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Dogs Might Be Eating Healthier than Humans After All

When walking into Wal-Mart store, the food section ranges from the animal version of junk food to classic gourmet-style foods. Some brands claim that their blends will be the ones to make a dog the healthiest, others claim that theirs will make them the happiest. Where has this sudden surge of new and improved dog food brands come from and why are they getting more sophisticated? It is almost unbelievable how some of these foods actually smell close to human food, some even look like it. The true question is, which of these foods will really make a tail-wigging best friend love their owners even more?
There is an on-going competition related to dog food. There has been a sudden surge in sales of premium dog foods that offer a healthier alternative which may include whole grains, organic fruits and vegetables, and different types of meat like lamb or pork. According to The Daily Herald’s article Premium Dog Food Sales Surge With New Innovations in Healthy Food, “…Traditional pet-food makers are stepping up their marketing game in the face of competition from upstarts like Freshpet and Blue Buffalo Co. as the healthy and fresh movement transitions from human to pet victuals.” The article also mentions brands that make foods that look like human’s like lasagna, beef stroganoff, and burgers.

There are so many options, a great example is PurinaStore’s brand of dog food which focuses on the quality and benefits of their products. As they state on their site, “Our sophisticated tracking system ensures raw ingredients are tracked..” They make sure that their products are following their set standards and they offer a wide variety of products from wet food, dry food, and dog treats.

Beneful‘s unique high quality foods come in a variety of different flavors. The owners can choose foods which include, meat, poultry or fish, as well as different types of grains and vegetables. These foods are full of the nutrition dogs need and they may include antioxidants, and be omega-enriched, calcium-enriched, and even lower calorie to suit the pet’s need.

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Organo Gold Continues to Forge Ahead

Organo Gold has been critically acclaimed as one of the best coffee products that has been sold. This new coffee brand not only provides delicious products, but also provides health benefits that have improved the lives of millions worldwide. The founder of this company is Bernardo Chua who created a product with the intent to spread education around the world about the importance of healthy living. His unique creation of a healthy and delicious product has greatly assisted him with his mission. GoLifePro writes that Bernardo Chua decided to combine coffee with health living because it is not only consumed daily, but it is a versatile product that can be created into multiple different delicious flavors.

The secret to Organo Gold’s success is the use of a special Chinese herb called Ganoderma. Ganoderma has been used in ancient Eastern medicine for thousands of years and has been known to cure many common illnesses. Some of the health benefits provided by Ganoderma includes weight loss, the elimination of anxiety, the promotion of sleep, as well as the strengthening of the immune system. All of this is accomplished due to the fact that Ganoderma increases the oxygen levels in the body which helps relieve any built up tension forming within the body.

With the incorporation of Ganoderma, Bernardo Chua and his team on Twitter have been able to create a delicious product that comes in many variations. Some of the products that Organo Gold sells includes coffee, tea, and even hot chocolate. The Ganoderma fungus is incorporated to the product through a natural process where it is broken down into a powder and combined with the various Organo Gold products. The combination of the two ingredients has made consumers name Organo Gold as their number one choice for coffee. Bernardo Chua and his team have created an empire around the world with the intention to continue to expand within the years to come.

With the intent for global expansion, Bernardo Chua is pleased on Facebook to announce the company’s new branch that is located in Turkey. This new milestone marks Organo Gold’s new access to countries in both Asia as well as in Europe. Bernardo Chua is excited to now be involved in Turkey because of the fact that Turkish coffee is known to be one of the best coffees in the world. He hopes that his products will continue to spread and that healthy living will spread with it.

Kevin Seawright: Securing the Future of an Incredible City

New Jersey’s own Kevin Seawright is one of the foremost community organizers in the entire city especially the Newark area. Mr. Seawright talks big when it comes to securing the future of the city which essentially means empowering the youth.

Education models the young people to become productive members of society. However, the modern world requires the perfect blend of knowledge and practical skills otherwise known as experience. Kevin Seawright and his networks have been shaping college students to gain expertise to serve the community and their families in future. Such initiatives take place with the blessing of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation.

