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George Soros Has A Plan For Refugees

The refugees currently streaming out of Syria are causing much consternation for the countries taking them in. This is largely because of a lack of organization in the process says investing billionaire George Soros. He believes that he has some of the answers to help make the process more orderly and get things back on track again for all nations willing to accept refugees.

As many know, George Soros is a self made billionaire with a net worth of nearly $25 billion and much respect in the investing community. lists him as the sixteenth most wealthy individual on the face of the Earth. Better yet, Soros is not just an investor but a big thinker as well. He likes to try to come up with solutions to major world problems. A few of the solutions that he has come up with for the refugee crisis are as follows.

Accept Millions Of Refugees

The European Union (EU) has to accept millions of refugees in order to be successful in getting things straightened out. They should spread them around in a fair and equitable way. Currently, some countries are willing to accept millions of refugees while others are only taking a small number of them. This cannot continue to work this way if all parties are to come out ahead.

Create Funding For Neighboring Countries

Despite the news reports, the vast majority of refugees move into countries that are next door to Syria. They are not all moving to Europe, so there needs to be support for the millions who will venture into neighboring countries. It is believed that some four million people will come into neighboring countries. The EU should establish funds for those countries to help them deal with the influx of new refugees.

Create A Safe Path

In a MarketWatch interview, George Soros says that part of the solution is to create a safe passageway to get into Europe from the Middle East. Currently, a big part of the problem is that many simply do not have to go through the proper inspects before they are able to get into Europe. A safe way full of inspections is a better way to do things.

Get The Private Sector Involved

The private sector must get involved in order to help solve the problem. They are a big part of the solution and the only way that the government can really get to the root of the problem. Churches and non-profits are more than eager to help out with this situation, and their resources ought to be harnessed.

If the government steps out of the way and lets the private sector help, they can see better results than simply trying to go it alone.

Beneful Dog Food Flavors That Your Dog Will Go Crazy Over

I’m impressed with all the options I find in the aisle of the pet store or local retailer. When I go to get some food for my dog I am presented with so many different options that it is almost overwhelming. I don’t know what to look for. I looked at the prices and bought the cheapest food possible once. It was called bulk food, and my wife scolded me for buying the cheap stuff. She threw it out, and we went to the store together to get the dog food. Hand in hand, she showed me the way. She showed me the brands that she liked to buy. She buys the good stuff. I did my research on my own, and I’m proud of my choice. I bought some Beneful Dry Dog Food with real chicken. I brought it home and she cheered with glee for a better choice in dog food. She gave me a great big kiss on the cheek when she saw the bag I bought home.

Buying Dry Dog Food

Of course, there are other options for dry dog food. Beneful has a bunch of different types of dry dog food. They have a Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food that is made with real chicken, so you know it has to be good for your dog. They also have a type called Dry Dog Food with salmon that my dog seems to enjoy in an extra special way.

Mixing Dry Food With Wet Food

Sometimes I mix the dry dog food with wet dog food on That makes my dog eat it quickly because it has extra flavor in it. I mix in Beneful Chopped Bits that has chicken, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice in it. The flavors of Beneful on youtube must be great because the dog eats it up quickly. The other flavor I buy for my dog is the Chopped Bits blend of beef, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice. These options present my dog with many flavor choices to choose from. I think the dog enjoys having choice. It is much more nutritious when compared to the terrible bulk food I was buying the dog. I feel bad to this day for buying it. I can’t believe I did that. It was careless. I’m so glad that I found the Beneful blend to purchase for my dog. I think the dog is happy.

Brazilian Health Official Sergio Cortes

The Brazilian health care system has continued to expand in recent decades. As the population of this nation has grown and per capita incomes have gone up, so too has the demand for medical services. Today, Brazilians expect access to the most up to date medical care as well as the chance to be able to receive care that is also highly technological advanced and right for their specific health problems. Many Brazilian doctors have rushed to help provide their nationals with the chance to enjoy such access as well as assist them when looking for a specific kind of care such as hip surgery.

Dr. Sergio Cortes knows that his fellow Brazilians rely on him and his fellow Brazilian doctors for help. He knows that many Brazilians look for doctors who can provide them with the kind of treatment that will address their medical needs and still be cost efficient at the same time. This is one of many reasons why the doctor has worked hard to help the Brazilian medical system improve and help his fellow doctors assist patients all across the nation. Under his leadership, ordinary Brazilians have seen necessary improvements in their access to all kinds of health care. He has also done much to help teach his fellow Brazilian doctors about the kind of medicine they should practice.

