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Thor Halvorssen Uses Film And Movies To Further His Passions For Social Justice

Thor Halvorssen is a self-proclaimed activist who subscribes to very few common categorical identifiers. He is anti-Communist, anti-trust, pro-people, and pro-activist. His Norwegian and Argentinian roots have allowed him to travel the world, adopt pet causes, and champion many worthy social-minded organizations.

Many people know Thor Halvorssen as a gritty community organizer, but they are unaware of his efforts in the world of media and film production. A well-organized and profitable career has allowed Thor Halvorssen to take his passion for political and social causes to the silver screen. Several high-profile film projects owe their existence to his involvement and patronage in worldwide charitable organizations. Watch Video .

From his quaint office in New York’s Empire State Building complex, Halvorssen has been able to successfully complete film projects like Indoctrinate U, and Iraq For Sale. These films are politically charged and independent of left and right wing influences. They are the product of his unique upbringing in an international family. They are also a product of passion. Thor Halvorssen spent his youth surveying and categorizing major world events through the eyes of an empowered youth-driven toward social equality and environmental correctness. As a result, Halvorssen’s film projects convey an astute and educated view of several contemporary issues.

Thor Halvorssen is recognized as a fledgling movie mogul in the realm of social films. He is active as a participant in many local causes, but uses the medium of film to distribute his major ideas. Halvorssen is one international voice whose influence is being realized through the powerful channels of feature film production. for more.

MarTech Advisor Publishes Second Article by Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina

Bob Reina, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Talk Fusion announced, on February 21st, 2017, his second article is featured on the homepage of MarTech Advisor. In the article, Video Advertising Trends of 2017, he shares the latest key tips for implementing video technology and the significance of using it for marketing resolutions. His first article, Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement and Profits is one of the most read articles published by MarTech Advisor. Mr. Reina is also an author on the Huffington Post providing solutions to readers on new video technology and its benefits. MarTech Advisors is one of the top 10 publications used by marketing professionals and CMOs (Chief Marking Officers).



Bob Reina discovered a new video technology in 2007 and launched Talk Fusion offering solutions for marketing and personal sharing. His email video sharing idea evolved after trying to email a video of property with little success to a family member. Since then, he has turned the company into a leading video marketing company in the U.S. and international. Talk Fusion helps corporations, small businesses and non-profit organizations create competitive existence and increase sales and profits. They can now market products, services, news, and events to engage and persuade their customers using video products.



Bob Reina is honored to share his expertise and vision with MarTech Advisor’s readers. His product ideas are based on consumer trends, market analysis, and video’s growing popularity. He said in the article that video is more than a beneficial medium, but an asset for advertisers. Talk Fusion markets its services through Independent Associates and offers new customers a 30-day trial before making a commitment. The trial includes the all-inclusive video marketing solutions for conferences, chat, newsletter, email, and live meetings.



Talk Fusion and the team are committed to serving local communities in Florida and contribute millions of dollars to charity causes supporting children and animals. In 2016, the company received the WebRTC Product of the Year Award for the video chat product. The product was also recognized as the number one app in Indonesia.


Andrea McWilliams Works to Make Community Improvements In Texas and Beyond

Andrea McWilliams is a native of Austin, and has been working in the political world since she earned the position of chief of staff at the young age of 21. She is the cofounder of McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants, which she runs with her husband Dean, and is strategist who has been recognized around the country for her lobbying work. Andrea was even named the top lobbyist in Texas in 2009 by the Austin Business Journal.

McWilliams shares that many people have a hard time explaining what she actually does. She recalls a recent event she attended where a client introduced her as a “consigliere to the powerful and political.” While she’d never heard her job described that way before, it’s a pretty accurate way to describe what McWilliams does on a daily basis.

As a Texas lobbyist, McWilliams works with her husband to craft policy in regulatory and legislative sectors on behalf of clients. The McWilliams are a rare Republican/Democrat team, which ensures that their clients are represented fairly. The couple has a track record that definitely speaks for itself.

In the 81st Legislative Session, McWilliams passed $100 million worth of incentive, making Texas the first place in the world with the most advanced clean coal power plant on the planet that captures carbon. In 2007, Andrea also had an “outside the Chamber role” in saving a cancer research package worth $3 billion.