This year, the Corporation came up with an improved Summer Youth Employment Plan in which youths can secure summer jobs within organizations in the city. The program entails six weeks of intense work with a proper remuneration mostly targeting college students. One of the primary motives behind the program was to increase college graduates to satisfy the job market. During the six weeks, attaches will receive on-job training, lessons of financial management, motivational and empowering talks as well as college life support.

Kevin Seawright was a major player in lobbying local corporate firms and entrepreneurs to support the good course. Among the biggest supporters of the program include locally owned TD Bank and Santander Bank. Already, it attracted massive publicity and enrollment in the first day of application. According to Kevin Seawright, the application process took place seamlessly through online portals and registered 350 applicants in just thirty minutes.

The successful candidates start working in early July and complete in mid-August. The Newark CEDC expressed its satisfaction at the announcement of the entire process. The financial literacy lessons received massive support since graduates need financial know-how such as checking and savings account information. Kevin Seawright is a perfect example of a graduate whose success in life can be attributed to knowledge in financial management.

Kevin Seawright has been at the heartbeat of the Newark Community Economic and Development Corporation for a long time now. Before his appointment as the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice-President, he spent his time in public administration. He has created a growing reputation of a good planner and shrewd executioner of public resources. The future looks bright for Newark City with Kevin Seawright and other forward thinkers at the helm of affairs.  His full list of credentials can be viewed on Vizualize.

George Soros Warns of Chinese Crash

George Soros was recently featured by Bloomberg regarding his perspective on the current status of the credit markets in China and their potential impact on the global economy. Soros is frequently consulted for his knowledge on international markets and overall trends in foreign currencies. In this particular situation, Soros has fairly dire words of warning for investors on about the state of credit extension from the Chinese government. Based on the figures from March of this year, Soros explains that the Chinese government has been artificially propping up failing enterprises with extensions of credit rather than using resources to start chipping away at the country’s mounting debts.

George Soros says that the situation with the Chinese credit markets is similar to what the U.S. experienced in 2007 and 2008 before the financial crash that rocked the international economy. Soros says there are strong parallels in an over-inflated credit market and a booming housing bubble, which will eventually burst, he predicts, when the Chinese government is unable to make good on its debts.

Part of what Soros says makes the situation in China on seem so desperate is that there seems to be little prospect for overall growth in the Chinese economy. Given that the China maintains its status as the second largest economy in the world, the failure of its government to address the increasingly worrisome credit situation is serious cause for concern for George Soros. Although Soros does not put his finger on a potential timeline for collapse in China, he says that investors should not be encouraged by the lapse in time between major extensions of credit and more immediate signs of trouble. Soros says this is because the current system is able to feed itself for a period of time in the short term. What could really spell disaster for international markets, according to George Soros, is that there is major uncertainty and hesitation among investors who are not comforted by the current fiscal and monetary policies of the Chinese government.

While the majority of Soros’ analysis of the situation in the Chinese markets seems grim, he did say that he is optimistic about China’s current foreign exchange maneuvers on One of the policies Soros has praised is China’s move to link the yuan, China’s national currency, to a wider pool of foreign currencies, rather relying solely on the dollar. Another promising factor, says Soros, is the willingness of the Chinese and U.S. governments to work together towards smoothing out some of the bumps in the international financial markets in an attempt to put investors more at ease. However, Soros does not think that these small positive developments are enough to ease the eventual impact of the Chinese government’s lack of a consistent policy on credit.

Terry Jones named the new President of Institutional Predicts for Highland Capital Management

Co-founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada, Highland Capital Management is an investment management firm located in Dallas, Texas. James Dondero, also the President of Highland Capital Management, hired Terry Jones as the new President of Institutional Products for Highland Capital Management.

Highland Capital Management was established back in 1993. James Dondero and Mark Okada helped its customers with smart business solutions. Highland Captial Management has helped several companies with various “credit strategies, such as credit hedge funds, long-only funds and separate accounts, distressed and special situations private equity, and collateralized loan obligations. Ever since 1993, Highland Capital Management has been a global force, helping customers all over the world. It has established corporate offices in New York, Sao Paolo, Singapore, and Seoul, South Korea and will continue its international expansion.

