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Equities First Holdings Observes a Growing Trend of People Using Stock as Collateral to Get Loans

Equities First Holdings is a worldwide leader that leads in alternate shareholder financing options is experiencing an increase in stock-based and margin loans. This is majorly due to the banks and other institutions involved in the lending of money tightening their lending criteria. Equities First lending is fast becoming popular especially among borrowers who need capital fast or those who cannot qualify for substantial conventional loans. As much as there are other options available for such individuals, of late most banks have cut the lending options available for borrowers, increased their interest rates and tightened the loan qualifications.

These two types of loans are different in that a borrower ought to be pre-qualified for a margin loan and the money should be used in a specific way. The loan-to-value ratios range from 10% – 50% and the lending firm can liquidate a borrower’s collateral without any form of warning in a margin call. Stock-based loans have an interest rate of between 3-4%. Loan-to-value ratios from 50-75% and money can be used for various purposes. These loans are non-recourse therefore borrowers are able to walk away without obligations.
About Equities First Holdings, LLC

It was founded in 2002 and provides clients with capital against stock that is publicly traded and alternative financing way out to help them achieve their professional and personal goals. It provides capital against public exchanges shares all over the world. EFH has so far completed over 650 transactions worth over $1.4 billion. It is a global company that is present in nine countries and subsidiaries that are fully owned in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. They are denoted for example as Equities First (London) Limited.

The founder and CEO of EFH, Al Christy, Jr., view the stocks-collateralized loans as an innovative alternative for borrowers looking for working capital. The stock-based loans have a high loan-to-value ratio than the margin loans and are offered at a fixed interest rate. This provides certainty in the life of the transaction. Christy notes that in a loan term of three years, fluctuation in the market is inevitable but the stock-based loan will offer a hedge as the borrower risks their investment in a market that is downside.

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Flavio Maluf of Eucatex Points out Inflation Crisis Looming over Brazilian Economy


Based on the results of the evaluation of the inflation rates, The CEO of the Eucatex Group Flavio Maluf prospects that the month of May might mark the onset of inflammation in the Brazilian economy. The situation which Flavio Maluf considers worrying is attributed to the political situation in the country and lack of an active government involvement in mitigating effective economic policies to recover the Brazil economic indices. He reported that something had to be done to boost Brazil purchasing power to avert this economic bottleneck. The lack of credibility by the lawmakers was also pointed out as a puppeteer of the inflammation threat.


Flavio Maluf believes that opening up the market for new investments will go a long way in strengthening the country’s economy. Among his thoughts on the appropriate measures to take in correcting the situation is to ensure consistency within the legislative powers of the government in the market. The inflation is likely to affect even the large companies controlling the market such as Eucatex. Eucatex pioneers in the production of furniture and wood related products such as ceiling boards, insulation and liners from the Eucalyptus wood as raw material. Mr. Maluf as the manager of the company has spearheaded the company into venturing into paint production for the construction industry.


Inflation is a major threat that will see to the increment of the production cost for manufacturers like Eucatex especially at a time when the construction business in on the rocks for a nearly a decade in the country. Through Flavio Maluf’s expertise, he led the modernization of the company upon entering his office as the CEO and president in 1997. In his achievements, he has witnessed the opening of the Eucatex branches across the region, the latest being in Salto.


The Eucatex products are appreciated worldwide by furniture manufacturers as well as large industrial construction firms due to their reliability and quality. Flavio Maluf has also got the company to meet the environmental friendly goals hence being awarded the FSC Certification and ISO 14001 for its compliance in environmental conservation.  Read more about Flavio on Exame Abril, or follow him personally on Facebook.

Kyle Bass Might Have Gotten Information From A Chinese Banker


The Chinese government wants to make sure that they can make a move that will save their currency and their economy. They are staring down the barrel of an economic crisis that could be just like the one in America. The problem is that no one knows what the country will do, and the Chinese banker that gave information to Kyle Bass might or might not be correct. He says that the country plans to do just what the Americans did in their own crisis, but the two economies are not the same. There are more state businesses to think about, and the country runs its economy differently.


The information that was given to Kyle Bass might give some people a look at how they will make more money on investments in China, but they cannot assume that China will do exactly what America did. There is no guarantee that this information is good, and there is no way for people to know if it can be substantiated. UsefulStooges indicated that Kyle is talking about it because he knows that it sounds attractive, but he also knows that he has not put the work into it to see if it would be worth investing in.


He could put a little money into the issue, and he could lose that money without a problem. That same amount of money for the normal American is a major problem. That is why Kyle Bass is not to be trusted. He is causing problems for people who do not know how to invest because he makes it look like the research is not necessary. There are a lot of things that might change because of what has come out, and following Kyle Bass could be a problem. Investing with more wisdom is required at a time like this.

