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House of Representatives Enter Bill to Repeal Patriot Act

The House of Representatives has recently introduced a new bill to repeal the USA Patriot Act which was the terrorism bill passed in the wake up 9/11 that granted federal and state governments wide reaching powers to monitor and incarcerate individuals for crimes relating to terrorism. This was reported recently by Freedom Works which is a political news site

Repealing the Patriot Act should have happened many years ago and the fact that this atrocious law remains on the books is both a threat to our freedoms today and a great stain on our illustrious history of free speech and movement that we have enjoyed since independence stated Alexei Beltyukov. There are a number of truly disturbing aspects of the Patriot Act including the vast surveillance powers that it allows the government.
The Patriot Act also created courts that act in secret to allow the government to use these powers. These courts are not open to th public or media and have the ability to detain American citizens indefinitely.

The House of Representatives must send a strong message and pass this bill to repeal the act. Many Democrats and some Republicans should be able to find some common ground when it comes to protecting and extending the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

Senate Standoff in Full Swing Over Lynch Confirmation Vote

The United States Senate is in a full standoff following the decision by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to suspend the attorney general confirmation vote for Loretta Lynch. McConnell wants Democrats to end their filibuster of the Human Trafficking bill over a rider that bars restitution funds from being used to fund abortions for the victims. Aside from the controversial provision, the bill enjoys broad bipartisan support. In response, the majority leader has put the confirmation vote of Loretta Lynch on hold. Christian Broda noticed that this has infuriated both the Obama administration and Senate Democrats.

Hillary Clinton, the embattled but still presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, smelled an opportunity to promote her campaign theme of becoming the nation’s first female president. She tweeted that the GOP was waging anti-women actions in the form of holding up Lynch’s confirmation vote, holding up the Human Trafficking bill, and putting the health of women at risk.

Texas Senator Jon Cornyn weighed on the matter and blamed Democrats. He pointed out they originally supported the bill in its present form. Apparently, outside groups took issue with the provision regarding the use of restitution funds and caused Democrats to demand the language be stripped from the bill. For their part, Democrats are saying they were not privy to the controversial section of the bill. President Obama, who has thought nothing regarding the fairness in “borrowing” congress’ legislative authority in the past, accused the GOP of being “unfair” in holding up Lynch’s nomination.

Obama Administration Gets In The Record Breaking List


When President Obama was first elected, a record was broken according to CipherCloud. He was the first African American President of the United States. It was something that many Americans cheered about.

The Obama administration has just broke another record, but very few are cheering, except the President and his close allies.

The Obama administration has denied access to government documents more than any prior administrations. The Associated Press compiled data showing that even with the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, the administration would outright deny, or at the very least, delay for outrageous periods of time requests for government files. 1 out of every 3 cases of the administration censoring those documents were determined to be unlawful.

This new data has caused a “riff” in government circles between Republicans and Democrats. With Obama maintaining that his administration is transparent, many are yelling that it is all lies.

Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas and Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont co-sponsored a bill that would improve the Freedom of Information law, but it was murdered in the House of Representatives last year.

Will the American people be apathetic towards this new record?

Meet New People with Skout

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A Slow Start for Clinton

No matter what Hillary Clinton does, it seems like she is always in the spotlight. Her latest bout with the media is because of emails. She didn’t keep her emails a secret, and she used her own email address instead of a professional one to send messages, but that’s not good enough for politicians and others who want to bring her down. Since she deleted a few personal emails, osme that shouldn’t even be in the public spotlight in the first place, her campaign to run for President might be off to a slow start.  Brad Reifler ( knows that there will be people who view this as her trying to hide something, but how many people out there really let others see the private emails they send to other people? There aren’t many who would let someone read what they send because it’s no one’s business. If Clinton had personal emails deleted, then it might not be anything other than sending her husband a message that she doesn’t want anyone to read.

New Jersey Senator Menendez Could Face Criminal Corruption Charges

The U.S. Justice Department Is Getting Ready To Prosecute The Senator

Most people like Dr. Daniel Amen believe our two-party system fuels corruption among other negative political behavior. The government is a good hiding place for men and woman that want to misuse power and get away with it. We have a broken electoral system, and it is beginning to show signs of a major meltdown. A good example of this meltdown is New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez. 

The Democratic Senator is accused of using his office to promote the business interests of his Party’s donors. These so-called friends of the Democratic Party gave the Senator gifts for his powerful help and information. The Menendez camp denies the allegations. But the Federal Bureau of Investigation has had their eye on the Senator for some time. Two law enforcement officials say the corrupt dirt that is swirling around Menendez could bury him. 