Andrea McWilliams‘ devotion and commitment also extends beyond her political accomplishments. She is well known for her philanthropic work and is a longtime member of St. David’s Toast of the Town. McWilliams is also an inaugural member of the Long center’s Notable Women, and was the 2012 honorary chair of the Mamma Jamma Ride.

Step into Spring With Spring EOS Lip Balm

Spring is a time for fresh and light flavored things, and bright and pastel colors. It is a time for reinvigorating your life. The new Spring 2017 limited edition two pack lip balm is a great way to do so.

EOS ( has long been our favorite lip balm. Not only are they fresh and creative in their flavors, but also provide high quality lip balms. Their lip balm is gluten, petroleum, and paraben free, and contains a shea butter and jojoba oil base. These bases are much better than the standard petroleum based lip balms issued by their competition which don’t offer the same long term protection from the elements that EOS lip balms provide.

EOS was first started by founders who saw that the lip balm market was under served with boring flavored lip balms that didn’t create interesting flavors or high quality products. They created a higher quality lip balm that is in a unique orb that is easy to apply and goes on smooth and thick, and is a great choice for those who are looking for high quality products that they apply to their skin.

The EOS Spring 2017 limited edition has two flavors; a soft cucumber melon combo that is luscious but light and delicate when applied, and a coconut milk lip balm that is mellow and reminiscent of the season. This flavor combo is artfully paired and provide flavors that are not overpowering, but are well paired for variety and interest.

I found the combination pack a great combination and a fresh new take on the season. These two flavors fit wonderfully into the EOS portfolio of lip balms and helps to define the season. If you are in need of a new lip balm, don’t refrain from picking up the Spring 2017 two pack EOS lip balm. But hurry, as it is a limited edition pack. Check out for more details.

Visit the EOS Facebook:


Building Fabletics in Layers

The clothing industry is changing in lots of ways, and there are lot of people that are interested in what athletic clothing for women is evolving into. It is just a interesting thing to see how athletic clothing as become such a major product that is selling in such large numbers.


Much of the appeal for athletic gear for women has to do with the fact that there are so many more working mothers. Women are getting out of the homes and working out and they want to look good while they’re doing it. Kate Hudson is well aware of this and that is why she decided to put in motion a company that was going to help women look good while they were getting in shape. She is passionate about working out and elated to serve as the face of Fabletics.


By contrast, Jeff Bezos is just looking for another aspect of business to venture into. He started Amazon as a company that was simply selling books online, and helped elevate this into a business that has no bounds. Jeff wants to sell everything, and athletic clothing for women is included in this lineup.


The interesting thing that people may discover about these two companies is that the business model is not the same. Fabletics is locked into athletic clothing for women. Amazon, on the other hand, sells everything. The business model for Fabletics is geared toward subscription services and physical stores. Amazon is solely based on line. These are two differences that allow these companies to reach two different sets of individuals. There are some overlapping aspects of business that put these companies in competition, but it is clear that Fabletics has capitalized on the niche market. That will be the thing that allows this company to survive and rise to the top.


Fabletics definitely has an edge on the competition when it comes to celebrity appeal. Chrissy Teigen, for example, has made proclamations about her love for the Fabletics brand. Kate Hudson is also adamant about showing her love for the her brand by my modeling these clothes.


People are really starting to look at Fabletics and praise what Kate Hudson is doing for this company. She has taken this from a business that few people moved to a clothing company that millions of people have patronized. This is only the beginning for this company though. With more than 100 stores coming to a shopping center near you, it is evident that Kate Hudson is building Fabletics up in layers. This is how she is planning to compete with Amazon and everyone else. She started with an online community and saturated this market. Now she is going after the customers that she could not reach online.


It will be interesting for customers to see who has the best deals in the future. Kate Hudson has great plans to maximize her fan base by continuing to offer some of the best deals when it comes to workout gear.

Secrets behind Dr. Scott Rocklage’s Unparalleled Exploits

The lives of people like Dr. Scott Rocklage, Managing Partner at 5AM Ventures, have several lessons for both the old and young, male and female as well as business inclined individuals and people not given to business. We can keep mentioning their breakthroughs, which would not help much; we need to go a little further to examine what made them who they are today. Dr Scott Rocklage happens to be our case study in this write-up.


