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Rona Borre’s Impact in Women Entrepreneurship

Rona Borre is the CEO and Founder of   Instant Alliance

Rona Borre is the chief executive officer and founder of Instant Alliance. This is a recruiting and staffing agency that has grown over the years to be recognized in the entire United States of America. The company was established in Chicago in 2001 and since then, Rona Borre has worked diligently to become a leading entrepreneur in the entire Chicago. Rona Borre received her Bachelors degree in business from the University of Arizona. Since then, she has propelled her career to become a respectable entrepreneur in the whole of Chicagoland. Instant Alliance has developed and emerged to be among the most notable and recognized women-owned company across the United States of America. See for added info.
To add on her numerous achievements, Rona Borre has featured in many notable organizational boards where she has contributed immensely. For instance, she seats in the board of Young Presidents Organizations and This bodies have contributed toward enhancement of the business opportunities in the entire Chicago. She has been viewed as an ardent leader in the entrepreneurial world and has also received much media coverage. Rona Borre has been invited to many television and media house to offer talks that have impacted positively on people across Chicagoland. For instance, she has been invited to CNN, CNBS, US Today among others. As such many people across United States of America and business leaders have appreciated and recognized her efforts in the entrepreneurial field. The wide media coverage have increasing her rating and status in the society where she has been seen as fastest rising influential leaders globally.

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Fabletics: A New Way of Living

Fabletics is a brand of clothing that was created by the iconic actress known as Kate Hudson, a woman who lives an active lifestyle and wants to promote this way of living to women around the world through her clothing brand that is both comfortable as well as stylish and is great for any type of occasion. Kate Hudson is the mother of children who has not only wanted to be an actress, but has also wanted to be an inspiration to women and to promote the power of women. This is why Kate Hudson has created Fabletics, a brand name that has created a new way a living and is so much more than just a line of clothing.


Kate Hudson wants to promote an active lifestyle and a way to keep women active and strong. Kate Hudson has created Fabletics as a brand that looks good on any woman and fits any type of body that accentuates the beautiful features of each body type. Kate Hudson has created a brand name that looks good on women who are curvy, lean, athletic, petite, as well as tall that needs an athletic brand name that makes them look great while working out. Fabletics is great for any activity whether it be for running, working out in the gym, or just walking.


What makes Fabletics a unique brand is the fact that it is tailored specifically to the activity that each individual does on a regular basis. All one has to do is visit the Fabletics website and take a short quiz that not only tells the database what style and color is desired, but also tells the database the activity that will be done in the outfit. This short quiz makes sure that the top pick is available to the customer and that they are happy with the choices.


Fabletics is not only stylish as well as comfortable, but is also an affordable brand that is demanded by women with many different budgets. Kate Hudson and her marketing team have made sure that women from many different backgrounds are able to purchase these clothes without stressing out or breaking a sweat on how much money was spent on each item. For the future of Fabletics, the company is expected to grow as more and more women have access to this brand of clothing as well as information of the benefits of wearing Fabletics.

The Best Call of Duty Zombies Maps in the World


Call of Duty is an entertaining game and its zombies mode is even more fun. One of the best Call of Duty zombie maps of all time is Kino der Toten. It is a large mansion with numerous corridors, and if you are playing with three or four players, you can hold out for a very long time. Running trains around the center stage is a popular strategy that takes advantage of slow zombies. Another legendary map is Ascension.

Taking place in a futuristic military base, multiple floors connected by an elevator lead to close quarters combat. By picking up appropriate weapons such as shotguns and machine guns, you can gather enough power ups to outrun the zombies and set new records.


But make sure that you bring friends, because that’s what makes Call of Duty Zombies the best mode ever.  In fact, relationships have been started on the love of Zombies.  If you want to see some of these in action you can see down here:



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Top 3 Wen By Chaz Dean Hair Care Products

Wen by Chaz Dean is a hair care system that offers chemical free, high quality hair care products. Each product is designed to give softer shinier more manageable hair. Below are the top three products that when has to offer.

The Cleansing Conditioner

The cleansing conditioner is one of WEN first products. Designed to be a two in one product that cleanses as well as conditions it is made free of sulfates and leaves hair soft and shiny. The cleansing conditioner is very simple to use. Simply wet hair, add the recommended amount of pumps and apply to hair. Allow to sit and rinse and hair will be softer and more manageable right away.

The Re-moist Hydrating Hair Mask

The Re-moist Hydrating Hair Mask is a hair mask that is made to add moisture and shine back into the hair. The hydrating mask is formulated for all hair types and is very simple to use. Simply apply to clean wet hair and allow to sit for up to 20 minutes before rinsing out. The longer it sits the softer the hair will feel.

The Nourishing Mousse

The nourishing mousse is a styling product that is both lightweight as well as extremely flexible. It leaves hair feeling healthier and shinier without adding a ton of sticky residue. It is made free of harsh chemicals and leaves hair feeling and smelling great. It is very simple to use, simply apply to wet hair and style as normal. Hair will be less sticky and tacky then with normal styling products.