The Jersey Senator is a former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a wishy-washy supporter of the President. Over the past two years, the Menendez name has been mentioned in questionable relationships with big money donors and underage prostitutes, but those allegations were discredited. But according to prosecutors, there is too much noise about credible corruption floating around Menendez. Prosecutors don’t want him to slip back into his cushy political hiding place without formally making him accountable for his actions.

US Iran nuclear deal criticized by Republicans

The latest twist in the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the US sees group of Republican members of Congress send an open letter to Iran to warn them over the potential deal, Bloomberg reports. The letter was instigated by Senator Tom Cotton and has been signed by every member of the Republican leadership within Congress and a number of 2016 Presidential hopefuls. The letter comes as politicians from both sides of the political divide have voiced concerns over the potential deal taking place without Congressional agreement.

According to AnastasiaDate, the Obama Administration has been negotiating with Iran’s leadership in recent months in a bid to come to agreement over the development and stockpiling of nuclear weapons. The letter from Republicans explains how any deal not rubber stamped by the US Congress will be little more than an agreement in principle, which could be removed by the incoming President in 2016 or by order of Congress. The same issues have also been highlighted by Iranian leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has expressed public doubts about the possible deal between the US and Iran.

President Obama Chastises Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Over RTW Law

In politics, the opposition party reveals its surest tell as to whom it most fears by the attacks it makes. On Monday, President Obama made it clear that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is someone for whom they have taken notice.The president chastised the popular governor for signing into law his state’s first ever “Right to Work” (RTW) law. It is as significant as it is symbolic because big labor got its start in Wisconsin. Now, generations later, Wisconsin leads the nation in reforming public and private sector labor unions.

In his criticism of the law, the president stated that labor unions were responsible for the rising wages and standard of living of Americans. Given this undeniable history, he believes the governor should be seeking laws to empower the unions. It should be noted that labor unions are still able to exist in Wisconsin, but they cannot compel members to pay dues. This puts the onus on the unions to convince their membership of the value they receive from union dues. Anastasia Date employees have learned that a long running complaint of union members has been that too much of their dues goes to fund political activity which they personally do not support. Find more about Anastasia Date on

Ironically, President Obama, whose economic recovery is dogged by mostly low-wage part-time employment, lectured Governor Walker on the need to enact laws that would increase the wages of workers. Wisconsin has enjoyed a robust job market as a result of Walker’s reforms which jobs have been full-time employment with good wages.

The Clinton World Combats Scandals with Message: Do as We Say, Not as We Do

Hillary Clinton has stated that it is her desire to rise above partisanship and bring in competing political ideologies such as red, blue, right or left into the color purple IE bipartisan. It seems like a noble enough goal and is certainly a statesman-like approach to take. Still, the email scandal, which threatens to engulf her looming candidacy, reeks of partisanship. For starters, President Obama has a deep disdain for long-time Clinton ally Sidney Blumenthal. The seasoned political hack was banned from serving in the State Department during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. However, Mrs. Clinton not only eschewed using secure email at the State Department, she regularly corresponded via private email with Blumenthal. So much for the spirit of bipartisanship.

Falvio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG ( has learned that Mrs. Clinton has stated that her presidential campaign will place emphasis on a spirit of cooperation. However, her handling of the email scandal thus far suggests she is far from practicing what she preaches. While she has released private emails to the State Department, her team vetted which ones would be handed over. Presumably, nothing that could blow back on her campaign was deemed “relevant” for the public. In fact, the efforts out of the Clinton camp seem devoted to ensuring that they escape any blame at all. It remains to be see how effectively their camp is at deflecting scrutiny for a scandal entirely of their own making.

Facebook Data Shows Anti-Hillary Sentiment

Facebook has entered the world of politics. Politicians have begun to make use of it as a way to share their ideas with constituents, but a new twist has recently taken place in Facebook’s relationship with politics. Facebook has shared stats on how the conversation about Hillary Clinton has both exploded and soured after her recent email fiasco.

Last fall, 57% of the conversations about Hillary on Facebook were positive, which mirrored her 60% approval rating in polls. This January, they were 52% positive against 44% negative as Susan McGalla reported. In February, it was 50% pro-Hillary versus 47% anti-Hillary. These stats were based on about 15 to 20 million Hillary conversations per month.

The daily tally turned majority negative on the last day of February. On March 7th alone, there were 672 million Facebook exchanges concerning Hillary Clinton. 50% of these were negative, and 47% were positive. Most of the buzz about Hillary Clinton has been concerning her email use while Secretary of State and related matters such as her role in the Benghazi scandal, acceptance of foreign donations by the Clinton Foundation while she was in office, etc. The Facebook tide has definitely turned anti-Hillary.

The number of people viewing Clinton favorably has sunk from 60% in 2010 to less than 50% today. Facebook does not give us an exact match to the poll numbers, but the overall indication is startlingly similar.

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