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Meet Someone Anytime with Skout App

A once difficult thing to do for many adults was to meet someone that might be interesting. With the explosion of apps on smart devices, so many things are possible. Skout allows safe encounters to take place with the app that brings faces into an array on the screen for a member of the Skout community to see and meet. No one will have their exact location on revealed on first encounters. That is up to the individual users to take those steps. Only very basic information is required to become a user and member of the Skout app community for meeting up with complete strangers from all over the globe. This makes the world so much smaller and more neighborly.

The folks at Skout are true believers in serendipity. The real magic of meeting someone special can be found in an online dating app such as this app. Making social connections in this way with a mobile device to initiate it has some similarities to meeting at a local pub to play a friendly game of darts. It is quite possible to meet at the coming Breeder’s Cup classic to see American Pharoah in his final race by choosing Skout for meeting up with that certain fellow horse racing fan. No more missing out. The solution to being there at such a once in a lifetime event just became simplified and reliable. Choosing to use Skout will insure that there is a new friend to share that rare and exciting experience with in a safe way. Using Skout assures that rules are in place to make sure things go forward appropriately. There is no reason to miss out anymore on activities where staying home is the result of not having someone to go there with.

Creating an account is simple and quick. From a user’s mobile device a new account can be created from the Facebook sign in or to create a new account by using a valid email address of the user’s preference. There are two groups that members will join. Teens from 13 to 17 will join one group and all those who are over 17 will join the adult community. Those who want to register from a computer must use Facebook to register.

Using an email account sign up is done with the ‘create profile’ screen. The email address will be the permanent record although passwords can be changed. Using Facebook the user will use the ‘connect with Facebook’ button and allow Skout to access the user profile. After filling out the public profile details. a user is ready to meet the world with Skout.

Being well connected has now become something that anyone can be in a short time after a few encounters. Folks in the Skout community exchange chats, notes, gifts, photos, and this can take place online with members from 180 countries. So, anyone who wishes to attend the French Open to watch Rafa play next year and perhaps win his 10th French Open can meet up with another fan or two and make plans!

Investing In Gold

There was a time when gold was the standard legal tender. There was a time when the United States had gold reserves in Fort Knox to back the paper legal tender that the United States Treasury began to use for money. It is questionable that any gold exists at all in Fort Know anymore. That should concern all of the citizens of the United States. The national debt is now fast approaching $18 trillion. This is more than our Gross National Product which means the country cannot earn enough money to pay the debt off. Another sign that things are not stable economically for the United States is that the unfunded liabilities and entitlement programs are more than $98 trillion. This is the abyss of financial catastrophe.

Individual wealth is the target of governments that cannot pay their bills. That is where the government will go next to try to pay its bills that have skyrocketed out of control. In these kinds of economic times, it is imperative that personal wealth be protected. The best way that economists and leading investors recommend that individuals protect their assets is to diversify and have a gold fund that can be kept in a vault at home. That means a vault of real gold that can be held and kept safe from the hands of the government. Not paper gold but real gold coins.

When it comes to keeping loved ones and individual nest eggs safe, for long term security, Gold will stand up in value over time. The US Money Reserve is a specialty Gold dealer that will work with its customers to set up a Gold portfolio through their customer service specialists. It is easy to start a Gold fund. The number to call is 1-866-MINT GOLD where a senior gold specialist will answer any questions.

The senior specialists at U.S. Money Reserve will offer great assistance to help customers find their way around the process of learning all the details about gold portfolio ownership. Many customers want to know if there is an advantage in purchasing a gold bullion, gold coins or mixing the two up. Each case is different. Preferences are unique, hence the specialists who assist customers all day and everyday are very familiar with the different gold options to choose from. Many of these choices will become clearer once exposed to the different forms of gold that the US Money Reserve sells. Call the office to learn more.