Cortes is a native of Brazil. He decided he wanted to enter the medical field at a very young age. This led him to studies in the area where he decided to specialize in orthopedic care. Those in this field work with people who have suffered injuries to a limb or to a joint. Cortes has spent many years working with patients who need hip surgery. As a result of his surgical abilities, his many patients have been able to recover full hip function and enjoy the ability to move without pain.

The doctor has since enjoyed a long career in the health field both in Brazil as well as in other parts of the world. His work has been much admired by both patients and those in health care field. This has led him to numerous leadership appointments in Brazil. He is a health minister here while continuing his work in the field of medicine and treating patients. The doctor is also a devoted father to his three kids and a loving husband to his wife.

Ricardo Guimarães Consigned Credit Concept

There are many concepts in banking that are both new and progressive, but consigned credit is one of the best new ideas that has not always been around at banks. It is a great concept that allows different customers to be able to get the credit that they need and helps reduce the waste of extremely high credit lines in different banking situations. It has not only helped the customers, but has allowed employees to become more successful in their careers. Consigned credit has allowed the BMG bank in Brazil to become one of the best banks and has created a top position for the bank within the banking industry in Brazil. It is an awesome opportunity for not only successful customers and employees, but also successful banks. Consigned credit being a success is nearly always run by a head of the bank and is only successful if the ideas for the program are created properly. Consigned credit programs are not supposed to be easy.

The bank has become successful due to many different factors, with consigned credit being one of the biggest factors. This is something that has not only allowed the bank to become better, but has also allowed customers to see more out of the bank they chose to do business with. It is a great idea and the bank has had success in other areas as a result of the success that was first created with the consigned credit program at Brazil’s BMG bank. All of these programs are successful because they have had a great leader.

Ricardo Guimarães is one of the best leaders as far as banks in Brazil go. He has worked to make the bank successful because he knows that is very important to making the bank better for customers. He is only concerned with customer’s satisfaction. He knows that is the major draw factor and one of the biggest parts of ensuring the bank will continue to be progressive and successful. The programs he has created, like consigned credit, are what has allowed the bank to flourish and the customers to remain satisfied. He has also contriduted with social investments by sponsoring some major sport events and clubs.

In 1980, Ricardo Guimarães began his BMG bank career. He did this as a young man and had high aspirations. These were met in 1989, only a short time after he started, when he was appointed the financial executive officer. He was successful at this and created the consigned credit program at this time. He was promoted in 1996 to the CEO of the bank and continued to push for the success of the bank. In 2004, an opportunity that he couldn’t pass up arose. He was able to purchase the bank and now functions as the owner and president.

Protecting Digital Reputations

Online reputations can have a significant impact on the careers of professionals and the public perception and bottom line of companies. The contents of a personal Facebook page can influence hiring and firing decisions. Negative company reviews and forum post can discourage potential business clients from conducting business. Therefore, it is important to make sure that public digital information is accurate and presents you in the best light and that confidential information stays private.

For many, there is a lot of information available on the internet that can be compiled from various sources such as social media accounts, name and address databases, and other information brokers or directories. Sometimes the information available is by choice and sometimes it is not even known. If you Google yourself or your company what information shows up? There are many practical steps that individuals and businesses can take to protect their digital reputations or improve privacy before a crisis occurs. But what happens if a hacker gains access to your personal information or some unscrupulous individual wants to exploit your private photos or online reputation?

Take control of your personal information that is available on the internet and improve your online privacy with Status Labs. Status Labs is a reputation management firm that helps repair and protect the online reputations of both individuals and companies. They have U.S. offices located in Texas and New York and have served more than 1,500 clients from the U.S. and abroad.

Status Labs offers a variety of services to it’s clients such as removing personal data from public databases, crisis response and public relations. Status Labs also provides clients with common sense recommendations to improve their digital privacy like updating social media settings and changing passwords frequently. Don’t wait until a crisis occurs and your online reputation is damaged. Be proactive and make sure that you or your company is portrayed in a positive light and that your digital reputation is secure.