The Evolution of EOS

Seven years ago EOS lip balm began to appear in major franchises, fashion magazines, and on the lips of such celebrities as Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian. Evolution of Smooth or EOS is now a $250 million company and the second best selling lip balm in the U.S.A. The idea for EOS was formulated when cofounder and managing partner, Sanjiv Mehra, began brainstorming with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky about revitalizing the beauty aisle. Because women are the main consumers, they set about catering an easily applied and easily identified lip product that stood out from the alternatives. “We were trying to to make the product as imaginatively as possible and not create an incremental variant over what was already in market,” cofounder Teller explains. While their pricing was competitive, around $3, the company decided to use all organic ingredients which was uncommon at the time. In an effort to connect emotionally to customers, thus creating a brand instead of a fad, EOS’ tagline is “The lip balm that makes you smile.”

As their target audience was style focused millennial females between ages 25 and 35, their marketing strategy made several key moves. The first strategy was to garner endorsements from young female celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. They sent samples to prominent beauty bloggers on social media sites like Youtube and Instagram requesting reviews of the product. Meanwhile, EOS ( built it’s own social media presence. Currently, the brand has 1.8 million followers on Instagram and almost 7 million followers on Facebook. EOS gained further popularity and success by partnering with other big companies like shoe manufacturer Keds and entertainment company Disney to create limited edition versions of the product. EOS is now expanding into other sections of the beauty aisle such as lotion and shaving cream. Purchase this products on eBay and Ulta online.



Eleven Technicians from Securus Technologies Attain BISCI Certification Boost

Service providers ought to maintain high standards of business ethics when delivering services to their customers or clients. Consequently, it is vital for workers or employees to upgrade their skill set regularly in a bid to meet the emerging customer needs or desires. Eleven technicians from Securus Technologies recently set the pace for other workers after they were awarded the Building Industry Consulting Service International certification.


The high standards observed by BCSI made it an ideal match to cater to the training needs of Securus Technologies. By attaining the BICSI certification, Securus Technologies gained a better opportunity to provide its customers with the highest standards of performance and reliability.


Building Industry Consulting Service Internal serves as one of the highly recognized entities or associations that support the Information and communication sector. All BICSI credential holders and members are required to design, fix, supervise and maintain information and communication technology projects. Projects needed in this case include wireless-based systems, pathways, and copper-based distribution systems. The association serves over 23,000 ICT specialists via conferences, training, credentials and publications in about 100 nations.


A Detailed Focus on Securus Technologies


Currently, Securus Technologies, Inc. features among the top providers of parolee tracking, detainee communications as well as government information services in North America. It serves about 2,600 correctional facilities distributed in 45 states, Mexico, Canada and the District of Columbia. Securus has positioned itself as a leader in providing innovative, comprehensive, as well as responsive technical and customer services. It specializes in meeting the needs of law enforcement and corrections communities.


Securus Technologies revealed its JPay Inc. acquisition plans. The acquisition aimed at assisting Securus Technologies in providing the best platform for digitized communications, payments, education and entertainment in correctional space. Last year, Securus worked in close collaboration with the Better Business Bureau to meet desirable business standards. This resulted into Securus being a recipient of BBB accreditation and A+ rating.


The Many Amazing Works Of Michael Zomber


People have all kinds of varied interests. Someone may be interested in art from the Renaissance while another person finds cooking Creole dishes fun. Michael Zomber is one person who realized his own passions in life very early and has continued to pursue them fully. He knows that passions can add excitement to any life and help people in new ways. For Michael Zomber, the world that drew his personal attention is ancient Japan. In the world of the Samurai and the armor they used and the swords they made, he has found his own home, one where he understands the motivation of those who lived back then and the society that turned them in skilled warriors.


Many Aspects


One of the most amazing things about ancient Japan to Michael Zomber is that the world back then was filled with people who knew how to take ordinary items like metal and create something that still stands out today for all people to see and admire. He has studied this world of ancient armor in great detail and learned exactly how to appreciate it even more. With his help, other people have also become fans of this amazing time, learning how the ancient Samurai were able to use inventive techniques to show all people today the inventive power of metal and the intrinsic beauty that is possible from a highly skilled crafts person.


Starting A Collection


It was this love of metal that led Michael Zomber to begin a collection of his own. Little by little, over the years, he began to amass a collection that is still considered remarkable by those who have also learned to appreciate this ancient art in their own way. He has shown that anyone can enter the field of Japanese metalwork and collect items from the period that are pleasing to the eye and work well on their walls. With his assistance, many people have learned how they can also create a collection of ancient armor that allows them to admire the tremendous detail and true dedication that went into crafting such amazing art works.

Things You Can Do in Panama

When coming to Panama City, you’re in a for a treat. Bring your friends along. The magic is something that everybody should experience at least once. The modern world is wasting no time coming to Panama on You’ll catch the glass buildings that look like Dubai. The fast paced nature is fun and new.

