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Sam Tabar Named COO and Working Toward Environmentally Friendly Fuel

As reported on PRNewswire, Sam Tabar has been named COO of FullCycle Energy Fund. Founded in 2013, FullCycle Energy Fund was formed for the express purpose of financing and owning projects aimed at revolutionizing waste management via the conversion of a very expensive environmental issue into clean fuel for powering communities worldwide. Their ultimate goal is the investment in environmentally friendly and less expensive fuel that comes from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). Their plan is to accomplish this lofty goal via the retrofitting and replacement of conventional electric generation plants that utilize costly and highly polluting fuel.

As Chief Operating Officer, his responsibilities will include leading a team that will be delivering on the company’s mission to get away from fuels that are high in both cost and pollution. This will enable a move toward more environmentally friendly fuel sources that are also lower in cost.

Tabar’s extensive financial experience includes being Sparx Group (PMA) Co-Head of Marketing, Merrill Lynch (Bank of America) Head of Capital Strategy, as well as being an attorney with both the law firm of Schulte, Roth & Zabel, and the Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom law firm. Later, while Tabar was with the law firm of Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, he catered to compliance and regulatory issues, as well as hedge fund structure and formation as a Senior Associate until he left the firm in 2014. Now a current New York State Bar member, he was also once the Columbia Business Law Journal editor with a BA with honors from Oxford University and a Columbia Law School Masters of Law degree.

In addition, Sam Tabar is a successful private venture capitalist and was one of the initial SheThinx and Tribute investors. While he was with Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP, he also counseled his clients on compliance, employment and regulatory issues, hedge fund structure and formation, and private placement memorandums, as well as investment management agreements.  Be sure to follow Sam on his Twitter @SamirTabar

I Invested In My First Business With Laidlaw and Company

Laidlaw and Company has been able to help me invest in my first business, and they took my through all the steps of the process without making it complicated or hard to understand. I knew that I wanted to have a minority stake in a business, but I had to do something about it through a third party. I did not know how to approach the company, and James Ahern Laidlaw & Company helped me make sure that I was spending the right amount of money on my stake. The brokers at the company helped me, and they help me manage my stake in a new business.

I was able to get a 33% stake in a new business, and I get quarterly updates from Laidlaw & Company on the investment. They are helping me look for the next place to invest, and they are also going to help me get into the stock market. I am trying to be smart and invest in as many things as I can, and I want to make sure that I have someone to help me do it. Laidlaw & Company is going to help me make sure I am making the most money, and I am going to be able to use that money to further my lifestyle. This is going to be part of my retirement, and I am going to be able to make some extra money off it. I can come back to Laidlaw & Company any time to get more help, and I will have the resources I need to make real money from my investments. They make it easy for me to invest, and they help me manage my money. I would not have known what to do unless I had Laidlaw & Company there to help me learn what to do.

Read this article on Meyer Wilson to learn more

Treat your Dog to these Delicious Beneful Products

Does your dog get tired of having the same food all of the time? If so, spice things up for your dog with any of these four excellent Nestle Purinastore Beneful dog food varieties!
1. Beneful Playful Life: This is dry dog food amplified. If your dog gets tired of the normal food you give him, this food will give him the boost he needs. This dog food is rich in protein and contains real beef, egg, blueberries, and spinach. This is the perfect blend for dogs who are energetic and prefer flavorful food.

2. Beneful Baked Delights Stars: These treats come in two tasty flavors: bacon & cheese and chicken & cheese. Not only do these treats come in a unique shape, but they also have a unique flavor that your dog is sure to love. If your dog tends to get tired of the treats that you usually feed him, this will be a tasty treat that is unlike anything else.

3. Beneful Mediterranean Style Medley with Lamb: This soft dog food variety will be sure to excite your dog. It is tasty and offers variety from the normal food that your dog is accustomed to. It contains real meat and balanced nutrition, and gives your pooch a real taste of the Mediterranean.

4. Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Twists: These treats ( come in three different sizes to fit every dog: Mini, Small/Medium, and Large. These treats develop strong teeth and jaws, and contain parsley which freshens breath. Not to mention, they are also tasty and fun to chew. All dogs get bad breath, so this is a treat that will make both dogs and owners happy.

Different dogs will vary in their dietary needs.  These products are often sold on Wal-Mart .If you have any questions about how much food to feed your dog, simply search for the product on, and nutritional information, feeding recommendations, and other information about the product are all provided to answer your questions.