An Insight On US Money Reserve

Festive seasons and holidays are time for supporting and giving back to the community. US Money Reserve has never been left behind and this year they have started a Crowdrise campaign to assist the needy in the Central Texas region. The company is encouraging customers, friends and other well wishers to support the Capital Area Food Bank initiative. US Money Reserve is targeting about 300 partners in more than 20 counties in the Central Texas area. Last year, they were able to donate 31 million pounds of food to less privileged families. This year, the company is planning to surpass that record in order to support more people.
US Money Reserve was created by veterans in the gold market industry who recognized the need to have a highly performing customer service, wide market experience and also provide trustworthy direction to clients planning to buy precious metals. US Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of Gold, Silver and Platinum Coins issued by the U.S. Government. It has partnered with thousands of customers who have enjoyed the financial benefits of possessing precious metals. The company is working very hard to ensure its providing quality coins made of gold, silver and platinum and issued by the U.S. Government.
Several clients have trusted US Money Reserve to assist them select precious metals that can offer them the highest value after selling them. In fact, majority of those clients are making profits today. The company has a highly qualified team of professionals who are the most trusted advisors in the industry. These professionals have helped many individuals make the right decision in regard to precious metals for many years. The professionals are specialists in precious metals industry hence they are able to create a lasting relationship with the clients. By the end of this year, US Money Reserve will be celebrating about 100,000 clients in profit making positions.
Customers who choose to work with US Money Reserve have benefited by engaging with Senior Gold Specialist who are the best in this sector. They have experience of advising clients on the importance of buying coins issued by the U.S. Government as well as helping them when selecting precious metals. The US Money Reserve coins are not paper certificates but legal tender that can be delivered to a bank, home or office. People are advised to create an account with US Money Reserve in order to access the best precious metals available anywhere.

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Guidelines for Choosing the Right Lawyers in Brazil

Professionalism is something that many hold dear while searching for experts in various fields. Each industry is filled with its challenges and this is something someone who is not well informed on some areas can find quite daunting to overcome. Law is a technical field and to successfully handle some cases, it is necessary to have the right information. Many individuals have lost on serious suits due to poor legal representation. This is something that you should not allow yourself to suffer as there are reliable professionals in Brazil. Choosing the right lawyer in Brazil entails more than just confirming the educational background of the person. Here are some basic considerations that should inform your decision.

One of the most basic facts you should hold when vetting different professionals is the area of specialization each has picked. For instance, someone will find it easy to handle injury and accident cases as opposed to robbery. Depending on the nature of your problems, you can choose a professional who will perfectly match with your needs. Get all facts that can reveal the truth about a person before you can hire them. It is necessary to also check on their past records as some people are not able to handle complicated cases considering the level of experience they hold. Many years working on cases offers one more insight on how to deal with some issues, so while choosing a professional, ensure to consider the level of experience the person holds.

Talking to veteran lawyers is also an option that can help to avail options about different professionals who have been in the legal field for some time. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is among the longest serving Brazilian lawyers, who have been ranked highly for maintaining the right conduct. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a trusted professional with a positive profile and has been viewed as an example of well serving persons who have been able to offer exceptional services in the legal world. His approaches are unique and relevant to ensuring he helps his clients to achieve their goals.

Many individuals who have been facing cases have turned to Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, who has offered referrals to reliable professionals. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is also considered a mentor by many lawyers as he has offered them advice on handling different kinds of cases. He is one of the best lawyers Brazil has had for many years.

HFM US Hedge Fund Award

Investment management has become a center of focus for many investors. This has prompted companies to come up with tailor made solutions for their clients. Investors have also been happy with firms like the Highland Capital Management. This is because of the concern for their needs and making them feel proud all the time. The President and Co-founder of the firm James Dondero, has made a great impact in the performance of the company. This has enabled the firm to win an award in the HFM Fund Performance for the year 2015. This gives clients the confidence to trade with the firm and investors are made sure of their investment.