These are just three of the top hair care products that Wen by Chaz Dean, has to offer. They also offer a full line of styling products such as anti-frizz creams and other cleansing conditioners. Each product is made free of harsh chemicals and leaves hair shiny and much more manageable. All these products are available on Amazon.

For more product information, visit the wen website. Check out the official Wen Facebook page for more details.

Todd Lubar: The Real Estate & Finance Superstar

Early in his career, Todd Lubar knew he was destined to be in the real estate industry. When he launched into this industry in 1995, he quickly became aware he will have a long career in this field due to his love of every facet of real estate and finance and his desire to help others. And as a result, he has been making great strides in this industry.


His Accomplishments


He was first a loan originator for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Through this work experience, he acquired expertise in the conservative mortgage banking model. And thus, he spent time developing relationships with CPA’s, real estate agents, insurance agents in which laid the foundation for an incredible referral business source.


In 1999, Todd Lubar earned an equity position with Legacy Financial Group. In 2002, he launched his own business called Legendary Properties, LLC., a residential development firm. In 2003, he opened a Charter Funding which is a subsidiary of First Magnus Corporation. With this affiliation, Lubar was able to expand his business due to great access to tons of programs and products.


And when major changes occurred in 2007 and 2008, Lubar became involved in several, other business lines. This included commercial demolition and automotive scrap metal recycling. In the commercial demolition, he could obtain some really big contracts from some of the biggest contractors throughout the US. With the automotive scrap metal recycling, it became traded within the market place.


His Family Life & Hobbies


Lubar lives in Bethesda, Maryland. He has two children in which live in Bethesda, Maryland too. Lubar loves Orange County, California. He also loves to spend quality time with his children and to go travelling. He always strive to be a better person the next day than he was the day before, and to add value to everything/everyone he comes into contact with.


Clay Siegall: Scientist, Doctor, Innovator

Have you ever heard of a guy named Clay Siegall? How about a company named Seattle Genetics? Well, Clay Siegall is the head man in charge at one of the world’s most advanced cancer research facilities. Being the (CEO) as well as the President can be frustrating at times, but Dr. Siegall has the mental perseverance to keep pushing through. This guy is well accomplished with a (BS) in Zoology from The University of Maryland and a Ph.D in Genetics from George Washington University. Having such a heart of gold, Dr. Siegall has won numerous industry related award throughout the years and he’s the author of up to 70 publications.


His leadership role at Seattle Genetics has caused a surge in the company’s success over the years. The Bothell, Washington based company has been visited by Vice President Joe Biden for congratulatory purposes and Forbes Magazine ranked the company as one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. in a 12 month span. Seattle Genetics specializes in cancer breakthrough therapies known as antibody drug conjugates. These advanced treatments are far better than medications of the past thanks to their life saving capabilities. ADCs can deliver a killing agent right into cancer cells without ever harmful and of the good cells within the body. Dr. Siegall has entered into multiple licensing deals with some of the biggest names like GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, AbbVie, and Genentech. As of today it’s top drug ADCETRIS is currently being sold in over 65 countries worldwide.


With the expanding of it’s drug pipeline, Seattle Genetics will be going on another hiring spree. The company already has over 800 employees/staff and with this expansion, 100 more individuals will be added to the roster. Dr. Clay Siegall has a great following on social media as well. The company’s social media is flooded with activity such as updates, followers, and business related news as well as future and present events. With Dr. Clay Siegall in charge, cancer has a one way ticket to extinction.


Marketing Your Brand By Lori Senecal

People will follow the blogs of trained physicians because they want useful advice about their health and wellness. They will listen to experts in finance because they want to know how to better manage their money and how they should invest it. These are complicated and yet very practical matters. In the same way, many people turn to Lori Senecal for her expertise in the area of marketing. Lori Senecal works as the Global CEO for the Crispin Porter And Bogusky advertising agency. In this position, she is charged with the expansion of the company, which is ideal for somebody with her insight into branding and marketing. Just as a physician will educate his audience on his blog, Lori Senecal published an article titled Clueless Or Subtly Strategic? What Brands Can Learn From Wayward Celebrities at in which she argues that major corporations borrow branding tips from celebrities.

Design Is More Important Than Function
A first impression is worth a lot. People tend to make their final decision about a product or an individual based on the first impression on That is why politicians will spend so much time on their appearance, meticulously researching how much scuff they need on their shoes to look like a diligent working man without actually ruining the shoes. Similarly, celebrities will hire the most talented hair stylist so that they can be at their best. She suggested that the same principle is applied by corporations on Huffington Post. Apple’s iPhone may not be functionally ideal, but it looks like it would be. That is really all that most people need to make a purchase.

Rising From The Ashes
People want to hear about the lady who went from being a zero to being a hero. Lori Senecal pointed out that it reminds them that there is hope. No matter where they are in life, they can always think that they are not as low as this famed celebrity once was. Celebrities who were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth are an inspiration. If an entrepreneur has a comeback story on Salary, then she should share it.

