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Entrepreneurship in Brazil According to Ricardo Guimarães

Employment opportunities are scarce in Brazil because of the existing crisis being witnessed currently in the country as reported by Ricardo Guimarães, a Brazilian entrepreneur who serves as the President of Banco BMG. The labor market in the country does not offer adequate opportunities to many candidates who are less experienced, or where organizations are facing reduction in the rate of hiring employees. For these reason, a large number of people have decided they should work on their own, more so starting businesses. According to Ricardo Guimarães, more Brazilians have embraced entrepreneurship because of lack of opportunities.
Additionally, entrepreneurship seems to provide solutions to their problems. The President of BMG says that Global Entrepreneurship Index research 2016 revealed that Brazil has a promising future in entrepreneurship category, showing significant improvement as compared to past years. Ricardo Guimarães of BMG cites research as a way of proving the potential of entrepreneurial practice in developing Brazil. In his views, Ricardo Guimarães believes Brazil has positive outlook based on analysis and also in comparison to other Latin American nations. Brazil scooped three positions although 15 other countries are ahead of it like Chile, Columbia, Uruguay as well as Argentina. Ricardo Guimarães, President of Banco BMG, said Brazil is exposed to some shortcomings in comparison with other countries, like unwilling to expand and innovate within the entity.
Ricardo Guimarães of BMG noted the need of investing in projects as a way of contributing to the exposure of entrepreneurial skills and talents, because there is inadequacy of skilled labor in Brazil. The executive of Banco BMG also cited the potential of the country in developing new technology as another factor playing critical role to influence entrepreneurial profile. He further stressed that Brazil lacks notable competitiveness in relation to nations that are enjoying the same socio-economic level.
The executive of Banco BMG says that global services provided by small and medium entities in Brazil have not helped the situation at all. In fact, Brazilian entrepreneurs were ranked among the worst investors operating in foreign markets, as published in the Global Entrepreneurship Week, says Ricardo Guimarães. The executive cites the import culture developed in Brazil as the major reason for this because the exchange is in its favor, but he says things have changed hence the need to consider another approach away from the one which has been used for a long time.
In his conclusion, Ricardo Guimarães of BMG said that several barriers must be broken by those hoping to be Brazilian future entrepreneurs. Some obstacles he cited include lack of professional qualification, the government failing to invest and bureaucracy. Indeed, the government has to play its role of assisting entrepreneurs who wants to achieve big dreams in their career.

Keith Mann Encourages Police

Keith Mann recently brought the entire 54th Street precinct police department lunch. After visiting with his uncle who is a detective on Staten Island, he realized that the morale within the police department was declining because of recent protests against the officers. Mann found this unacceptable because he realizes that citizens rely on the police to enter into situations when others might run away. While many citizens wonder what they can do, Keith Mann figured this simple act of kindness might help raise morale. Keith feels that more citizens should find ways to show the police that they have their support.

Keith Mann is the managing director of Dynamics Executive Search helping alternative investment arena find highly qualified candidates for their businesses. For over 15 years, Dynamics Executive Search has provided qualified candidates to these businesses that are often ignored by other search companies. They now maintain one of the largest databases of qualified individuals in the United States. In the process, Keith Mann has been very generous with his money using it to support many organizations in town.
Keith Mann is also a large supporter of Uncommon Schools. This organization operates charter schools in Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey. In New York City, this organization teaches 5,900 students at 21 charter schools. Students at these schools scored 21 percent higher on standardized tests than their counterparts in the public school system in math. One of the ways that Keith Mann helps support these students is giving scholarships to students after they graduate from the Uncommon Charter High School.
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New Jersey’s Avi Weisfogel Helps Operation Smile

Operation Smile is a famous nonprofit organization known for their philanthropic work with children who have been afflicted with cleft lip of palate as well as other facial malformations and deformities. With the aid of surgeons, Operation Smile has provided free surgeries in parts of the world where medical infrastructures are lacking in the expertise or funding to assist suffering children and young people. In order to carry this out, medical professionals and assistants volunteer their time to ensure that unfortunate persons could have a chance at a healthy life. That they need funding in the form of a GoFundMe campaign is both a sign of the times and the indication that even skilled people with the best of intentions can’t do it all on their own.

At the head of the crowd-sourced campaign is Dr. Avi Weisfogel, who has pledged every dollar donated to his campaign will go directly to fund the work of Operation Smile during their medical excursions around the world.

Dr. Avi, a Rutgers graduate, obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from New York University College of Dentistry and began his career in the field of dentistry at Old Bridge Dental Care where he handled patients and administrated the business of this healthcare office. For several years, thanks to the dedication of his team and concern for patients and service, they were acknowledged as Top Dentist. Personally, Avi isn’t short of accolades for his work in cosmetic surgery and implants.

