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EOS Has A Different Flavor For Everyday of The Week

Are you tired of those boring lip care products? Would you like to try an all new exclusive blend of flavors? If that’s the case, you try EOS lip balm products. These products are organically made and has no side effects, unlike the competitors. The company uses a range of healthy ingredients along with some of the best flavorful flavors.

Consumers will receive total benefits such as moisture, vitamin c, vitamin e, and antioxidants. These ingredients work well on their own, but if combined, 100% total lip care satisfaction is to be expected. There is even shea oil mixed in for added effects. Check out the brand’s Active Protection Lip Balm:

  1. Fresh Grapefruit: If you want a brilliant tasty treat then Fresh Grapefruit is for you. The flavor is natural as it tends to energize and invigorate the lips rather than just adding a certain flavor. Being mixed with SPF-30, consumers can use this product in or outdoors. It’s perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle and the taste lasts longer than many other brands.
  2. Lemon Twist: This lip balm personifies it’s natural zangy taste and lemon zest. It’s like having a shot of lemon energy as it glides on smooth. The balm is SPF-15, gluten free, and protects users from harmful sun rays. Click here for a full spectrum of benefits.

Besides the added moisture and natural vitamins used for positive benefits, this brand offers other fresh flavors such as:

  • Mint
  • Strawberry Sorbet
  • Lemon Drop
  • Passion Fruit
  • Medicated Tangerine
  • Summer Fruit
  • Honeysuckle Honey Dew
  • Sweet Mint
  • And More

For the best in total lip balm protection visit or

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Clay Siegall Has Made His Mark In The Field Of Cancer Research And Development

Dr. Clay B. Siegall is currently the CEO, President, and Chariman of the Board for Seatlle Genetics. Seattle Genetics was founded by Clay Siegall in 1998 and has since expanded and grown to be the biggest company of its type in the region. Dr. Clay Siegall has always been involved with cancer research and development and Seattle Genetics is dedicated to creating treatments for cancer patients that previously did not respond well to other types of treatments.

Seattle Genetics was able to obtain FDA approval for their first cancer therapy drug Adcetris. This drug is the main producer of revenue from the company. It is currently available in over sixty countries. Seattle Genetics is also currently working on getting FDA approval for several other cancer treatment drugs that are in the final stages of testing.

The company has also licensed ADC technology to some of the pharmaceutical industry giants such as Pfizer, GlaxoSMithKline, Genetech, and several other companies. The licensing alone has been able to generate over $325 million so far. Dr. Siegall has made a vast improvement in the field of cancer treatment and has managed to help many patients that would otherwise have not received effective therapy. He has received numerous prestigious awards due to the hard work and dedication that he has shown in the cancer research field.

Dr. Clay Siegall had previously worked for some very well known companies such as the National Cancer Institute, the National Institutes for Health, and Bristol-Meyers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institue before the creations of Seattle Genetics. Dr. Clay Siegall received his B.S. in Zoology at the University of Maryland and then his Ph.D. from George Washington University in the field of Genetics.

Billy McFarland and The Successful Enterprise Company

Billy McFarland is running a successful enterprise company. Billy McFarland is the founder for Magnises. Magnises is an exclusive membership opportunity that is linked with special discounts and event gatherings. These special discounts and event gatherings are accessed with a membership card. The membership card Magnises uses can be connected with a credit card or bank account.

The membership card opportunity that is connected with this wonderful company has some amazing perks. With the card you are able to get deals at certain clubs,bars, and restaurants. The card also allows an individual to reserve amazing getaways and concerts.

Billy McFarland’s purpose for Magnises is to have a platform that allows individuals to be able to connect socially. According to Fortune, Billy McFarland has set up an impressive platform.

Billy McFarland’s target audience is individuals that are professionals that are working and are between the ages of 21 and 35. He also clarifies that the majority of individuals that are part of Magnises work in professions such as business,fashion, and technology.

Billy McFarland’s goal is to get individuals on board that are fully engaged in this amazing opportunity. Prior to being a member of Magnises an individual must fill out an application that is done online. Once the application is submitted the individual must be approved by the team members. Once approved then an individual can join and really engage in the benefits associated with membership.

Billy McFarland is so thrilled about having the idea to start such a great and innovative company. Billy McFarland is very determined that Magnises will be a bridge that continues to make a connection between various individuals that work for different industries. Magnises looks forward to incorporating other businesses into the beneficial experience as well.

Billy McFarland has big hopes and dreams for his impressive company. His team and him plan to launch in at least 10 cities by 12 months. The launch is planned to start in Washington,DC. At the launch Magnises is planning to establish a partnership with Embassy Row Hotel.

In conclusion, Billy McFarland has created a successful enterprise company that continues to have growth.

The Austin-Based Girl Comes Back Home: Dr. Jannifer Walden

  1. Jennifer Walden, named as one of the best beauty surgeons in the U.S. by the Bazaar’s magazine, is an all-round woman. She is one of the most respected professional in her field. Because of this, she was trained with the best cosmetic surgeons based in New York. In Manhattan, she established a successful practice before coming back to Austin and extend her services. According to reliable sources, Dr. Jennifer Walden is the only woman to hold a post at the American Aesthetic Society for Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) where she is currently serving as a board member. She is an award-winning surgeon and author. Dr. Jennifer Walden is also a media darling. She has appeared on numerous television programs and major health magazines in the United States. She has several siblings highly-successful in their fields and two children.