2 Quick Reasons Thor Halvorrsen Opposes Socialism

There is a lot of truth in the cliche that the grass is always greener on the other side. If an individual becomes frustrated with her career, she might dream of the days that she worked a simpler job. She might not think about all of the stress that job brought. People will glamorize the positive aspect and overlook the negative. The same can be said as they contemplate the possible systems of government. They might wish for a socialistic government, but this is only because they have overlooked some of the negative implications. In this interview with Fox News, the advocate from the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorrsen, spoke to some of the demerits of a socialistic government.

Too Much Trust In The Government

People are always vying for power. They think that when they finally get it, their thirst will finally be quenched. But the truth is that the well will only become deeper and deeper as they gain more power. In the case of a socialistic government, what the rulers essentially want is top-down government control. They pitch this, pointing out all of the problems that the country faces. The only solution is to impart all of their trust into the government. Having received a degree in Political Theory from the University of Pennsylvania, Halvorrsen knows how this ends. History has testified that when the people trust the government too much, the government will abuse that trust.

It Encourages People To Play The Victim

Those who are struggling do not want to take responsibility for their circumstances or their actions. They do not want to claw their way out. There is a cosmic dice roll, and they lost. The rich won. Of course, this will overlook the fact that people build empires by working at it. People become rich by applying themselves. On the other hand, socialism encourages laziness. It encourages the narrative of the cosmic dice roll. It encourages people to play the victim.

These two problems impact [1] governmental power and [2] the mentality of the people. Both of these are a recipe for oppression and abuse.

Chris Burch Shares Info on Future Fashion Tech Trends

Christopher Burch states that the fashion industry, just like technology, has seen significant changes over the years. Both of these industries have grown together to create trends that shape the way we see the world. Chris Burch has stated that the way these two concepts work in tandem is fascinating, and provides a glimpse of both the past and present to shine a light on future fashion trends.


When it comes to past and present trends, the 1970s boombox is one of the major inspirations. The stereo was revolutionary, since allowed listeners to carry their music with them. When two-cassette decks were invented, one side of the boombox could be used to play music, and the other side was often used for recording. The boombox became increasingly popular in the 1980s and 1990s, and in the latter decade the Walkman was introduced. A decade or so after the Walkman, the iPod, a much smaller device, was invented. This is an indication that technology and fashion continue to work hand in hand.


Fashion designers take special care to present products to the public that are both attractive and functional. Technology is also finding its way into what is chic, and Dutch fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht states that marrying fashion with technology is like spending time on a playground and experimenting with different elements. She has even created a dress that makes drinks, and another dress that is self-painting.


Designers are also recycling materials to make fashions that the world wants to wear. For example, SegraSegra has recycled bicycle inner tubes to create t-shirts and outerwear, and Emma Whiteside has created a large gown made from radiator copper that has been recycled.


Technology and fashion also work together to create energy. Movement can be converted to electrical energy, and new clothing can create kinetic energy to power devices like mp3s and watches. Currently, Soledad Martin is working on a shoe prototype that will charge phones while the wearer is walking.


Christopher Burch, who has written in fashion and technology advancements often, is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. He has been an investor and entrepreneur for nearly four decades. Burch is quite informed when it comes to marketing trends, and has even contributed to the success of well-known rands like Poppin, Voss Water and Faena Hotel + Universe. Burch is also a former Guggenheim Capital and Continuum Group board member.


EOS Is More Than A Pretty Pot Of Lip Balm: SPF And Fab Flavor, Too

When it comes to this beauty staple, you have tons of choices. Most feature generic moisturizing properties, but the true stand-outs are all about the ingredients, protection, flavor and product versatility.

EOS lip balms score an A+ on Amazon. That’s probably why this adorable sphere of hydrating lip balm is loved and recognized around the world. EOS is not your mama’s Chapstick, ladies; it is much more.

Some might say that EOS ( has changed the way we apply and use lip balm. For years and years, we were given a choice of bland, tube-shaped balms that dragged on the lips, offering little cover from the harsh elements.

EOS changed the playing field by creating organic blends of jojoba oil, shea butter and Vitamin E and adding incredible flavors. Then, they invented a spherical lip balm that comes in a cute little pot with an easy twist-off top. This unique design enables the ultimate lip coverage and keeps the balm super fresh each time.

Then there is the taste, which matters to most people when choosing a balm. EOS lip balm happens to feature some of the most delicious, OMG flavors on the planet.

Here are two EOS favorites we buy from (

EOS Grapefruit Lip Balm SPF30 is a special one, because it not only gives you the sassy tang of grapefruit but does it with excellent protection for your outdoor activities.

You can’t beat an SPF 30 for your delicate lips, so this is a win win.

EOS Passion Fruit Lip Balm is a delightful, sweet treat for your lips. It tastes and smells fantastic. It also provides a lovely, light sheer shimmer pink color to your kissable pout.

Just twist off the top, pucker and apply. The soothing formula lasts for hours. You’re encouraged to visit the EOS Facebook page today!


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