Know Your Investment Banker And Goals – Advises Madison Street Capital

The world of investment banking is complex, and the first step is to find an adviser you can trust. When you start shopping for an investment banker, first know the services you need. Find out what services each banking firm offers, and what fees they charge and method of payment for their services. You want to find out if their experiences and services meet your goals, and if they are registered with the SEC. Meet your advisers face to face, and ask to see their credentials. Know the three areas of investment banking, securities, management and financial planning and which of these best fits your needs. Also, ask your potential adviser about their legal responsibility to act in your best interest. It’s important to be thorough in your research and to be armed with a solid plan before you begin your journey.

Madison Street Capital is a Chicago based global investment firm specializing in middle market solutions for the corporate and private investor both small and large. The corporate financial services offered by Madison Street Capital include financial, valuation, merger and acquisition advice and opinions focused on the global emerging middle markets. A team is assigned to each client, and their goal is to take the unique situation of the client, and develop strategy and risk management to optimize that client’s potential. Emphasis is also on local markets as well and global interests. Their experience in the industry of investment banking with middle and niche markets marks them as a world leader in their field.

Madison Street Capital offers objective analysis, and the firm has a strong commitment to clients success. Integrity and service is Madison Street Capital’s mission statement. High investment returns with minimal risk is their goal for each client. They offer transparency through thorough documentation and reporting. They help both the small and large investor to navigate through the complexities of investment banking to a sound strategy that is tailored to the client’s individual needs and goals.

Bruce Levenson Returned to Tech Target, Inc. as Director before the Sale of Atlanta Hawks was Finalized

The National Basketball Association approved the intentional sale of the Atlanta Hawks and operating interest of Philips Arena in January of 2015 to prospective buyers. One month later, Bruce Levenson, businessman and former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks returned to Tech Target Incorporation as the Director. For 11 years, he managed the professional basketball team and announced in September 2014 plans to sell his shares. Levenson served as Director of Tech Target from 2007 until 2012 and was elected to serve again in February of this year. In the community, he is known for charitable contributions to different organizations and educational institutions.

Bruce Levenson purchased the Atlanta Hawks, operating interest of Philips Arena, and the Atlanta Thrashers in 2004. According to Forbes, the Atlanta Hawks was purchased for $189 million, but in recent years lost money because of low ticket sales to patrons. While Bruce was co-owner of the team, he also served as the Director of Tech Target for six years. He was the Director, Member of Nominating & Governance Committee, and member of Compensation Committee of the corporation. Tech Target has offices in the United States, Beijing, Paris, Singapore, London, Sydney, and Munich.

The Atlanta Hawks was sold in June 2015 to co-founder of Ares Management, Tony Ressler for $850 million. Whatever loss Levenson encountered was recouped after receiving a profit of $661 million, considering what he originally paid for the team. He did manage the team for nearly eleven years and there was a decline in ticket sales. What makes the Atlanta Hawks worth the purchase price is the fact that the franchise made an agreement with Fox Sports South for the 2015 and 2016 seasons. Another factor is the NBA team begins a new national media with Time Warner and Walt Disney.

While Levenson was co-owner of the professional basketball team, the team received awards for its team members. The Atlanta Hawks performance on the basketball court had improved tremendously by reaching the National Basketball Association playoffs for 7 seasons consecutively. From 2014 until now, the team has one of the best records in the Eastern Conference of the NBA. Atlanta Hawks presently have 3 All Star team members for 2015 and the head coach was named the Eastern Conference All-Star Head Coach. Because of the leadership of Levenson, the Atlanta Hawks is receiving recognition in the league and the potential of growth in ticket sales are inevitable.

Bruce Levenson is a strategic businessman, leader, entrepreneur and charitable contributor. He returned to Tech Target Technologies to serve as the Director immediately after the National Basketball Association approved the intentional sale of the Atlanta Hawks. Levenson was born in the District of Columbia and raised in Maryland, where he has contributed financially to the University of Maryland and the Community Foundation of Washington. He comes out on top again with the sale of the Atlanta Hawks to Tony Ressler, leading the team for seven seasons to the NBA playoffs, and returning to Tech Target as the Director.

