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Ecuatex Is Environmentally Conscious Thanks To Flavio Maluf

The Eucatex Corporation has made a huge impression around the world. Not only is it at the forefront of wood product manufacturing, the company is also deeply concerned about the environment and its carbon footprint. It took some years, but the company slowly built into an empire. There were many pioneering efforts over the years and a number of companies have attempted to duplicate Eucatex’s approach to business.

Eucatex is a family-run company with roots that date back to 1951. The global company is the leading supplier of ceiling tiles, panels, doors and paints. Eucatex has gone through a number of expansions over the years. After starting out with one plant in Salto, the company now operates in 30 companies and has offices in Germany, Holland, U.S. and Brazil.

CEO Flavio Maluf began at Eucatex in 1986 and was installed as CEO in 1997. He replaced outgoing CEO, his uncle, right at a time when the company was stagnant. Under Maluf’s leadership, the company received a full overhaul — from manufacturing plants to administration hierarchy. The changes brought about massive financial gains and the introduction of better products and services.

Maluf helped institute a recycling program that focuses on preserving the eucalyptus trees (a main component of the company’s products) while reusing wood residue. The environmental responsibility provides awareness and encourages other companies to follow Eucatex’s lead. The company has implemented many social programs to make individuals aware of the importance of recycling and how they can join in.

Eucatex has recently opened 2 new plants in Salto and Bocucatu. The company is still looking into additional expansions. In a recent interview with Mobile Magazine, Maluf expressed his gratitude for having the support of the board and his employees. Under Maluf’s leadership, the company expects success to continue for a long time.

Role of Computer Sciences Corporation in Modern Day Technology

Computer Sciences Corporation was founded in 1959 by Roy and Fletcher. Their aim was to provide the then computer manufacturers with sophisticated computer programs; ‘assemblers’. This is the modern day software to make the computers work.

Over the past five decades, CSC has grown tremendously spreading to over 70 countries worldwide. It has created thousands of both direct and indirect employment opportunities in these countries. All has been done without the organization losing focus on its mission of using technology to attain results.

CSC has continually developed new and reliable Information Technology tools. This is the secret to their unwavering association with their partners. They have also partnered with other governmental and non-governmental agencies that use their services.

Among the list of its partners is the United States Government. CSC is expected to come up with dynamic mechanisms to feed the ever-changing technological needs like maintaining the federal tax system. Weighed down by these hefty demands from its clients and need to remain competitive, CSC has devised many programs for the current times and in anticipation of the changing technology.

It is also the outstanding abilities of their leaders that have kept the company afloat over these five decades. Currently, CSC is under the able leadership of Eric Pulier a lead philanthropist, technologist, and entrepreneur.

Eric has founded and co-founded many companies and movements some of which deal with technology or technological aspects such as the Desktone and Media Platform. He is also a visionary who believes in using technology to get things done.

In the past, Pulier has been involved in several high-profile projects both with the government and independent agencies. One such project is the honor to organize the Presidential Technology Exhibition, the bridge to the 21st century, in 1997. This is what pulled him to the limelight. Eric Pulier’s profile is linked.

His interest in technology however, did not start with the exhibition rather; the exhibition was just an honor of the many undertakings he had already begun. His interest in technology was born way back in his teenage years. This is evidenced by the case that he had already started a database computer company while still in high school.

It is such brilliance, entrepreneurial spirit, and desire to achieve that CSC attracts and encourages. All this is on the understanding that the world of technology is an ever-changing one and requires creativity to keep up. CSC understands to maintain growth and competitive advantage it has to invest in new and fresh minds.

For CSC, the hard part has not been existing in the past 50years; it has been keeping up with the ever-changing client and technological needs. However, it has made it so far and looking forward, the future is still promising.

Sam Tabar & THINX

Sam Tabar is a leading lawyer and capital strategist. In January 2015, he added a startup company called THINX to his portfolio of investments. THINX is a company that helps African and American women. The company specializes in underwear that helps incontinence and menstruation. THINX was started by a Kickstarter campaign. Currently, the company offers five different types of functional and fashionable underwear.

THINX is special to Tabar because of its financial support and unique business model. It is a company that encourages others to give back to the community and help global issues through any purchases made. For example, for every item bought a Ugandan woman is given seven reusable, washable cloth pads. This enables a woman to be able to go to work or school during her menstruation. In the past, women did not have the resources to be able to leave their home during menstruation and had to remain at home.

THINX was started by a group of women. Mutual friends introduced these women to Tabar. While Tabar was not seeking out any investment opportunities at that time, he was interested in the business model of the company. THINX was able to become successful because of the financial support it received from a Kickstarter campaign and various crowdfunding campaigns.