The ability for inventions and discoveries remains what I admire most in Dr Scott Rocklage. It is an uncommon talent; people with such are unstoppable on the path of success. Here is a man with 30 Patents to his name; that is simply extraordinary. Most of the new drugs he came up with got speedy approval from the Federal Drug Association simply because they were discovered to possess negligible side effects and very effective in addressing various health challenges. You can personally give them a try. The likes of Omniscan, Cubicin and Teslascan are some of his drugs.


Dr. Scott Rocklage knows the importance of sound education. He subjected himself to rigorous studies in some of the best institutions in the world. He is a product of the University of California, Berkley and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he obtained a Bachelor degree and a PhD respectively. While at MIT, he was opportune to conduct a research in Richard R. Schrock’s Laboratory. Schrock was the 2005 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry.


Dr. Scott Rocklage is an entrepreneur per excellence. In fact, I lost count of the number of top companies he had worked for at the highest level i.e. as CEO, President and Chairman. He is a much sort after fellow. Wherever he goes, he makes the difference. He has an unexplainable way of bringing back to life businesses at the point of liquidation. Even if a company is doing well, his coming always accelerates things in the positive direction.


Dr. Scott Rocklage believes in specialization, which may just be his most powerful winning formula. He displayed this conviction by remaining in the pharmaceuticals over three decades since he joined the industry. Little wonder, he is an amazing success today. There is simply no issue in the industry that Rocklage can not handle to the admiration of all. He is not a jack of all trade and master of none.


There is much to learn from the life-style of Dr. Scott Rocklage. The above are only a few.


Dr Avis Weisfogel Launches a GoFundMe Campaign

Energetic about treating patients managing sleep issues, Dr. Avi Weisfogel helped to establish Dental Sleep Masters. Avi started the organization in April 2014 alongside two different dental specialists, with the objective of helping people with sleeping disoders. Dental specialists partnered with the organization give patients oral instruments as a successful contrasting option to conventional sleep apnea medicines. At this organization, he is responsible for the organization’s general business development.


Prior to opening Dental Sleep Masters, Avi Weisfogel was proprietor and instructor at Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient. When there he showed dental practitioners how to expand the quantity of sleep patients they came across by instructing and running sleep programs. He likewise held the parts of overseeing accomplice and co-proprietor at Healthy Heart Sleep. Here he encouraged several doctors through out the nation to run sleep labs in their areas.


Dr Avi Weisfogel trusts that youngsters should have the best access to dental and social insurance that is accessible. Consequently, he strives to bolster the association called Operation Smile.


Operation Smile was set up in the mid 1980’s and by a specialist and medical attendant. At initially, their principle mission was to help youngsters in the Philippines. In any case, throughout the years this philanthropy association has developed and now benefits youngsters who live in more than 80 nations. This association primarily works with youngsters and youthful grown-ups who have issues with congenital fissures, congenital fissures, and other facial disfigurements.


The association has done more than 200,000 surgical methods in more than 100 nations. Avi Weisfogel firmly feels that this association ought to be bolstered. Therefore, he has propelled a GoFundMe campaign with a specific end goal to profit the association. He wants to raise $2,000 that can be given to Operation Smile.


Troy McQuagge, CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. Recognized by One Planet Awards

Troy McQuagge has been crowned the CEO of the year by One Planet Awards. Troy says that everybody at USHEALTH deserved the Award thus making him feel it being an honor to receive the admired industry and peer recognition. He also says it is through the company’s commitment that they have been able to solve the client’s healthcare affordability problems by offering them with innovative coverage that grows complimentary to their health needs.

One Planet Awards

The desired One Planet Awards is a worldwide premier awards scheme that honors professional and business excellence. Submission of nominations is eligible for organizations globally. The organizations may include profit or non-profit, public and private, largest to smallest and new start-ups too. Their honors are presently in groupings in segments which contain PR, executives, teams, marketing, new services and products, corporate communications and organizations internationally.

USHEALTH under Troy McQuagge

Troy is the currently the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group, Inc. He joined the company in 2010 and prioritized in re-organizing its captive distribution agency (USHEALTH Advisors). The re-organizing would aid in turning the company around. His success in re-tooling the Advisors that led to him being elected as the Chief Executive Officer and the President of the company, in 2014. Under Troy, the company has registered unparalleled growth, profitability, and success.


It is an insurance company located in Worth, Texas whose target is to offer innovative health cover for small businesses owners and unaffiliated proprietors. At USHEALTH they purpose on marketing profitable and competitive insurance products as well as providing exceptional customer services in every condition of the firm’s operations through combining talents of its agents and employees.