Successful Entrepreneur Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is a very successful entrepreneur that has certainly made a positive impact on the lives of numerous people. It is well known that he started the Forefront Income Trust. This is an innovative trust that is specifically suited for the smaller investor. Certainly, this was not his first venture. He also is responsible for founding Pali Capital in 1995 and was the CEO until November 2008. This was another successful venture that employed people from various locations across the world. The business had locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Austria, Singapore, and Latin America.

Brad Reifler is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in his industry. Along the way to success, he founded several companies. Reifler earned a degree in Economics and Political Science from Boiden College. After graduating and earning his degree, Reifler founded his first successful business. Wikipedia shows that the name of his first business enterprise was Reifler Trading Corporation. Founded in 1982, the company specialized in global derivatives. Of course, there were numerous success stories to follow his beginnings. He continued his successful journey to the top by lending his expertise to several other ventures. Professionals in the industry and his clients have come to rely on his visions that are backed by 30 years in the business-world.

Ricardo Tosto’s Relationship With Foreign Law Firms And What Is His Opinion On The Brazilian Legal Power Struggle?

Globalization is unifying the industries of the world, but Brazil remains resistant and continues to keep up barriers to foreign interests in the legal field. The legal field in Brazil wants to make sure that all lawyers in Brazil with full power remain purely Brazilian citizens. The reason is unknown really. Many great lawyers like Ricardo Tosto have practiced law inside Brazil, outside of Brazil and worked with many different lawyers from other nations. Ricardo Tosto is actually the perfect example of being the antithesis to the beliefs of the various law firms and organizations in Brazil trying to place barrier after barrier to foreign legal interests.

Ricardo Tosto is one of the greatest lawyers in Brazil presently, and he may very well go down in Brazilian legal history as one of the greatest ever. Mr. Tosto has developed legal techniques that have ended up becoming case law, and they are now taught in Brazilian universities to up and coming law students. It is safe to say that his working relationship with any lawyer is going to either be very good or very professional. While Brazil struggles against the idea of international lawyers, Ricardo Tosta has embraced his foreign legal relationships, and he is also a member of the International Bar Association. Another foreign relationship to note, and also a prestigious position, Ricardo Tosto is a member of the Steering Committee of the Institute for Management Development for Lausanne in Switzerland which is the home of the Olympic Committee. Ricardo’s past and current endeavors deem it necessary for him to work together and embrace the globalization of the legal field.

Presently, Ricardo Tosto is busy with the firm that he helped found called Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Mr. Tosto, in present day, still practices law and he does so because he loves his firm. Mr. Tosto grew up fairly poor and came from a small office, and then he worked his way up from a tiny office with a single secretary to co-founding one of the largest and most successful firms in the entire country of Brazil. Mr. Tosto still practices law, and he practices law specifically in the fields of Banking Contracts, Reorganization, Business Restructuring, Credit Recovery, Bankruptcy, Election Law, Acquisition Review, Civil and Commercial, Power Concessions and he still works on all of these things in relation to domestic corporations, banks and governments, and he also still works constantly with multinational corporations and foreign lawyers.

Mr. Tosto’s opinion, especially since he practices Power Concessions, would be worth listening too on this whole mess of legal nationalism. Brazil is thriving and growing faster than most countries. It will have to learn to model itself after a great lawyer like Ricardo Tosta to stay big.

My New Favorite Beauty Product Line By Doe Deere!

Everyone wants to look there best and to do that we are always looking for the next great product to make us look great and feel confident everyday. I make it my personal mission to seek out the best makeup and beauty products available on the market so that I can stay up to date with all the great advancements. Well today I found out about a really great new make up line from the designer Doe Deere.