Currently, THINX products are available through wholesale distribution and the company’s website. There are five different styles that are available in the THINX line that offers women the confidence and comfort they need during menstruation. There is even a manifesto on the website that allows customers to sign proving that their purchase has helped a women stay in school.

After graduation from Columbia Law School, Sam Tabar began his working career at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP as an associate. During his time at Skadden, Tabar helped advise his clients on investment management agreements, hedge fund formation and structure, side letters, private placement memoranda, regulatory and compliance issues, and employment issues. In 2004, Tabar began working with SPARX Group Co./PMA Investment Advisors. He soon became the Managing Director & Co-Head of Business Development at SPARX. Next, he became the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the Asia-Pacific Region. In 2013, Tabar became the Senior Associate at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. In 2014, Tabar left Schulte.

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

About Newark CEDC
The Brick City Development Corporation (BCDC) was founded in 2007, but last year it was reorganized and re-launched as the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. It is the primary generator of economic development in Newark, the largest city in the State of New Jersey. Newark CEDC has been structured to keep businesses in town as well as increase capacities for small and minor businesses. They do not only work on growth of the existing businesses, but also attract new ones to Newark, which is its sole client. They encourage real estate development of the 20 neighborhoods this city has, all of which are very diverse, and they believe that every city ward is a promising option for economic and community development. An economic development director has been appointed to each ward in order to provide coordination and expertise in project management. They do this in order to ensure the highest possible return on investment for both future and current residents.

Services and Focus
Newark CEDC collaborates with the Newark Department of Economic & Housing Development because they share a mutual interest – to start and spur development activities. This way, they can create jobs, grow the economy and produce wealth for the inhabitants of Newark. They also work with companies which are interested in expanding or relocating their productions in order to bring them to Newark. They do that by guiding them every step of the way by assisting with location decisions and permit applications. That includes demographic analysis, economic indicators, workforce information, buildings and sites available, as well as any other information relevant to their business location decisions.

Newark CEDC’s New Leader Kevin Seawright

For over 13 years, Seawright has used his financial expertise to improve communities on the East Coast. His experience stems from financial management of local government agencies. He worked his way up and broadened his area of expertise by working in the fields of government, education and real estate. Now, with his experience in accounting, operations, and diverse capital management he does seem as a natural choice for the tasks that Newark CEDC has to face. His strategic vision, combined with the ability to achieve goals and command new opportunities, will surely prove to be the deciding factor for Newark CEDC’s future success. Mr. Seawright is very much involved in his community as he was the coach of the local youth sports teams and an advisory board member for the Babe Ruth Museum. He has been a member of the American Society for Public Administration, the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, and the National Association of Black Accountants. Only a person with such wide area of knowledge and a sense of community can run a corporation that looks to create benefit for the entire community like Newark CEDC does.

Citadel LLC And Kenneth Griffin Global Hedge Fund Giants

Citadel LLC is a highly successful global firm that was created by billionaire Ken Griffin in 1990. The company is on the cusp of celebrating its 25th anniversary. Not all of the years have been been harmonious, in fact, just the opposite. In 2008, Citadel was on the brink. The company was a hairsbreadth from going belly up. The banking crisis had a choke hold on several financial institutions, and not all survived. It was only through the quick strategies of Griffin that the company is still here and thriving today. Today, Griffin has an estimated personal worth of $6.4 billion, and his company holds about $25 billion in investment portfolios.

Griffin has been in the financial industry for more than half his life. When he was in college, he probably had more knowledge about how the market worked than people who had been there 20 years. Griffin started a hedge fund company as a sophomore at Harvard. A tremendous feat for a mere college student. His investment strategies helped him make a boatload of money for himself and his clients.

Citadel is widely recognized for its performance and ability to consistently outperform others in the industry. The Chicago-based company now has 1400 employees and offices in New York, Asia and Europe. Although Citadel was left in a precarious situation in the wake of the banking crisis, it was able to survive. With more than half the wealth gone in less than a year, a number of tough, yet unpopular decisions had to be made to keep the company afloat.

Citadel found itself in a very strong position in 2009. The company launched a sister technology company that offers technology management to many firms and companies. Citadel Securities offers a variety of services to retail and institutional clients. Barron’s has consistently ranked the securities division the tops in the U.S.

Over the years, Citadel has made a number of lucrative mergers and acquisitions. In 2007, the company was able to acquire 20% of the online brokerage firm, E-Trade after supplying them with a $2.5 billion cash infusion. In a move that shocked many investment firms, Citadel called for the dismantling of “Too big to fail” banks. The decision would make their operations much more transparent.

The Citadel Group is active in philanthropy and has given generously to a number of organizations. They partner with various food banks and provide educational opportunities, food and shelter to needy people.