Unconventional paths are not mysterious to Avi, which makes his outreach to Operation Smile seem most logical. After his time in a traditional setting in dentistry, Avi was ready to reach out to different specializations. With rudimentary oral care behind him, he now owns and operates Dental Sleep Masters in New Jersey. Along with Dr Glassman, he assists patients and instructs other healthcare providers how to deal with issues of sleep apnea with oral medical devices and accessories. By adapting his nontraditional career path and accompanying education, Avi has become a leading expert in the field of sleep disorders, treatment, and the effect they can have on a patient’s oral health. Understanding the many ways in which oral health can be compromised and the importance of addressing these issues in those who do not have access to regular oral care or a dentist has driven him to assist Operation Smile with his GoFundMe campaign.

The Expansion of Organo Gold

The coffee industry is a growing industry that has been an exponential growth pattern ever since became an important aspect of culture. What makes coffee a special product is the fact that it can be manipulated in multiple ways and have different natural flavors. Coffee is something that can be sold any where whether it be in a popular franchise or in a small local coffee shop or grocery store. Coffee is a universally loved product that offers both much needed calories as well as a special boost of energy that is need in order to complete a hard day of work.

One coffee brand in particular that has been recently making exponential growth is a brand name known as Organo Gold. Organo Gold was founded by the award winning Bernardo Chua who has extensive knowledge in the business industry and has utilized his experience and knowledge in order to further grow the business. Organo Gold is a company that was founded in 2008 on the basis of providing hot beverage drinkers with a healthy product that is also delicious.  In fact, Bernardo has commented on his Facebook, and frequently tweets about the necessity of a healthy drink that provides all the necessary benefits, but that’s also great tasting.

What makes Organo Gold a unique product is the fact that Organo Gold has a secret ingredient that is delicious as well as healthy for the body. This particular secret ingredient is called Ganoderma and is a fungus that has been used for medicinal purposes in Eastern medicine. Health advocate Bernardo Chua has been able to create a new way for Ganoderma to be naturally processed and transformed into a powdery substance that can be easily combined with a number of Organo Gold’s products. These certain products include hot cocoa, tea, as well as coffee.

Organo Gold’s use of Ganoderma has extended the company to now proudly announce that they are the first North American company to have organic Ganoderma plantations that are cared for by experts. The care that goes into taking care of the Ganoderma is a testament to the high quality product that Organo Gold offers.

What makes Organo Gold a special company is that the overall mission is to not only offer a world class product, but to also educate individuals on the importance of healthy living. Organo Gold is currently sold in over 35 different countries with even more future plans for expansion. Organo Gold offers a job to anyone who is in need of extra cash or who wants to be their own boss. The only requirement to work for Organo Gold is to love the product.

Koch Takes Liberal Stance on Prisons

Charles Koch, the current chairman of Koch Industries, has always supported conservative Republican candidates, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t hold some liberal views of his own.

Many people acknowledge the waste, inefficiencies, and injustices present in the current justice system but don’t fully understand the ramifications of the strict criminal laws that are put in place. The United States has the second highest number of people in prison in the world behind only China which has a population five times the size of the United States. The population in prison is disproportionately poor, as was noted by a spokes for Charles Koch in an interview with Newsweek and the cost of incarcerating these individuals is staggering. Each year, $80 billion spent on just the process of keeping people in prison, and this figure does not include the costs associated with the criminal justice system of trying, investigating, and the lost economic output from the imprisonment of these people.

Charles Koch is long been associated with the Republican party and other conservative groups as his beliefs are centered on the importance of having a smaller and leaner government that does not harm individual freedoms. Republicans are often considered to be tough on crime and have heavily pursued the war on drugs which have contributed to the high incarceration rate in the country. Despite Koch being affiliated with the Republican Party, he differs on the best causes and solutions for the prison problem.

Namely, Koch indicated that the cost of keeping such a high number of people in prison is three to four times as high as the amount of money that is currently being spent on education. Since most people in prison have lower amounts of education, increasing the education level by investing in schools will help to lower the overall cost of the criminal justice system and save money.

When thought of this way, Koch’s beliefs which are often associated with liberal belief systems are actually conservative in theory. These proposed prison reforms, on which Koch has actually been supportive of the moves made by Democratic President Barack Obama, show that Koch is taking a fuller and more holistic view of the problems that the United States is facing, rather than blindly adhering himself to one party’s mantra. Perhaps Koch’s beliefs are more liberal than one would have guessed from the stream of political contributions that he has made through his Super PACs.