Spring Cleaning Help with the Handy Professionals

When your home is cleaned, you can feel good about it and you will not worry about people coming by for a visit. The most common problem that people have is that they have issues doing all of the cleaning on their own. Because of this, they may forgo the house cleaning and avoid the spring cleaning totally. This can cause your home to have a stale odor and to not look its best. This is why it might be helpful to hire Handy and see if they can help out with this task.

You are going to notice that Handy is one of the best and most trusted cleaning companies in the country. Thousands upon thousands of people use Handy with amazing results and will write positive reviews on the company because of the benefits that come from using it. There are a lot of people who attempt to do the spring cleaning on their own, but this can be a waste of time and energy on the homeowner’s part. Also, if you own a business, it can be downright impossible for you to run a company as well as worry about all of the cleaning that comes with it.

The Handy company makes it quick, easy and effortless to know that you are doing something beneficial for yourself and are able to keep a clean and gorgeous home without all of the work. There are a lot of reasons and benefits to choose Handy, but one of the most important things to remember is that Handy is affordable and can help to match you with a professional who is going to do all of the cleaning for you. Whether you are someone who owns a business and needs a deep spring cleaning or a homeowner who just does not have the time to do this type of cleaning for themselves, this can be a problem for you and can definitely help with this type of thing. You will want to contact the pros at Handy and see what they can do for you and the fact that they do this for a living.

How to Choose the Best Reputation Management Service for Your Small Business Solutions

As most of us already know, when running any type of business-big or small- the reputation behind it is everything. With different social media avenues and sites like Yelp to rate businesses among other customers, it is easy to build a great online reputation quickly, or do just the opposite. This same style can also be said for both job seekers as well as professionals online. If you are one of the many that already has information leaked on the internet without their consent or will for it to be there, there are several options you can go about doing to try to erase the information or at least make it unseen to most.

Online reputation management (ORM) services can help you solve many of your internet problems such as helping you stop, fix, and prevent a PR disaster from happening. ORM services can also be helpful in both protecting and promoting your brand. Patrick Ambron, CEO of the reputation management company called said in a recent article, “When someone wants to learn about anyone and anything, they turn to the internet.” This seems to be especially true, and more common in today’s modern age. He went on to add, “Reputation management services can help both businesses and individuals build and maintain a positive online presence, so when they are looked up online, people find positive and relevant info about them.”

One of the best online management companies you can go through for these specific services is Better Reputation (their official website is Better Reputation will take care of all your unwanted online woes and you can say goodbye to things such as: slanderous blog posts, outdated news stories, negative articles, and poor business reviews.

At, you can finally start controlling your online reputation with the help of the staff’s experienced and thoroughly trained dedicated Reputation Management services.


Laidlaw & Company Showed Me The Light For Investing

Laidlaw & Company was the first place I ever felt like I was not overwhelmed when I was investing. I was afraid of it because I did not want to feel stupid, and I was so happy to learn that I could go to a place like Laidlaw & Company and get the help that I needed. They are a really great boutique that knows how people feel when they come in the first time with money and no idea what to do with it. I was really meek because I was so scared, and my broker got me out of my shell.

My broker got me to a place where I was able to start investing my money in a way that worked best for everyone. I was able to make choices on my own because I was learning, and I got a lot of confidence from my broker every time I made a good decision. My broker also helped me not make bad decisions, and he showed me that I was able to get the investing done to actually make money.

I used to hate the fact that I was not making any money from the investments that I wanted to make, and I immediately started seeing results when I came to Laidlaw & Company. They helped me get over my fear, and they showed me that I would be able to have a real income from investing if that is what I wanted. I have been over their website a few times trying to decide what the next best thing to do is, and I think I am going to have to keep investing until it is my full time job. I know that Laidlaw & Company will help me, and I will always have my broker by my side.

Wen by Chaz Makes Top Quality Hair Products

Wen by Chaz has been getting raving reviews from people who have used their hair products. If you have not heard of Wen by Chaz, you need to check out the company. You will be absolutely amazed when you find out about the company and the fabulous products they make.

When I first heard about their hair products and the great results ( users are getting, I wasn’t really too eager to give them a trial since I had already spent a fortune on products that didn’t work. But this brand is different – they delivered on their promise to transform dull looking hair.

After just a few days of regular use, my thinning hair now looks so beautiful and shinny, I will never go back to the other products that I have purchased from eBay. My friends and family kept asking me about the product and how they could get hold of it, and I told. All of those who have tried this product line, are delighted with the results they have experienced and are recommending it to their friends, relatives and colleagues.