Highland Capital Management in the Financial Markets

Jim Dondero is an investment and a capital management expert with a long history in the industry. His 30 years of experience has made him one of the greatest investors and capital management expert of our times. He also doubles up as a member of the company’s board of directors. James is also a widely sought after investment advisor for both individuals and organizations. His popularity has also earned him a name with the government agencies who seek his advice and expertise in capital management. James is a proud investor with numerous business start-ups under his belt. Other than his own investments and business engagements, he has been consulting and helping other organization with their capital and financial issues.

The current growth in the business world that has expanded its boundaries to encompass the global village has improved and made business more competitive. Globalization has increased the level of financial engagements hence expanding the available options of investment. As such, there has been a growing need for prudence in the industry. Highland Capital Management has been very forthcoming in helping investors in managing Hedge Funds and advising on Structured Investments as well as distressed investment funds. The company engages in international trade dealing with international public equities as well as fixed incomes. Highland Capital Management is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It was founded in 1993 and it runs its major offices in New York, London and Singapore.

The company has been offering financial and capital management services to its clients all over the world. In the current business setting, investors are putting in lots of resources in the promising economy. However, there are several unforeseeable threats that are imminent and without proper interrogation of the current trends investors can be in trouble in the future. In addition, the growth and the shift of the global financial markets to assume a globalized system has created new forms of investment and it has also expanded the financial markets. As such, capital management services’ demand has increased.

This is where the Highland Capital Management comes in. In the financial markets, the products on sale are in terms of securities which includes shares, equities and bonds. This kind of trade requires a very careful approach since it is a chance-based business. Having been in the business for years now, Highland Capital Management understands the trends in financial markets. Therefore, they offer advisory services to investors be it governments, individuals, or organizations on the best way to go in the market based on research and careful surveillance of the market’s unfolding. The company has been very instrumental in shaping and managing billions of dollars’ worth of securities for different firms, individuals and the government as well.

James Dondero’s Contribution at Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is an investment adviser firm based in Dallas, Texas. It offers alternative investment management services through distressed investment funds, structured investment and hedge funds. The firm has several affiliates spread across the United States. Together with its affiliates, the firm manages over $21 billion in assets. Highland Capital Management invests in fixed income, public equity and hedging markets. High yield bonds, structured products and leveraged loans are its main areas of focus.
The firm was founded in 1993 by a number of investors. One of these investors is Jim Dondero. Mr Dondero has been working for the firm since its inception. Currently, he is the firm’s President. He has used his 30 years of experience in equity and credit markets to help the firm develop successful Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market and other credit solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of both retail and corporate clients from around the world.
Mr Dondero has helped the firm to come up with several award winning products like hedge funds, CLOs, institutional separate accounts, mutual funds and private equity funds. Apart from being the President of Highland Capital Management, he also serves in boards of a number of corporations. He is the Chairman of Board at CCS Medical, NexBank and Cornerstone Healthcare. He is both a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Management Accountant.
To establish itself as a leading investment adviser, the firm has continued to recruit and retain highly experienced global alternative credit managers from around the world. It currently has hundreds of credit managers spread across all its offices. These credit managers help investors to come up with sound investment decisions. Apart from the basic areas of operation of the firms, these professionals will also help both retail and corporate investors with investment decisions in natural resources, long/short term equities and emerging markets.
Highland Capital Management is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It operates from other four cities. These cities are Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paulo, and New York. From these locations, it serves a wide range of clients made of mainly financial institutions, corporations, foundations, endowments, public pension plans, high net-worth individuals, and governments.
Highland Capital Management’s clients enjoy high quality investment solutions. The firm depends only on time-tested investment principles to ensure its clients’ exposure to market risk is minimized. The leadership of James Dondero has helped the firm to expand from a small firm into a global entity having operations in a number of cities. Highland Capital’s success can also be attributed to its highly experienced credit managers.

Jumpstart Your Investing Strategy With These Quick Tips

New investors often hear stories a lot about fantastic returns in the stock market, causing them to expect too much. Although the stock market normally provides attractive long-term results, extraordinary profits are rare and losses are more common than many realize. With these simple stock tips, new investors can lay a foundation for success while setting realistic goals.

Let Simplicity Rule

Simple stock strategies often produce the best results. Reuters investors should pick stocks from companies with strong competitive advantages, keep a margin of safety and plan long-term holdings. Similarly, investors should avoid intricate data points, frequent trades, and far-flung predictions. Investors with a steady hand and an eye for the future will reap rewards.

Keep Realistic Expectations

New investors often have their dreams shattered when their money fails to quickly double or triple. In the wake of lackluster short-term gains, some people altogether abandon the stock market at the first sign of loss, while others turn to high-risk strategies. Stocks are volatile, so investors should expect significant ups and downs. Wise investors will expect to receive modest returns, to avoid disappointment.

