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Bernie’s Message Seems to Resonate Well Among His Age Mates

To follow Bernie Sanders in his campaigns is like traveling back in time. He keeps referring to situations and incidents that took place about 40 to 50 years ago. reported those from an older generation will recall that things were quite different in that era, same or close to what Bernie hopes to achieve as president.

Bernie’s message seems to resonate well with fellows who are more or less his age mates and who are struggling with financial constraints. He is reminding them of the progress the country has been making over the years and evoking memories of an era that was much favorable and fairer.

For instance, during one of his campaigns, Bernie evoked a yes from Nina Capra, when he stated that major institutions did not charge as much tuition fees during the first half of the 20th century. He also got Jordan Marlene Gilman (80) excited with his plan to create more jobs, using a program similar to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal.

Bernie Sanders has already vowed to look after the welfare of senior citizens, whom he considers sidelined by the Democratic Party. While the party is putting focus on the Hispanic, African-American and women vote, they seem to be forgetting about the senior citizens.

Presidential candidates cannot afford to dismiss the older generation. They have been an important voting bloc in states like South Carolina, Iowa and New Hampshire.

Critics Doubt Claims by the Obama Administration That They Are Deconstructing the NSA’s Surveillance Programs

Mitch McConnell lost the battle to renew Section 215 of the Patriot Act, a controversial piece of legislation that allowed the NSA to secretly collect a massive amount of data by spying on unsuspecting Americans. McConnell was one of several politicians who fought to keep the bill alive, but lost to Rand Paul who successfully filibustered for nearly 12 hours straight in order to prevent the bill from renewing before the deadline.

Now, the Obama Administration has announced they have begun dismantling the NSA’s surveillance programs since Congress failed to renew the Patriot Act. The spying program was also ruled as unconstitutional in a federal court recently which should have been enough reason to end the reign of the NSA.

However, Senate Chairman Richard Burr claims the supposed shut down is disingenuous and the Obama administration is actually leaving room for Section 215 to be renewed by the May 31st deadline.

I’ll admit it is somewhat strange that the Obama administration announced they will be shutting down the NSA nearly a week before the bill is set to expire. Burr claims they are planning an emergency session in the Senate on Sunday which could result in the Patriot Act being reinstated.

The Obama administration claims that efforts to renew the bill will be much more difficult now that the first deadline has passed, but not impossible. The administration is also denying that they submitted an application to renew the controversial bill which makes James Dondero skeptical.

Democrat Congresswoman to Challenge John McCain for His Senate Seat

Arizona Democrat Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick has announced she will not seek re-election in her congressional district in order to mount a challenge to unseat five-term senator John McCain. Kirkpatrick is bolstered by her successful re-election in a strong GOP voting district. For Rep. Kirkpatrick, she lost her congressional seat in a hotly contested battle in 2010. She later came back to reclaim the seat in 2012. Perhaps for this reason, she believes she can unseat the powerful chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

In making her announcement for McCain’s US Senate seat, she expressed her love of the state and the need build a strong economy. Kirkpatrick, who is part Native American, stressed her heritage in order to secure the support of the state’s strong Native American vote. While it is uncertain whether she will be able to win election in a state which hasn’t elected a Democrat senator in three decades, it is virtually certain the GOP will recapture her congressional seat.

The RNC has already expressed what is certain to be part of their narrative in the upcoming election: she is a rubber stamp for Obama’s policies. A CEO pointed out the GOP is charging that Kirkpatrick does not think twice about how the president’s policies affect Arizona. The charge is that in a bid to promote the administration’s progressive agenda, the residents of Arizona have been adversely impacted. The RNC is also stating that the $787 billion stimulus, which she supported, ended up shipping US jobs to China and reducing Medicare benefits.