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Handy App Makes Hiring a Cleaner Easy

Despite troubles similar start-up companies have experienced, Handy, a home cleaning services business, seems to be doing well. Handy was started in 2012 by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua in 2012 under the name Handybook. The company was created out of the need for reliable professionals for jobs such as cleaning and handyman repairs. Hanrahan realized how hard it was to know who was reliable for a job when renovating apartments in Budapest, Hungry. How do customers know who is right for a job? That’s where Handy comes in. It is an app that connects customers with reliable, pre-screened professionals. Customers can book appointments, pay and leave tips all through the easy app interface.

Handy started out by raising money through venture capitalists such as Highland Capital, General Catalyst and Fidelity. They raised $50 million more in just November 2015. Handy currently services 35 cities including major cities in the United States as well as Vancouver and Toronto in Canada and London, England. The goal is to use the new funding to expand to twice the number of cities in the United States in the next year.

Professionals in the Handy network generally earn $15 an hour or more. Although the company has experienced some labor lawsuits similar to those Homejoy had experienced, Handy doesn’t seem to be hurting. It’s customer base continually grows, and the owners speculate that 80 percent of bookings are from repeat customers and many also come from referrals. In 2014 the company hit a milestone of $1 million in bookings a day. The company offers a money back guarantee and will have a different professional come out if a customer is not satisfied with the first one.
Most of Handy’s revenue comes from house cleaning, but other services include furniture assembly, plumbing, painting, electrical and help with moving. Becoming a professional is as easy as signing up and, of course, being reliable. All professionals must have paid experience in the service they are providing, and be able to legally work in their country of choice.

Corporate Lords

For the first time in a seemingly protracted time, the Us stock market closed higher on Friday. The rise was accredited mostly to a recovery in oil sectors from an all-time low. In a recent article on CNBC, Chris Gaffney took to the stage to acknowledge oil as the key factor for the growth stating that ensuring oil prices stop falling has been an important factor in ensuring investors put their money into the field. The price of a barrel of oil went up by 2.66 dollars to see a 9% rise, which is one of its largest single day growth in a long time.The Dow Jones industry average saw an increase of 210 points higher on closure.

Apple was also a critical influence on the growth with a 5.3% jump following recommendations in anticipation for the iPhone 7 launch in September that’s expected to push the stock up by 50%. The American Express proved to be one of the biggest downfalls for the Dow Jones with a 12.1 % drop recorded. The growth is seen as a move aimed at over correction in fears of recession. The CNBC article quotes Joe Sowin, who credits the growth to beaten down sectors trying to recover and, in turn, having an enormous impact on the stock market.

Joe Sowin is currently the head of global equity trading at Highland Capital Management that’s one of the largest credit management with over 22 billion dollars under management. James Dondero is at the helm of Highland Capital as the president and a co-founder. Jim is well versed in the equity and credit markets and has amassed over 30 years of experience in the field. Highland capital management was instituted in 1993 and has been highly influential in the development of Collateral Loan Obligation markets.

Jim also serves as chairperson of CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, and Nexbank. He is also a board member on MGM studios and American Banknote. Apart from this, Jim has also served in numerous posts in other organizations before joining Highland Capital. In 1985 to 1989, James served as a Corporate Bond Analyst at American Express before promotion to a Portfolio Manager. He also helped institute the GIC subordinate of Protective life in 1989 and oversaw its 2 billion growth to the period ended 1993.

The Virginia University graduate has the highest Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi honors from the McIntire school of commerce with double majors in finance and accounting. He has also received CMA(Certified Management Accountant), CPA(Certified Public Accountant) and CFA(Certified Financial Analyst) certification. James Dondero is by all means highly accomplished and successful in the world of corporates.

In the corporate world, people who succeed rarely sit back and let things happen to them. They go out and happen to things. James Dondero is a moving testament to achieving what you perceive and lives a life worth emulation.


Why You Should Get A Wikipedia Page Made

Having a Wikipedia page can be exactly what you need if you’d like to succeed in this business. There are many people who don’t realize the power behind simply having a nice Wikipedia page setup for their business or company. The first reason why Wikipedia is so powerful is the fact that almost anything you may search for online already has as wiki page, and oftentimes they are the first thing that you’ll see in the Google results. This goes to show that Wikipedia is immensely powerful to use if you’d like to attain the success you deserve. Wikipedia is the place to be for getting those fast results within the search engines but also on gaining that respect online. There are so many people who miss out on gaining more recognition online, and it’s all about having that sense of authority in order to grow your business.

Making a Wikipedia Page vs. Getting A Wikipedia Page Made

Aside from having a page for search results, it’s also something you could use to further improve your web presence and authority. You could use to show others all of the information about you or your company online. It’s amazing to see how so many people are building their careers online and creating that successful fan base, and it’s all about making yourself look professional online. If you’d like to get a page made, Get Your Wiki can throw away all the guesswork you need about this industry, and they can help write the content for you right away. Their team of Wikipedia writers are amazingly talented and know exactly what you have to do in order to grow online. They have Wikipedia pages already online, and they continue to work for a wide variety of website owners online.