With the new hiring, James Dondero hopes that Terry Jones will be able to bring the necessities as the President of Institutional Products. Terry Jones is an experienced candidate for the position as he has worked as the President and the Founder of Battersby Capital Management. He is very capable of managing large assets as he has worked with Goldman Sachs, managing nearly $8 billion in Fund of Hedge Funds.

He was already a Lead Director for Highland Funds before becoming the President of Institutional Products. He already possesses the knowledge and the familiarity of Highland Capital Funds, so he should be able to do well in his new role.

Terry Jones responded to the promotion by stating that he is “excited to work with the Highland team to develop customized client solutions” to help the client grow as a business and help develop a plan for success. The President of Highland Capital Management is optimistic about the company’s upcoming days as he is confident that Terry Jones will help the company in tremendous ways.

If you want to learn more about James Dondero and his company, Highland Capital Management, check out his Facebook and Twitter pages!

Keith Mann Holds a Fundraiser to Support Student Testing for the Newly Established Uncommon School

Keith Mann has made a name for himself in the corporate world for matching up companies or firms with ideal professionals and executives to help boost performance. Apart from managing the Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann is a philanthropist. Together with his company, he held a fundraising occasion in a bid to support the Uncommon Schools. The event, which took place at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden, was to help raise funds to support student testing in one of the newly opened high school belonging to the Uncommon Schools.

In a show of support, the members of the financial services community helped raise more than $22000. The Uncommon Schools is a charter management organization that operates 44 high schools situated in New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts. With an objective to prepare as many students from low-income families to attain a college degree, the Uncommon Schools require support such as Keith Mann’s in a bid to make the objective a reality.

Funds raised will help support the student AP and PSAT testing for the year 2014-2015.Before Mann and his company organized the fundraising event, they had given out $10000 to ensure that the varying testing needs for students were fully met. The collaboration between the Dynamic Search Partners and the Charter organization began in 2013.The goal of this relationship is to build a meaningful and on-going avenue for DSP to support students in learning practical and tactical skills to help them success in both college and their professional career.

Keith Mann is the Managing Director of the Dynamic Search Partners. His career started with the Dynamic Associates by working as the head of the Alternative Investments Department or Division. Due to his expertise and experience, Mann rose from being a manager to the position of Vice President before becoming the managing director. The Dynamic Search Partners is devoted towards the search for highly qualified and talented individuals to take up positions in private equity firms as well as hedge funds.

His fifteen years’ experience in staffing, hiring strategy and hedge fund compensation has been instrumental in driving the company to greater heights. Consequently, he has helped the company access clients in other countries such as Europe and Asia.


Talk Fusion Revolutionizes Email Marketing with Videos

Based on research that was completed by the Relevancy Group, videos can significantly improve the success of online marketing that is done via email. The attention span of the average online user is short, and that’s why it’s important to generate engagement through videos and multimedia rather than just plain text.

The Relevancy Group estimates that an email ad with a video could double or triple the click-through rates for an advertiser. A video ad creates a much better impression upon a viewer compared to an ad that has only words without any visual content to immediately grab a viewer’s attention. Dr. James McQuivery from Forrester Research has confirmed the old saying that an image is worth a thousand words. If taken literally, he says that such an expression implies that a one-minute video presentation carries the same weight as 1.8 million words.

When it comes to online video marketing, Talk Fusion is a global leader in such a specialty niche. In fact, this agency ranks within the top ten list of the biggest providers of custom Web videos worldwide. Established in 2007 in Florida, Talk Fusion has significantly transformed the digital advertising industry over the years. Bob Reina, who founded the company, remembers how frustrated he was when he couldn’t insert a simple short video clip into an email that was supposed to be sent to a fried via America Online. That simple challenge sparked the idea of optimizing email ads with video content for a global audience.

Talk Fusion has a user-friendly interface for clients who’d like to launch effective email marketing campaigns. The company offers more than 1,000 attractive templates that can be customized with ads for just about any online niche. Many of the templates are mobile-friendly, so they will be properly displayed on the world’s most popular smartphones such as iPhones and Android devices. Talk Fusion also optimizes the email marketing campaigns for social networks and social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. With analytical tools, advertisers can also enjoy real-time reports and other data about the email ads that contain custom videos.