Mrs.Doe Deere on youtube started her makeup company with just a few hundred dollars and a dream and is known to encourage her fans to never give up their daydream. She is the CEO and founder of the company.Her products can be found in a variety of retail locations in the USA and Mexico as well as other countries. She believes in cruelty free products so no animal testing, and ensures that her makeup and other products are vegan as well.

Mrs.Deere is also the creator of Lime Crime a great new makeup line with awesome colors which look sexy. The products are very good quality and work really well. And I am finding myself using them more than anything else lately whenever I leave the house. The makeup is designed to express your personality rather than just cover up blemishes and it really does as advertised!

It is really inspiring that Mrs.Deere started this business on such small funding and with such a huge passion for her fans and today’s women. And I love supporting businesses like these which take people’s opinions into account and listen to what we really want our of the company and the products they offer. The products feel very personal and the company really seems to have their finger on the pulse of what I am looking for as a customer. Lime Crime has a lot of great reviews all over the web and I have to say that I am one of the people who is very satisfied with the products!

The line up has products for lips, eyes and nails, and comes in a wide variety of colors to express yourself with and to accent any fashion. And the fact that they are cruelty free means a lot to me since that means no animals were tested on in order to make their products.

So all in all I highly recommend you check out Doe Deere’s great line of cruelty free and vegan only ingredients makeup. I am in love with these products and I know when you try them you will be too.

How Journalism Made the Atlanta Hawks Team Owner Filthy Rich

Bruce Levenson is a powerful, behind the scenes to figure in the world of news and entertainment data and statistics as well as the owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. All of the facts and figures that his company has gathered have been seen in billions of newspapers and magazines all over the world. Bruce Levenson’s business is the equivalent of the Kelly Blue Book for people who are looking for data and statistics about any specific vertical that could be reported in news.

His newsletters are a series of the latest facts and figures in verticals that are not easily accessible. Sure, the web is a great place to gather information, yet, all of the sites, like CNN and Fox commonly turn to United Communications Group for data and information, so if it weren’t for them, the source where everyone gets their information from wouldn’t even have access to the information themselves. Four example, you want to know how much money Ford Motors made in the fall season of 1983. The likelihood that you are going to run across that information from a credible source that didn’t get that information directly from the pages of a United Communications Group newsletter is preposterous. What’s even worse, if the web wasn’t invented, it’d be almost impossible for anyone to find that data. The United Communications Groups newsletters is like a 100% accurate version of Wikipedia for journalists and broadcasters.

Bruce Levinson was able to organize the information of the world in a very easy to use, cohesive and personable way that led virtually every news organization in the country to utilize his data. Similar to Coca-Cola or Pepsi, you will find one of their machines in 99% of all restaurants that you visit. In fact, you are more likely to find a restaurant that does not have a soda machine at all then you are to find a restaurant that doesn’t have either a Coke machine or Pepsi machine. That’s really all there is on the market. That is all that exists. There is no other company that is providing what Coke and Pepsi provide. And the same can be said for the United Communications Group.

Levenson dedicated his entire life to building the United Communications Group. From the basement of his father’s humble home, to the humble office building he rents, he has goals for his company that he continues to stick with, even today. His has always kept the intention of doing business as lean as possible. So, with what I mean by lean? When I say lean, I mean that he attempted to spend as little money as possible on frivolous things, so that he could reinvest that money into doing things that further perpetuate the growth of his business and/or keep the prices of his products reasonable enough for any news organization to afford them in droves

In addition to his groundbreaking work with United Communications Group, he is the proud owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team.

Slyce Raises to Become the Amazon Flow for Everyone

Slyce is actually aToronto-based startup. the company has currently managed to raise approximately $10.75 million in its funding. The company has done under the leadership of Beacon Securities, among others groups. The company is famed for building the image recognition tech. the main objective of Slyce is to become the Amazon Flow for any retailer anywhere in the world.