Dr. Jennifer Walden is a beautiful, brilliant and friendly person that wouldn’t be cold or intimidating. Whenever she is in her office, she puts people at ease. She doesn’t come across rushed even though she is always busy. You can never find a reason to call her rush even though she controls the activities of her form with diligence. She is one of the most powerful women in the country with a waiting list of patients eager to receive services. Her tender eyes call on you as a mother. She is a natural smile-grounded person who has all it takes to helps patients better themselves and improve their looks.


Dr. Jennifer Walden grew up in Northwest Hills and was born in Austin. Her mother was a surgical nurse, and her late father was a dentist. For this reason, she is a product of a medical school. Among his five siblings, Dr. Jennifer Walden, grew up in an atmosphere that valued achievement and education. She considers her mother a hero in her life. She has inspired her in several ways of practice. She is fascinated at how her mother raised five children to become famous people in society. According to her, being a surgeon is easier that a mother. While kids are totally unpredictable, she can control work environment.

Martin Lustgarten is one of the Brilliant Minds in Investment Banking

Investment banking is a crucial segment in the financial industry. It seeks to help various companies, government, and individuals to access capital. In addition, investment banks offer its clients sound advice on selecting the right investment from the available options. Investments bankers have extensive experience on matters of finance and research. Moreover, investment banks help in facilitating mergers and acquisitions, and reorganizations. These firms are involved in implementing fund raising strategies for different companies besides evaluating their worth. Investment banks develop innovative solutions that seek to help companies to reduce costs and increase their bottom lines.

In the U.S., unlike commercial banks, investment banks do not take deposits. These banks engage in two crucial businesses, which are the sell side and the buy side. The sell side involves trading of securities for either securities or cash. The buy side entails offering advice to organizations, which subscribe to investment services. Presently, most of the successful people in the financial industry are investment bankers. People having a strong background in mathematics and business are well placed to engage in investment banking. However, one should be hardworking and have adequate research skills to make it in the competitive industry. Martin Lustgarten is a successful investment banker. He has built a solid reputation in the industry as elucidated by his immense achievements.

About Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is a renowned investment-banking professional. He is based in Miami, Florida. He serves as the chief executive officer of Martin Lustgarten, a premier investment banking company located in Florida. His company has a good reputation with the existing clients, thus attracting many other customers. Martin has broad experience in the investment banking industry. He has used this experience and knowledge to monitor market trends and develop innovative solutions for his clients.

As one of the brilliant minds in the industry, Martin Lustgarten continues to offer advice on different investment-related topics. He is a role model to many budding investment bankers. This is because Martin Lustgarten has had a successful career. He is an effective communicator. Martin knows the value of customer service. To this end, he passes information to his customers in a noble manner. He maintains a cordial relationship with his employees. This way, they are able to enhance their productivity.

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Kevin Seawright’s New Partnership Helps Residents Purchase Homes

Businessman and financial guru Kevin Seawright has partnered with RPS Solutions LLP to help area Baltimore residents gain home ownership for the first time. The program, developed two years ago, offers renovated and new homes that are affordable.

Seawright appeared on The Larry Young Morning Show on WOLB 1010 in Baltimore to explain more about the program and how eligible residents can apply. According to Seawright, he and his group are extremely passionate about idea of home ownership for individuals who always believed they would never get the opportunity. “We want to show people that going through the process of purchasing a home isn’t as bad as they thought.”

According to Kevin Seawright, even if you have had some prior credit problems, you can qualify. Residents can establish something to call their own. According to recent studies, indivuals who own their home are far more likely to keep it up, which in turn, raises property values. Seawright says it is also his goal to help raise ownership above the 48.9% threshold.

“All Americans want to have socioeconomic stability. A home provides that,” said Seawright. Individuals interested in finding out more about the program should contact Renee Rollins at 410-913-6133.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has known success everywhere he’s gone. The financial guru formerly worked at the CFO of Newark’s Community Economic Development Corporation. During his tenure, he helped a number of small business owners secure start-up grants and loans. Through his efforts, neighborhoods thrived via the influx of money.

Seawright also worked on the local, state and federal level while in Baltimore. He famously implemented an accounting procedure that helped the city save nearly $100,000.

Seawright has won a number of accolades for his financial work. Recently Notre Dame University’s Mendoza School of Business awarded him with a citation for finishing a two-part non profit organization course. Seawright also sits on a number of local boards.

Arizona Entrepreneur Jason Hope Looks to the Future

Although modern medicine has made some incredible advances in recent years, there is still plenty to be done, at least in entrepreneur Jason Hope’s point of view. The self-proclaimed futurist has taken a deep interest in not only curing age-related illnesses, but also in preventing them from developing in the first place. This is a marked shift from the usual development patterns of pharmaceutical companies. Instead of studying ways to stop a disease wholly, companies are far more interested in finding cures that are more easily marketable.