The work of Highland Capital Management has made a great impact in the economy. By managing assets worth $ 20 billion makes it a leader in the investment management. Bagging the ward is thus a sign of the hard work and commitment of the team. Michael Gregory who leads the Investment section on health has been hailed by Jim. The success also comes with the hiring of Terry Jones who will head the Institutional Products as the president. This kind of hiring comes with the need to steer the company to greater levels.
The leadership of Jim as the president has seen the firm upgrading the healthcare credit and equity section to $3 billion. He has also ensured the healthcare section is composed of highly experienced and creative personnel. This comes from the 30 years of working in different companies. James has been a smart leader who has also been crowned with other awards over the years. This has seen him heading one of the world leading firms in credit strategies.
Over the years, Jim has been involved in satisfying the customers. He has different titles like CFA, CMA and CPA showing his ability to deliver due to the skills gained. In Highland Capital Management, he is responsible for implementing the strategies of investments. He is also the managing partner and portfolio manager of the firm. Jim has a degree in accounting and finance from the University of Virginia.


Simplify your Chores with Handy

Handy is an extremely convenient service which can make getting one’s house cleaned a simple, pain-free process. In order to schedule a cleaning an prospective customer only needs to enter three things: their zip code, number of rooms that need cleaning, and requested cleaning time. From here Handy will generate an instant quote to show the price for the full service, including tax and tip. At this point homeowners can decide whether or not the service is for them and by confirming agreement with the quoted price on they are well on their way to getting a perfectly clean home. After completing payment the Handy user has nothing left to do is Handy takes care of scheduling who will clean their house when they requested it and payment has already been processed.

This simple process makes the old way seem archaic. No longer is it necessary to comb through a phone book or peruse multiple websites to find a quality house cleaner. Now thanks to Handy on twitter your house can be made like new again after just a few clicks on their app. The application also helps to make pricing more transparent in an industry that has been anything but. In the past customers may have received rates all over the map from various cleaning services due to the cash heavy nature of the business. Along with this there was no real way to know which cleaners would provide good reliable work. Handy has solved all of these problems and more.

To ensure its users receive excellent work Handy screens each of its home cleaning professionals with a background check, interview, and reference check. After this the cleaner is brought through a rigorous on boarding process in order to make sure they know the quality of work that is expected of them. Thanks to this thorough process Handy is harder to get in to than Harvard. With only a 3% acceptance rate homeowners can rest easy knowing that they are being serviced by the best of the best.

Handy is not only useful for cleaning homes. Although home cleaning services currently account for a vast majority of its revenue the company is expanding in order to fully encompass any needs a homeowner may have. Among these are plumbing, handyman, and furniture assembly. Reliable, talented workers will arrive at the customer’s house to assist with any of these needs. Homeowners need not worry about putting together complicated dressers or beds anymore thanks to the home service professionals at Handy!


Marcio Alaor, the Banco BMG vice president, has been honored by having a food court named after him. It is in recognition of the services he has provided for the town of Santo Antonio do Monte which is his hometown. It was an event attended by local authorities and politicians. In the event; he was praised for his hard work and dedication to changing the community.
In his speech, Mr. Luís Antônio Resende thanked Marcio Alaor for his help. Speaking on behalf of the countryside, he thanked him for his work on the exhibition center and how he did not ignore the city’s problems or try to exchange his services for political favors.Wilmar Son praised him for changing the location from the former grain warehouse to a bigger place food court place. The former mayor was elated the food court was the place to be named after him given his role in transforming small business in the area. Many people in Santo Antonio do Monte have small food-based businesses.
Marcio Alaor himself was excited for his being honored. He told of his rise from a humble shoe shiner boy to be the Vice President of Banco BMG as a miracle that can happen to all. The entrepreneur talked of how his love for the city and want to thank those who helped him drives him to do what he does. He was honored to be recognized while still alive, unlike others who award the dead. It was a privilege he added. He also thanked his family and friends and promised to continue serving his city. He said he will never lose contact, and the affection the city has showed for him brings closer to the city and the people in it.
Local officials were there to see the opening of the food court and honor him. The food court named MARCIO ALAOR DE ARAUJO was inaugurated on the 24th of August 2014 and will greatly serve the local community. It was opened during the 33rd edition of the Expose Samonte which essentially is the Holy agricultural exhibition at Santo Antonio do Monte.This center is expected to open up the Santo Antonio do Monte county side and help its rural farmers.It was recently named as the biggest milk producer in the Central West of Minas Gerais state, a feat tied directly to sons of the soil here.The rural Union president Vilmar Octavian, while presenting him with a Plague to honor his commitment to the city thanked him for this effort. He recognized it was of great benefit to the local community.
Banco BMG is one of Brazil’s best-known financial conglomerates and he being the VC is a great honor.

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