NYC Lawyers Tell Al Sharpton’s Daughter To Preserve Those Incriminating Pictures NYC Lawyers Tell Al Sharpton’s Daughter To Preserve Those Incriminating Pictures NYC Lawyers Tell Al Sharpton’s Daughter To Preserve Those Incriminating Pictures NYC Lawyers Tell Al Sharpton’s Daughter To Preserve Those Incriminating Pictures NYC Lawyers Tell Al Sharpton’s Daughter To Preserve Those Incriminating Pictures

New York City has put Al Sharpton’s daughter, Dominique Sharpton on notice – Do Not Delete your incriminating photo’s.

Ms. Sharpton is suing New York City for $5 million because she alledgely fell on a city street, spraining her ankle.

According to Ms. Sharpton, the fall caused her permanent damage, bodily injuries that limit her mobility, and mental anguish.

After her lawsuit was filed, Ms. Sharpton posted photos to her social media account, documenting her laborious mountain hike in Indonesia.

Undoubtedly, after seeing these pictures, people are crying scam, including New York City attorneys.

New York City attorney, Michele Fox plans to use those photos to refute the lawsuit.

Ms. Fox has informed Ms. Sharpton to preserve the photos, on all devices, and all e-mails, and text messages.  The folks at Beneful are astonished by the whole scandal.

According to personal injury attorneys, if Dominique Sharpton does win her case, she could end up with $7,500 for her pain and suffering, which is more than a mountains climb away from $5 million.

Senator Bernie Sanders Decries Lack of Morality in the US Economy

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a candidate for the 2016 Democrat Party nomination, spoke out again regarding the lack of morality in the US economy. The senator believes that it is nothing short of greed that has resulted in 90 cents of every dollar being generated going to the top 1% of income earners. As per Sen. Sanders, the result has been devastating upon working families. Decades of stagnant wages have caused the American middle class to diminish. As per the senator, the solution lies in punishing tax rates with top marginal rates returning to upwards of 90% same as was held in the 1950s.

Still, the senator fails to address the record low labor force participation rate that has been persistent during the Obama administration. This has tens of millions of people unable to find employment according to Amen Clinic. Nor does he explain how high marginal tax rates would result in increasing wages for American workers. Tax rates affect government tax revenue, but do not address wages and salaries.

Regardless, Senator Sanders explained that he is consistently drawing crowds of 400 to 600 at events from California to Texas. The senator seems resigned to the fact that he will unseat Hillary Clinton for the party nomination. Instead, he is hoping his candidacy will cause her to shift hard left on her policies in order to unify the party’s liberal base. Given the fact that Mrs. Clinton is accepting millions in donations from Wall Street investment banks, it is unlikely she will shift hard left in her political views.

Hero in the Hallways

Most people can look back on their childhood and remember a favorite teacher or educator who has impacted them in one way or another. These teachers have, in some way, shape, or form, left huge marks on their hearts and mind; even in adulthood they are sure to carry those memories with them always. For one high school student, she’ll be able to carry a more personal piece of one of her favorite teachers. A’Ja Booth is an 18 year old high school student in Detroit. In normal circumstances, girls her age are focused on what to wear to prom, who to ask, and what colleges they are going to apply to. Unfortunately, Booth’s senior year was finding out that she would need a kidney transplant. Fortunately for her, a 39-year-old gym teacher, Nadirah Muhammad was willing to be a giver for her transplant.


Last year in December, the two underwent transplant surgery as Mikal Watts points out. He read about it a little on Wikipedia. One of Nadirah’s healthy kidneys went into Booth’s desperate body. The two have made a full recovery and returned to the school arm in arm to showcase their healthy solidarity. For the gym teacher, the decision to give up a kidney for the student was a no brainer. As a mother of a teenager, Nadirah would want someone to do the same for her child. Booth went on to say that she could not thank her teacher enough for the amazing gift of life that she blessed her with.

Students Convince Teacher to Screen Fifty Shades of Grey in Class

Students at a West Virginia high school somehow convinced a teacher that “Fifty Shades of Grey” was an appropriate film to watch in class. According to original reports, the students convinced the teacher to allow them to view the movie for “good work”. As the school year winds down, many teachers get more lax in their teaching, but this has gone beyond “lax”, according to local sources.