For those who do not know what Amazon Flow, it’s actually an app from retailers that enables shoppers to point a mobile phone camera at their products and correctly locate the Amazon listing. The app is quite useful for shoppers who are doing comparison shopping, and it helps in driving more purchases to the Amazon’s mobile platform. For the process to be very successful, a product should be in its original packaging, since the process depends a lot on OCR, the logo identification and various other visual shorthand cues.

According to the Chief Digital Officer Mark Elfenbein,Slyce doesn’t give its users any limits. The app is easily able to identify any products, despite their current location or even their outside packaging. That’s a great advantage, which will definitely help clients to drive more purchases in to their operations. The app actually depends more on the unique attributes of the product, and it is not so much concerned about the logo or even the texts on it.

Apart from partnering with other major retailers, Slyce is also trying to explore other opportunities by the using image recognition to tag products for mobile gift is also receiving coupons for the products identifications.
According to the chief digital officer, sylce has brought together the use of machine technology with a robust human crowdsourcing element. Elfenbein told the press that the machine actually does a big percentage of the total work, if not all of the required work. However,in the cases where it is impossible to come down to equal matches, then they mostly rely on the human crowdsourcing element, which serves as their own employee in the finishing touch and offering 100% determination in the job.

Slyce currently has a lot in the bank, but it is planning to still accrue more than that. Mr. Elfenbein said that they were planning on going out to raise another round in the next two or even three months. They actually expect that will be bigger than the most recent round. If this will be successful, then it will help to continue its pace in hiring and also in its acquisitions.

This is expected to be a very competitive season in the market, and Slyce is already preparing itself so that it will be able to defend its advantage. The most important thing now will be the way its tech works in the live integrations, as it looks to expand its presence by the adding more platform partners.

How Not To Be An Investment Expert: Lessons From Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass is a name that is less associated with Hayman Capital Management and more with crackpot investment predictions these days. The hedge funder is going the Erich Spangenberg way by suing anyone and everyone he can reach – like pharma companies – and making money on his short sales. People might even appreciate a businessman who is “in your face” about the whole thing but Kyle Bass wants people to believe that he has altruistic intentions behind this entire debacle.

Fortunately, UsefulStooges says actual experts are now beginning to use Bass as the Pinocchio for investment decisions, a horror tale meant to make beginner investors more careful and thorough in their approach to trading. Here are some lessons that can be learnt about Kyle Bass’ investment history –

Hope Is Not An Investment Strategy – Many of the less vehement haters of Kyle Bass wonder if the man is actually pure evil or just that stupid. Those who fall in the latter category wrongly assume his “hope it would all be well” strategy to be correct. Any actual expert will reiterate that this is, in fact, wrong. An investment expert makes many predictions in their life – some are true and some aren’t. However, consistently making the wrong predictions in a row like “Japan’s economy will crash next year” (2010 – 2014) is nothing short of using hope as a strategy.

Investment Should Focus On Hedging, Not Gambling – Kyle Bass has sued a number of pharma companies in the name of “investment expertise” first and, later, altruism. In truth, all of this has been for a need towards making money at all costs. That too would have been fine if their had been some basis in logic in his decisions. Kyle Bass’ behavior is that of a scalper, except someone who is into scalping for long term. Historically, that has never been a good move because investment experts are supposed to be ideals of how to properly hedge investments, not gambling gurus.

It’s Not About The Money, It’s About Respect – Finally, the cardinal sin committed by Kyle Bass is lying through his teeth to prove that his baseless predictions are logical and agree with economic laws. Time and again, he has proved that he is one of those experts who have no intention of helping people with his predictions but earning money for himself. As such, he has lost all respect in the industry.

For people who want to be investment experts, there are many other shining examples to emulate. The point is this – there is nothing wrong with erratic predictions that are made by investment professionals because it is part of the job. However, consistently sticking to bad investment choices is not something budding experts should aim for.

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