Avoid Impulse

Although most changes are natural functions of the marketplace, many reports try to associate stock market fluctuations with the news. Investors should avoid the temptation to react to daily headlines. Instead, they should patiently learn about the market and their investments, so they can trade with conviction.

Consider Alternatives

Investors have options other than direct investment in the stock market. For example, Brad Reifler, founder of Forefront Capital, created an investment that is not tied to the stock market. Reifler created the fund to give middle-class investors a class of investments previously available only to large investors. Investors can enter the fund with as little as $2,500 and can add or withdraw funds every quarter. This fund can give investors a chance to manage volatility while improving their returns.

Investing with Brian Bonar

As a company, it is vital to understand the importance of investing. There are many different ways in which a company can invest its funds. Over time, companies that are able to invest in the proper channels will be much better off than those that do not. There are many companies today that are searching for higher rates of return on their finances. However, with the low interest rate environment that we live in today it can be difficult for companies to earn a high rate of return. Brian Bonar is one of the most important and influential people in the world today in corporate finance. He has a variety of different experiences in corporate finance and anyone that is looking to learn about corporate finance should read his work. Here are several ways in which corporations can take the next step in their financial investing.

Rate of Return

The rate of return that a business earns on its investments is one of the most important things in investing. Over time, there is a huge difference in a company that can earn a higher rate of return on its funds. It is important to find investment vehicles that make sense over time in this regard. The good news for companies is that there are a variety of different vehicles to use in order to earn a higher rate of return. First of all, a business must decide whether they will invest in their own company or find other avenues. Once a business reaches maturity, it is more important to find higher rates of return.

Brian Bonar

There are few people in the country that are as good at corporate finance as Brian Bonar. The good news for those that are wanting to learn about different areas of finance is that Brian Bonar is very giving in his knowledge of the field. With his wide variety of experiences in the business field, there are few people that are better at turning around the finances of a company. Any company that is wanting to earn more on their financial investments at a corporate level should work with Brian Bonar and read about his work.

Brian Bonar was written about byModern Luxury here.

Final Thoughts

Overall, corporate finance is one of the most complex areas of business. It is vital for companies to understand how to earn a higher rate of return over time. At the end of the day, there are few companies that truly understand how to earn a higher rate of return on their investments. Over time, this will make a huge difference in the finances of a company. The larger the company, the more flexibility they will have in this area.

Economists Prediction About Financial Markets Worries Global Investors

With the recent economic developments, financial experts aren’t too optimistic about some industries. However, some economies have been quite productive. Economists have reservations about the future of tomorrow’s financial market. It’s unfortunate that factories haven’t gained momentum. This has impacted industrial production on a global scale. With some manufacturing giants struggling to keep a competitive edge, economists encourage cautious investing. Many are somewhat hopeful that demands will increase gradually.

Financial reports show no sign of inflation pressures, which is a judgment based on the last year’s data. With prices slowly rising at a steady pace, economists are gathering data from a producer-price index and the recent import tariff report, to deliver a promising prediction. As the financial markets transition into a volatile third quarter, investors look to economists for expert guidance. Another key measure influencing the future financial market is the climate of the global job market. With data from the most recent employment report, economists will analyze and explain the forecast. The behavior of workers towards current job security could influence a shift in labor market productivity.

The Federal Reserve policymakers insist on increasing interest rates next month despite the unpredictable financial market climate. In the complex world of finance, an economist is a key asset to gain insight into different trade markets and the economy as a whole. An economist holds positions in academia, different businesses, and the government sector. With their complex way of thinking and critical problem-solving skills, economists share profound analysis after interpreting finance trends. Economists study and explain consumer behavior towards a business. It involves an interpretation of how they consume products in a commercial or personal space.

The science and art of economics are fascinatingly complex. In light of this, economists opinion constantly change depending on the determinants influencing financial-market performance. In general, it’s predictable, but it greatly depends on the factoring elements. Economists agree that sometimes market events don’t always produce an identical output of their predictions. With numerous x-factors shifting the condition of the global economic climate, change is imminent. It puzzles even experts when unanticipated consequences defy the integrity of their economic forecasts. Nonetheless, economists serve the global market and without their forecasts, it’s almost impossible to trade.

Prolific financial expert and economist Christian Broda isn’t an average investor. He’s broad knowledge of economic affairs in local and global financial markets. Currently, Broda serves Duquesne Capital Management, LLC as an economist and managing director. The company specialize in hedge fund management and create diverse investment opportunities for a vast clientele. Broda holds a graduate-level BA degree from Universidad de San Andres. Later, he obtained a Ph.D. after completing his studies at MIT (Massachusetts-Institute-of-Technology). He’s an active member of the IMF Economic-Review editorial board and NBER (National-Bureau-of-Economic-Research).

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