If you have tried other products and didn’t get the results you were expecting, you need to give Wen hair a try. There are several formulations, so make sure you choose the right one for your hair.

Wen by Chaz Dean is a popular brand in the hair products marketplace. This company has a line of top notch hair products, including conditioners and hair styling treatments and has numerous customers across the world. Wen by Chaz cares a lot about their customers and their well-being and takes steps to create top quality products. Their products are made with natural ingredients, and do not contain any of the harmful chemicals found in many other products out there. Read more:

Andy Wirth announces the coming of the great gondola

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are two iconic North Tahoe ski resorts. They have always held a connection. However, distinct cultures and passes separated these two. The separation ended in 2011 when KSL Capital Partners, Squaw Valley owners, purchased Alpine Meadows.

The two mountains were united making them be one big resort, but you have to drive from one resort to the other. Tahoe skiers and snowboarders will not have to drive anymore so as to get to the other mountain. Skaw Valley Holdings publicized their intentions of building a gondola that would join the two resorts. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

This gondola will be a dream come true for the snowboarders and skiers who have ever visited this place. The gondola will have three wings. Read more: Andy Wirth — KCRW

The plan of joining the two resorts was predictable since the two resorts were merged. Troy Caldwell, the proprietor of the land between the two resorts, was the determiner of the connection.

The announcement of the oncoming gondola meant that Andy Wirth and Caldwell had reached an amicable agreement. The gondola will be at the western border of Caldwell’s property. Some sources have reported that part of the gondola will extend to U.S. Forest Service. Read more: andy wirth | POWDER Magazine

Squaw Valley resort has encountered resistance from the local skiers on their development plans to enlarge their base-area village. Squaw Alpine is seeking for public support on the anticipated gondola. The plans for the gondola are to be submitted to the Placer County and the U.S. Forest Service.

The CEO of Squaw Alpine, Andy Mirth said that the gondola plans originated from the founder of Squaw Valley, Poulsen. He had this vision many decades earlier. Many people have been dreaming of it since then. According to Powder Magazine, Andy Mirth succeeded where most of his predecessors had failed since he took a friendly approach when dealing with Caldwell.

Andy Wirth began a friendship with Caldwell when he first got to the resort. He did not use lawyers or litigation to get Caldwell’s approval. The two aligned and worked toward making Alpine Meadow and Squaw Valley one, making it a reality for the esteemed clients.

Andy Wirth is the current president of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He has worked in the hotel and mountain resort industry for long. His career in this industry began at Steamboat Springs Resort back in 1986.

He had various leadership positions at the Steamboat Resort. He left Steamboat and went to serve as the CEO and president of Squaw Valley.

He has received multiple awards from Steamboat’s leader of the year to Citizen of the year by Disabled Sports U.S. Andy is a major contributor to the community and environmental services.

Brian Torchin, the Staffing Professional for Medical Practitioners

Brian Torchin is the CEO of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, a prominent provider of health care and medical staffing jobs. His firm is based in Philadelphia, PA. HCRC staffing is among the largest medical staffing companies in the United States. The organization provides staffing services to all the 50 states as well as other places like Canada, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Brian Torchin went to New York Chiropractic College. He also studied at the University of Delaware. Brian has a degree in sports medicine and physical therapy. He has 34 years of experience in the medical field.

Brian has made so many achievements so far. He is a licensed chiropractor. He is the president of HCRC, the leading staffing, and consultant firm. Mr. Torchin has a variety of skills. He does recruitment and staffing, career counseling, chiropractor, marketing management, physical therapy, and financial services. He is also a leader in the chiropractic and medical placement nationwide.
Brian Torchin can deal with disorders like sciatica, back pain, neck pain, headaches, auto accident injuries, shoulder pain, and sports injuries.

Brian Torchin founded HCRC with an aim of incorporating the knowledge he acquired in the medical and staffing field, to enhance the hiring experience of medical practitioners. HCRC has a mission to build a long-lasting relationship with its clients by offering flexible staffing solutions by trust, respect, and steadfast delivery of superb results. This organization knows that acquiring the precise medical staff can be a challenging task. That is why they have committed their energy and time to ensure that every person seeking the right medical staff gets them.

Brian is responsible for acquiring the best chiropractors for everyday folks having moderate or mild back pain. Brian manages his firm. He wants to show medical practitioners that there are many opportunities to make a living in the medical field. has his full list of employment opportunities.

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