Wikipedia is one of the best sites online because of their powerful authority online. Just typing in the name of a company will probably yield a erg slurs specifically from Wikipedia’s website first hand. It’s a powerful site online that can connect you to all the right people online. It’s the perfect place to be if you’d like to create that professional web presence. Wikipedia is a great place to be in order to further improve the success of your brand. Of course, using Wikipedia writing services like Get Your Wiki is the only way to go since their writers know first hand exactly what Wikipedia wants out of their content and writers.

George Soros: Merkel is the Key

According to George Soros, Angela Merkel is the key to solving a major problem that has the potential to put the EU to an end. One thing that George Soros has shown was that he is very insightful on issues that the politicians are worried about as well as the policymakers over financial matters. He has held one interview where he has expressed how he truly felt about Angela Merkel’s decision when it came to the refugees. Another thing he talked about was the crisis in Greece which resulted in investors losing interest in the country. The migrant crisis was also a hot topic of his.

For one thing, the migrant crisis has been turned into a full blown crisis due to the lack of a proper policy. Another issue that is addressed in the interview is what is known as the Brexit. If Britain has decided to leave the EU, then it will weaken the EU. There is one thing that is also a concern is the possibility of the EU making the same mistake with the Ukraine that was made with Greece. As one would see, there is a huge problem that is taking on the EU. Therefore a solution is needed to one of the problems in order to get the rest to fall into place.

George Soros points out that the crisis in Greece was mishandled. This mishandling has caused the crisis in Greece to become even deeper. The national debt of Greece has grown to the point that it has become unsustainable. Contributing to the cause was the interest rates that have been charged by Germany at the first appearance of the crisis sometime in 2009. Also, EU has caused the depression of Greece to fall even deeper with certain conditions that have been put in place.

The migrant problem definitely has the potential to bring destruction to the European Union according to a prediction made by Angela Serkel. This is a prediction that is actually scary to Soros because it looks like it may occur. Soros believes that the Germans under Merkel’s rule is the key to the issue. However, Merkel is facing a lot of opposition from others. Even her own people are turning against her. One thing George Soros advocates is some kind of asylum policy in order to prevent the migrant issue to further aggravate the problems in the EU.

One great suggestion that George Soros has made was to develop a comprehensive plan in order to bring forth s good response to the problem in migration. Over the last few months, the migrant problem has become a huge problem in the political realm. The only thing that is needed in the case of the migrant issue is for it to take place in a manner that is orderly so that the EU could handle the entrance of migrants from other countries. Unfortunately, in the absence of the Asylum policy, the migrant issue has become aggravated to the point that it compounded with all of the other issues dealing with the EU.

The Manse on March Offers Many Services

When people find themselves facing problems that are related to aging, it often makes sense for them to consider an assisted living facility. Living in a place where they can get easy access to care they need while preserving their independence is important for many people. This is why so many people living in San Luis Obispo, California have been happy to live at The Manse on Marsh. The Manse is a centrally located California facility that offers active seniors the opportunity to live in place that is dedicated to meeting all of their emotional and physical needs each day.

The Manse is an ideal living arrangement for any person who wants to stay in the area while still having access to care at the same time. Those who choose to stay here find that doing so affords them many important benefits. At The Manse, they can have three full meals each day prepared by caring and skilled chefs who want to help make sure that residents have food that is both appetizing and meets their dietary requirements at the same time. Residents can pick from several menu options each day, allowing them to maintain a healthy weight and have the energy to stay active. Each menu item is carefully prepared to be appealing to the eye, nutritious and tasty. Menus are changed each week, allowing residents to enjoy a full variety of food options and stick to a diet that is varied and good for them.

Those who stay here are also assured of the opportunity to engage in fun outside activities that let them remain engaged with the world beyond the residence for as long as possible. Many caring staffers here help assist residents with outside trips. Their dedication is what helps make the Manse such a caring place that so many have chosen to call home each year. Staffers work closely with residents at all times to provide them with access to medical care as well as well access to activities that can help residents remain in good health for as long as possible.

Vibrant living is the aim of the entire community here. This is why potential residents can pick from many lovely varied options when deciding which one is right for their needs. Both suites and cottages are offered to provide the ideal living arrangement for anyone living here. Each arrangement allows the resident to determine what is best for them. Many floor plans are available. Many cottages and suites include all kinds of pleasant amenities such as fireplaces, full kitchens and warm decor that welcomes residents the second they walk through the door. This is why many people choose to continue happily living here, and the testimonials speak for themselves. There’s more in depth information about the facility available on their official blog as well.

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