Troy, Corporate Executive, and Entrepreneur

Troy McQuagge is an entrepreneur and corporate executive from Panama City, Florida. He has 30- year experience in the Insurance industry. Troy started working at Allstate Insurance in 1983 before joining UICI now Health Market in 1995. It is at UICI where he built America’s two largest confined profession insurance sales organizations. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida.


Eric Lefkofsky’s Ability to Build a Business


A well known entrepreneur and business man, Eric Lefkofsky has made an impressive name for himself over the years. The co-founder and CEO of Tempus, a technology company, Lefkofsy has had his hand in several businesses and has proven he has what it takes to start and build a business.


Eric Lefkofsky is a native of Southfield, Michigan. He grew up with two hard working parents. His mom was a school teacher and his dad worked as a structural engineer. Their example led Lefkofsky to attend the University of Michigan where he graduated with honors in the early 1990’s. Just a few years later he would earn his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School.  Click this related link


After college, Lefkofsky would enter into the business world. He started out working with a long time friend Brad Keywell. The two actually borrowed money to began their first company Brandon Apparel, an apparel company based out of Madison, Wisconsin. The duo would have success with the company and eventually move on to begin several different businesses. In 1999, the two created an Internet company called Starbelly that specialized in promotional products. After Starbelly, Lefkofsky, co-founded InnerWorkings, a company that provided print procurement services. Other companies the duo created include MediaBank and Echo Global Logistics.   Based on


Lefkofsky would eventually venture out on his own. It was there that he put together perhaps his most successful company. Lefkofsky provided more than one million dollars in funding for a little known website called, an online collective action website. The website soon changed its name to the more well known The site would have massive success, so much so that the company received buyout offers from Google. A more than six billion dollar offer was turned down in 2010. Groupon would continue to have great success, raising nearly a billion dollars in private funding just a year later.


Eric Lefkofsky’s resume is proof that he knows how to start and succeed with a business. He continues to use his talents to think about new ideas for the future. With such an impressive track record, he is sure to make an impact for many years to come.

This related site has plenty of interesting info about Lefkofsky.

Cotemar is changing the Face of the Mexican Energy Sector

Cotemar is an oil and gas company based in Mexico that has been operational for the last three decades. Cotemar pioneers in providing services such as marine support operations, onshore & offshore oil field development, construction services, maintenance, and catering & accommodation.


A look at the company’s history, values, and norms


Cotemar was established in 1979 and has since developed into one of the top energy companies in Mexico. Cotemar produces high-quality products using the latest technology while ensuring safety and environmental conservation. This company practices the values of integrity, innovation, responsibility, and collaboration. Cotemar strives to be a global sustainable oil company known for providing quality solutions to clients and stakeholders. Additionally, it encourages collaboration, transparency, and honesty at the workplace.


The firm is committed to social responsibility and cares about the welfare of people. It ensures equity, industrial safety, education, and health. This company occasionally hosts sporting activities to foster family integration. It provides diverse training opportunities to help its employees realize their personal and professional goals.


Services offered by Cotemar


This company provides services to Petroleos Mexicanos. Cotemar is always evolving to broaden the scope of the services it provides. This company is famous for merging process equipment with indicators and allowing only the skilled personnel to ensure a smooth running of activities. Cotemar renders its services through its three innovative divisions. The accommodation and catering department guarantees the comfort and safety of both onshore and offshore workers. It ensures each cottage has adequate laundry, nourishment, and bedding services. This unit boasts in-house accommodation facilities that can shelter up to 4000 people. This department also provides entertainment as well as supplies and preservation services


Cotemar also offers construction and maintenance services. Cotemar has rehabilitation and maintenance centers in all its offshore facilities. These centers have installation devices that assist in the organization and prefabrication of pieces of equipment at the sites. Cranes and semi-submersible mobile gadgets back up the support vessels. These machines facilitate moving of large cargo in the oilrigs. Additionally, Cotemar has a team of highly skilled employees who operate these machines.


Cotemar owns a series of specialized support vessels. These ships can accommodate up to 800 guests. This company also has boats that transport food supplies and other materials. The vessels are fully equipped with firefighting devices for timely response to emergencies. Cotemar also own specialized vessels, including tugboats, and barges.


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