The sun is always shining and the climate is warm, so you’ll never need a jacket. Panama City has something for everybody. Relaxation and vacation on Tumblr seem to be the ideas floating around here. Children and older people play together and explore. The nightlife is something so refreshing you’ll never want to stop.

Tocumen International Airport is where you’ll fly into to get here. You can take a taxi, sure, but personally it is recommended that you take just an Uber. The benefit of it is being able to see your rates and complain if something goes wrong. You won’t get in trouble with a taxi driver if you’re lost.

There is an old trail that you should consider called Camino de Cruces. It is half a millennium old, which means the ancient nature is charming. There are a diverse number of birds there, and you’ll hear their songs especially in the morning. Don’t miss a jaguar, which can sometimes appear as well.

The Panama Canal is of course one of the biggest stretches of tourist attractions in the Americas in general. It is over 100 years old now and you’ll get your chance to have photos taken. It’s only a short 20 minute ride from the middle of town to get there.

There is something you can end your day on called Diablo Rosso. It is a art gallery and museum. Different artists showcase their work there. No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s ceramics, fabrics, or more, you can find it. If you’re looking for that souvenir for someone it is the perfect place to spend all day and find the right one.

Panama has clearly been growing at a great rate for Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. There is so much to do you’ll wish you had more time. You can shop, visit the canal, go to the beaches, climb the mountains, anything you can dream of.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is an important member of the business community in Panama. He mentors other business people. He wants to improve the economy of Panama with his actions.

Figueroa has a title in five companies. He is a president, treasurer, and director. His mission is to help other executives create a strong community. 

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Discover the religion with a million differences from others – Kabbalah

In life, growth is key be it physical, emotional and more significant spiritual growth. Adequate spiritual fulfillment means the soul too is ultimately fed. Individuals get spiritual satisfaction in different ways depending on their religion and cultural beliefs as you will learn below.

Kabbalah is one of the religious teachings taught in most parts of the world. It is a study of how to get fulfillment in our lives. It illustrates a principle that relates to people of all faith and origin, irrespective of their background. The teaching touches in all areas of our lives including health, careers, and relationship, and it trusts that they all have the same origin and must work at the same level. The aim of teaching Kabbalah is to give spiritual satisfaction. And the beauty of studying Kabbalah is that one is not forced to think in a particular manner; instead, one is provided with the information, and what is shared must have a practical outcome in their lives.
Kabbalah Center International is a non-profitable organization dedicated to distributing the Kabbalah teachings. It was established by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922 in Jerusalem, with an exclusive purpose of providing wisdom and tools that will improve people’s lives and promote peace in the world. Kabbalah teachings are mainly based on Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings that are provided through physical locations and online education that gives lectures, downloads, books, Cds, and DVDs.
Kabbalah Center is located in Los Angeles California where it has its headquarters. It has experienced tremendous growth since its establishment, with over 50 locations world over with 5000 training every week. Its founder, Rav Yehuda was succeeded by his student Rav Yehuda Brandwein 1969. The responsibility was later on passed to Phillip Berg, whom together with his wife, Karen Berg and their two sons Yehuda and Michael is currently managing the Center. The center’s staff members are multi-ethnic and international whose responsibility is to offer the Kabbalistic education and guidance to its universal students and community as a whole. The Kabbalah Center helps its students and the communities to exchange ideas, spiritual growth and most importantly develop a relationship with individuals of the same believe.

Bruce Levenson Sues Insurance Company

The NBA league is one of the most watched leagues across the world. Basketball has grown in popularity in the previous years. One of the top basketball teams is Atlanta Hawks. When Bruce Levenson, the former owner decided to sell the club, there was a need to hire bankers to represent him in the sale. The club was estimated to cost around $1 billion.
The club representatives have been in talks with a group of billionaires lead by Anthony Ressler who have agreed to buy the club at an estimated $850 million.

Why Bruce Levenson Sued the Insurance Company

Mr. Bruce Levenson sued New Hampshire Insurance Company for breaching the contract they had agreed on; that involves the settlement of claims made by Danny Ferry the former general manager. After an $18 million contract had been commenced in 2012, it ended with an agreement that was reached on June 22, 2015.
We don’t have the specific amount of claim as it is currently confidential. The breach of contract is said to have aroused from failure to pay covered losses in the settlement.

Reason behind the sale of Atlanta Hawks

Mr. Bruce Levenson, a philanthropist, is the former owner of NBA team. He also previously owned Atlanta Hawks basketball team. Claims emerged that after Mr. Levenson had released a racist email, he was bound to sell Atlanta Hawks basketball team. Read more on

He claimed in an email sent to Hawks President Danny Ferry that the team’s fan base was more of African-American. He also stated that the black fans scared away the white fans, and that could adequately affect profit from ticket sales since the black were not enough to build significant season ticket base.


In his defense, Mr. Levenson stated that he was wrong to assume the interest of the team’s fan base stereotypically. He also claimed it was wrong to state that the team’s white fans are more valuable that the black fans. For more info, visit


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