Luckily, Jason Hope’s business ventures have afforded him the opportunity to pursue expensive research that other companies have no interest in pursuing. Hope has accomplished this feat primarily through the direct funding of the SENS Foundation, which devotes itself to the study of “rejuvenation biotechnologies.”

In terms of preventing age-related diseases, much of the SENS Foundation’s work is centered around combating the body’s natural degradation process. As a body ages, the various life processes begin to break down the body and damage it internally, which is how age-related diseases eventually develop. In order to prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s from developing, the SENS Foundation is targeting the source: aging. If the SENS Foundation can prevent the body’s own metabolism from damaging itself over time, then the SENS Foundation believes that it will have create a kind of anti-aging technology.

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Although Hope’s philanthropic efforts are unique in their consistency, there are other philanthropists that are also becoming increasingly interested in anti-aging technology. As more and more of the wealthiest in the country begin to follow Jason Hope’s example, it’s clear that it will only result in the SENS Foundation developing its technology and research more quickly.

Aside from Hope’s monetary backing, the SENS Foundation also has the revolutionary Aubrey De Grey at its helm as the chief science officer. With their leadership and Jason Hope’s money, it’s believed that the first person to live to be 1,000 years old has already been born. While it’s obviously impossible to verify this claim, it does show just how confident Hope is in the future of mankind. If we can live substantially longer lives, who knows where science will take us after we’ve moved beyond biological mortality. For Hope and the rest of the people at the SENS Foundation, this mystery is as enticing as it is perplexing.

Stock-Based Loans with Equities First Holding

Since the economic meltdown of the 2006-2006, many changes have been implemented in the financial industry. This changes, on the other hand, has had tremendous effects on the normal person. People, on the other hand, have come up with ways of adapting. The restriction of borrowing of funds by financial institutions and lending institutions have led people to turn to stock-based loans. Stock-based loans have become popular for those people that cannot qualify for the credit based loans or those people who need quick cash for their ventures. Banks have made it difficult to acquire loans by tightening loan qualifications and at the same time increasing interest rates. A company called Equity First Holding has decided to come to the rescue of these people by offering Stock-based loans which have several differences with margin-based loans.

Equity First Holding uses stocks as collateral for the loan and releases them upon the maturation of the transaction. Equity First Holding is based in Indianapolis, Indiana and was founded by Al Christy. His main aim when establishing this company was to offer higher loans to needy people at a lower interest rate. Over the years, the Equity First Holding has managed to conduct approximately six hundred and fifty transactions that are worth over $1.4 billion. Equity First Holding has subsidiaries in other parts of the Globe Such as London, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong.

According to Equity First Holding, Stock-based loans are better compared to margin-based loans for several reasons. You can use stock-based loans for any particular purpose that pleases you. On the other hand, margin loans must be used for the purpose of which the money was borrowed for. Another difference between stock-based loan and margin loan is that one has a fixed interest rate while the other has an interest rate that varies.

This is unlike the past where unscrupulous lenders could refuse to return stocks upon the end of the transaction Equity First Holding is built on a code of integrity as well as a code of transparency. The company has a mission of offering the best services to their clients at a minimum risk and at the same time helping clients meet their financial targets.

Brazil is a Prime Market for Investment


It is evident that banks suffer the most during hard economic times. However, that is not the case during the current crisis in Brazil. The leading banks doing business in Brazil have significant profits in 2015 just like they did in 2014.  Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian expert, and he says that the secret to banks making significant profits despite the crisis is market knowledge. Private sector banks in Brazil give loans to the most credit-worthy borrowers. According to Igor, that streamlines costs and gives them a sense of security. Igor adds that people with less credit to banks need to focus on public sector institutions. The entrepreneur says that the Brazilian government can make safer investors by focusing more on fiscal austerity and market-oriented reforms.


According to Igor Cornelsen, Brazil has a lot of natural resources, and there is a growing need for infrastructure development in a bid to support expanding population in the country. That makes Brazil an attractive market regardless of the uncertain climate. Igor also noted that Brazil is among the largest food producers globally and the largest country in the continent.


What you should know before investing

Igor explains that before you consider any investment, you need to know the nuances. Igor has a short and easy profile that investors can report before they think of Brazilian stocks to their portfolios. Brazil is the largest economy in South America and among the top economies in the globe. It operates ten significant commercial and private investment and state-owned banks. Igor said that Banco Itau is interesting since it has recorded a tremendous growth after the merger with Unibanco in 2008. Cornelsen says that China is Brazil’s largest trading partner. The economies of the two countries are linked. Cornelsen advises investors to attention to the trading partners of a country before investing there.


About Igor Cornelsen

LinkedIn tells us that Igor is an investor working in Bainbridge Group. Igor specializes in foreign exchange investment, commodity investment, and the stock market. He is one of the most influential banking consultants in Brazil. Igor was a manager of one of the largest banks in Brazil, earning him an international reputation in its segment. Currently, Igor spends most of his time in South Florida.  Follow Mr. Cornelsen on Facebook, or through his official Yolasite.

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