Koch vs Trump

Donald Trump is one of the most controversial figures in politics today. There are a lot of people who are tired of hearing about various things in the news. The Koch brothers are one of the most influential groups in business today. Charles Koch has had a long career of success in the finance industry. Anyone who wants to invest in the future should read and listen to what they have to say in business. They recently came out against Donald Trump and everything that he has been saying in the news. There are a lot of people concerned about the future of the country, and this is one of the biggest reasons why. Having people in the business world come out against Trump is big for several reasons. Not only does he have a track record in the world of business, but he also wants people to think he is right all the time.

Charles Koch is one of the Koch brothers who have had a tremendous career in the world of business throughout his life. Not only has he achieved success on a grand scale, but he has worked tirelessly to make a huge difference in the life of others. He has never been afraid to speak his mind, and that is more clear now than ever before. Over the past couple of years, he has become more involved in politics in his local area. Although his politics are usually more conservative, he came out against what Donald Trump had to say on a variety of issues. This took a lot of people by surprise simply because of his background in the world of business. There are a lot of people who want to understand how to stop Donald Trump in politics today.

There are a lot of people who think that Koch may have future plans to run for office. Although it is too late to know for certain, there are some indications that point that direction. With his most recent criticism of trump, this is just one of the most influential ways in which to deal with him. Over the long term, it will be interesting to see if Charles Koch continues to come out against Donald Trump.

Fabletics is Launching a New Swimwear Line

According to Elite Daily, Fabletics is a fitness apparel brand owned by Kate Hudson, who is a famous actress and entrepreneur. Fabletics is a subsidiary of the brand JustFab. Fabletics is an online subscription retailer. It provides women with personalized outfit choices based on their personal preferences and lifestyle.

It was originally founded and launched in 2013 and since has become a very popular retailer. In addition to its online stores, they have recently opened up a few physical locations such as locations in New Jersey, Cincinnati, and St. Louis. However, the retailer plans to open up several new locations. The current subscription price is $49.95 a month.

Personalized outfits are chosen for customers each month. This type of business model is really unique. It provides customers with really affordable options.

For instance, a first time buyer can often purchase an entire outfit including a top and bottom for roughly $25. After that they will be charged the normal $50 a month for very high quality outfits.

In the end, customers usually end up saving a lot of money this way because athletic wear can be very pricey at times. In addition to this, customers also have the option to skip a month. Overall, Fabletics has a unique business model and offers stylish, comfortable and affordable athletic wear –

The new addition of swimwear just ads to the diversity of their products and with the eventual addition of dresses, Fabletics will be a very diverse brand with an excellent business model that continues to attract new customers.

Fabletics has recently launched a swimwear line. Kate claims that summer is her favorite month and she wanted to be able to provide her customers with beach attire. In addition to their new swimwear line, they will also be coming out with a line of dresses that are comfortable yet stylish.

Laidlaw & Company in Recent Controversy

Laidlaw & Company is a well-known investment bank and wealth management service on Wall Street that assists many organizations and households in the United States and in the United Kingdom.

Laidlaw & Company is SEC registered and has been helping companies reach their goals by guiding these companies to “quickly raise capital” with the support from Laidlaw & Company’s “strong retail sales force.” With this assistance, companies are able to reach their financial goals and allow the companies to expand their business.

Laidlaw has a deep history that goes all the way back to 1842, where Devid Heran and James Lees started the Heran & Lees, which eventually became Laidlaw & Co. in 1873 after Henry Bell Laidlaw became the leader of the firm.

Currently, Matthew D. Eitner is the Chief Executive Officer of Laidlaw & Company. Members of the executive office that are helping Eitner are James P. Ahern, Craig Bonn, Patrick Joseph Gallagher MBA, CFA, and Bryan Kobel.

However, the company has faced some controversy as Relmada Therapeutics, Inc. filed a complaint against Laidlaw & Company. Relmada Therapeutics is asking for the financial loss that was believed to be caused by Laidlaw & Company’s “false and misleading proxy materials in December 2015.” Also, Laidlaw is accused of disclosing “confidential information” that’s crucial to Relmada Therapeutics. This case will be handled in the United States District Court for the District of Nevada.



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