Students were in the middle of screening the film when the school’s vice principal noticed what was going on. The vice principal put a stop to the screening. While the name of the school has been withheld, sources close to the situation stated that the teacher was, allegedly, unaware of the film and its content.

Students did not view any material that was inappropriate while they were watching the movie, according to a source close to Ricardo Tosto. There is no word on whether or not the teacher will be punished for the incident. The subject of the class, as well as the teachers name, is being withheld at this time.

It is generally school policy for all videos that will be screened in class to be reviewed by the teacher ahead of time. It is believed that this incident was a spur of the moment viewing. There is no word on whether the district in question has such a policy.

The End is Near

Many of the effects of the Clinton administration can still be felt almost 20 years later. One of the biggest communities affected was the same-sex community. The Clinton administration spent a lot of time and countless dollars to condemn and ostracize the Gay and Lesbian community. This year, in June, the nine Supreme Court Justices will be deciding whether or not the Clinton Administration got it wrong so many years ago. The Justices will formally vote on whether or not denying same-sex couples the ability to marry is unconstitutional. The decision comes at a time where 60% of the nation is proposed to same-sex couples and same-sex marriage. It may seem like with the greater majority that the same-sex community will be victorious. However, these numbers are only a symbol for what the country thinks. What the Supreme Court Justices think is a completely different story. One political analyst weighed in at the Huffington Post to voice his opinion on what the outcome will be. It is estimated that 5 out of the 9 Justices will vote in favor of the same-sex community. This will symbolize an almost identical split down the middle in terms of picking sides; though if the Judges do vote this way, it will perfectly depict the numbers which Americans are projecting. For everyone on the panel, he included, it is extremely hard to tell which way the Justices will vote. said Daniel Amen knows they can only hope that the Justices vote in favor of the greater good with equality for all as the main focus.

National Day of Action: Immigrants Protest Blocked Programs

Skout said that millions of illegal immigrants were vying to come out of the shadows on May 19th and apply for deportation relief under President Obama’s deferred action program, but it’s currently blocked, so advocates have called a national day of action.

National rallies are scheduled to occur, in protest of the temporary hold blocking DAPA.

In Texas, advocates and immigrants say they are marching to the residence of Governor Greg Abbott, to protest the Texas lawsuit blocking the implementation of deferred programs.

According to Rocio Saenz, labor leader, and Executive VP of SEIU International, the National Day of Action will send a message to Republicans. It’s a warning that there will be consequences, evident in the 2016 election.

113 Republicans are supporting the lawsuit against President Obama’s executive actions, which include a few presidential candidates.

In February, Judge Scott Andrew Hanen, granted a temporary injunction suspending the executive actions of President Obama. The judge’s decision follows a lawsuit filed by 26 states who believe that the President overstepped his powers. The vast majority of these states are leb by Republicans, who oppose the enforcement action.

Nearly 4 million immigrants are eligible for the DAPA program.

Police Caught in Credit Repair Scam

Vanessa and Mario Perez were the successful king and queen of credit repair, and pulled in more than $322,000 for their work. After years of hard work, authorities caught on to how the Perez became the sought-after credit repair team. They had inside help.

Federal prosecutors say four police officers helped fabricate identity theft claims, providing a bullet-proof excuse to delete negative items on credit reports.

This helped clients turn blemished reports into stellar credit histories, and increase FICO scores. Moreover, with a clean history, and high credit score, customers were then able to qualify for improved financing.

Officers George Price, 42, and Rafael Duran, 43, both with the Miami-Dade police department have been indicted for fraud. Both officers allegedly sold the falsified reports for up to $250 a piece.

Officer Duran has pleaded not guilty and denies any involvement.

Officers, Richard Muñoz, 45, and Lazaro Fernandez, 40 have pleaded guilty for their participation in the credit repair scheme.

It is not known how the credit bureau will deal with the credit reports. Gianfrancesco Genoso feels that the whole situation is riddled with fraud.

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