms. McGalla branched out further to Wet Seal, the retail clothing stores which offer casual women’s sportswear and accessories at inexpensive prices and its sister brand Arden B., defining new strategies for both. She became Wet Seal’s CEO in January 2011 and later left to take on a new role as a consulting expert.


It takes more than intelligence and business savvy to excel in the corporate world, especially for women who have had to face the kinds of challenges men seem to be immune to.


Ms. McGalla understands the cut-throat competition and has been able to succeed at a high level, due to her instincts, background, networking capabilities and role model status to other women. She’s a hard worker, pioneer in business, decent person and one with both passion and compassion. When one has the confidence to realize their own potential, then the sky’s the limit, as the old saying goes.


At present, Ms. McGalla is the Director of Strategic Planning & Growth for the NFL’s The Pittsburgh Steelers, LLC. She is also the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, where she serves as a consultant to the ever-changing fashion industry and offering her knowledge to the financial and Wall Street communities.


Maybe Jack Welch said it best:


“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.”

Why Securus Technologies Should Be Considered As Being One Of The Best Forms of Communication For Inmates

Securus Technologies is a communications system that is bringing inmates and their loved ones closer by allowing them to communicate with one another via methods of video conferencing. It is a form of visitation that may be more convenient for both inmates and their visitors. Not only might it be more convenient for both parties, but it may also be one that would enable them to engage in visitation sessions more frequently. If you would like to learn more about this wonderful communications program, please do not hesitate to contact one of the customer service representatives. They are fully and properly trained to assist any and all current and/or prospective users of the system, whether they are inmates themselves or their visitors.


Although Securus Technologies is offering a communications platform that enables inmates to communicate with their visitors via means of videoconferencing under pretenses of confidential terms, it is important for both parties of the communications to be aware that it may be monitored by law enforcement officials, thus, always encouraging them to keep conversations clean and crime-free. Securus technologies has had a role in deterring crimes as well as solving them, thus, making it a great option for all parties who are involved with the communications of Securus Technologies. If you would like to be kept current on the latest news and/or mission statements of Securus Technologies, please note that there is a press release section in the website which is updated regularly. Please do not hesitate to visit it, as it may be beneficial for you to learn about what the company is currently up to. The engineers and designers of the system has gone to great extents to ensure all users of the program will be satisfied with its utilization.


Evolution of Smooth (EOS) Dramatically Impacts Lip Balm Market

In a recent Fast Company article, the success of Evolution of Smooth (EOS) Lip Balm was detailed. The key to the company’s success included forward thinking and taking a drab article, lip balm, and turning it into an object of desire and fascination. Along the path to success, the EOS lip balm product was helped by inventive advertising that brought lip balm out of the Dark Ages and presented it as a must-have to the new trendy Millenials raised on social media.

The company took a boring cylinder and transformed it into a mini-pot. The shape was intriguing and it also helped women, the primary users of lip balm, to more readily find it in their purses. The cylinder had a bad habit of finding the bottom of a purse just like a leaky pen. The mini-pot not only solved a problem but created a shape of interest. The numerous flavors and their names also added to the intrigue and when reality stars began using the product the future was assured for EOS lip balm.

The EOS product was easy to recognize on Walgreens and like another consumer product fad from the past, the “Coonskin Cap” made famous by actor Fess Parker playing Davy Crockett from a TV program in an era before colorized TV, it was easily recognizable and identifiable. EOS deserves praise on many fronts. Their design was imaginative, identifiable, and had a tactile quality that consumers wanted to hold and use. The advertising used was creative and tended to move lip balm from the cosmetic area into the social and fun must-haves that are of interest to young socially aware women today. For more info, visit

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