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Scott Walker, Big Talker

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Md. on Thursday, and he had some interesting things to say about how he’d handle the terrorist group ISIS if elected president. Rather than going into detail about the Syria-based regime and how to combat and destroy the Islamic State’s collective crusade, he opted to pat himself on the back for causing the downfall of labor unions in the Badger State.

According to, Walker’s speech centered on his anti-union efforts, which included the right to work bill that will more than likely whittle away workers’ collective bargaining rights, pensions, and wages. The bill is expected to pass via republican majority. As thousands of pro-union supporters protested the proposed legislation, Walker made mention of the idea that if he can handle over 100,000 local pro-union protestors, he can accomplish the same across the world.

Walker also told CNN later on that he didn’t regret making this statement, and that “…there’s no analogy between the two other than a difficult situation.”

Bernardo Chua ( has heard that Walker also attempted to clear the air on Bloomberg Politics by saying that if he can handle the pressure of battling unions; he’d be qualified to tackle a multitude of challenges if he decided to run for president.

Governor Walker’s penchant for crushing unions in his respective state may be a Pyrrhic victory-like primary platform stance propelling him an inch or two forward, yet he may also find that ISIS doesn’t play by the same set of rules when it comes to getting what they want.

Attorney General Wants To Prosecute Wall Street Executives For 2008 Financial Crimes

Justice Department Will Decide Who Will Be Prosecuted In The next 90 Days

It has been seven years since the Wall Street artfully threw the country into the worst depression since the 1930s. Corruption, deceit, and money-hungry power were the chief weapons used to cause millions of people to lose their homes, savings and dignity. No one on Wall Street has been prosecuted for the white collar crimes committed back then, but it appears that scenario is going to change soon says Ricardo Guimarães BMG.

Attorney General Eric Holder asked government investigators to submit a list of executives that played a major role in this financial debacle within the next 90 days. These investigators have been gathering information from major banks for years. The big question is why is it taking so long to get to the bottom of this mess?

The answer may be the fact that civil and criminal charges may be hard to prove. Holder has been criticized for dragging his legal feet on this matter, and some people think they know why. Some critics believe the government knew about the shady money dealings and turned a blind eye to them. The government allowed the banks to break the law as long as they kept all the financial balls in the air, and the economy continued to grow.

Deadly Ice Storm Hits Texas

A winter storm has made it’s way across much of the country leaving 22 dead in Tennessee and 11 dead in Kentucky. Winter storm warnings were issued for other States as well, including Arizona, North Carolina and Utah, as the storm pushed farther south reaching Texas on Monday. There residents faced a deadly ice storm with freezing rain and ice over much of the State. Torchin said the severe winter weather delayed travel for many, causing roughly 1,500 flights to be cancelled. Schools in the Dallas/Fortworth, Texas area were closed for the day as well. High winds, and slick roads created dangerous driving conditions causing hundreds of car accidents. The weight of the heavy ice caused many trees to fall on power lines, leaving thousands of people without power. Authorities encouraged residents to stay off the roads if at all possible until the weather improved.

Is Hillary Clinton The Next President

There has been a great deal of first for this country in the past decade. When President Obama took office, he was the first African American male to ever sit in that seat. According to the next election, it could be another first for our government. Hillary Clinton is preparing for her campaign to the Oval Office. Many people are split on whether they want or think a woman can handle the demands of the White House. Others just think that she is the one who is not ready.

There is a large demographic that will vote for Hillary based on the fact of who her husband is. When former President Bill Clinton was in office, Jaime Garcia Dias thinks things were great. The economy was good and there were lots of jobs. However, when Obama took over, things began to go downhill. Now, all of this can’t be blamed on him, it could have happened no matter who was responsible.

Putting a woman in the Whitehouse is a risky move. Since there has never been one before, it could be a division in the government. However, one cannot forget that there are women in all facets of government both here and abroad. Women do rule by emotion more than men, but that doesn’t mean that they are not capable of making sound decisions. It will be an interesting election and to see who is left standing will be one for the record books for sure.

Daniel Amen Shows Us How To Eat To Improve Mood

Keeping up with politics can really get you down. From petty disagreements to life-changing policies, politically-minded folk can really get bogged down in the mess. So how do you stay positive in a negative world?

Plenty of people eat food that they hope will change their mood. Unfortunately, this is generally food that is unhealthy and does not actually work to improve one’s mood. Instead, there are certain foods recommended by  Daniel Amen, MD that could do the trick. 

Dark Chocolate That Is Sugar Free

Daniel Amen recommends this type of chocolate as a good food to turn around the mood. The dark chocolate is made from different things than milk chocolate and is a lot healthier as a result. This one is great for the cardiovascular system and helps people to turn the mood around. 

Raw Spinach Is Where Good Moods Happen

Not enough of us are getting enough of our dark greens. It is something that unfortunately puts a lot of us in poorer health than we should have been. Raw spinach is exactly the type of mood changing food that should be something that we are consuming. Daniel Amen says that this one should be used as a substitute for the lettuce that so many of us are eating all the time. 

Lean Protein 

We do all need protein in our lives, but lean protein is preferred in comparison to the heavier meats that many of us are used to. It is best to skip the steak and thing about fish instead. A nice salmon meal can actually do a lot of good for the people who are looking for the mood boost that protein can bring. Protein is essential for good brain activity. However, everyone should get a nice balance of the types of meats that they are eating. Including more of the lean meats can do people a lot of good. 

Bring In The Walnuts

Finally, walnuts are a good choice for the brain. They are full of Omega-3 fatty acids which have been proven to be good for the brain. Daniel Amen believes that these are the types of things that can really turn the mood around. Besides that, walnuts are relatively fair priced, and this makes them a good buy as well. It is something that will keep you happy as you are blazing through your day in a better mood and with more money in your pocket. Keep this in mind when you are considering how you might go about getting a better mood from the foods that you eat.

For more from Daniel Amen, check out his work for the Huffington Post or you can read one of his many bestsellers.

States Taking Action to Weaken Citizen’s United

Maine, Maryland, New York and New Jersey have introduced legislation that will curb corporate spending by requiring shareholders to approve political donations. Other states are intrigued and are watching these actions closely.

The 2010 Supreme Court decision Citizens United v Federal Elections Commission gave corporations the freedom to spend huge amounts of money to either defeat or elect candidates while the average voter lost power at the ballot box. Susan McGalla knows that voters have less incentive to get to the polls when they feel their votes don’t count. Many state lawmakers want this influence to stop.

Corporate and trade group spending spending reached nearly 260 million dollars on state level ballot measures and candidate races in 2014.

The spirit behind Citizen’s United was that companies were speaking on behalf of shareholders and lawmakers are saying they have to prove it with this new legislation.

It’s not unusual for shareholders to unknowingly subsidize actions they do not support.

Currently, large U.S. corporations disclose only a fraction of their contributions to political non-profits which are the organizations spending so much money to defeat candidates or legislation that does not suit their corporate goals.

On a state level, these actions are getting a lot of bi-partisan traction supporting this method of campaign finance reform.

Rudy Giuliani Does Believe President Obama Loves America


America is a beacon of freedom to the world, a “shining city on a hill” for all to emulate. And if you keep up with who is trending on, you’ll see many like Paul Mathieson living by that.Those were the words of former President Reagan, the great orator. Now, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani believes that is the standard of rhetoric that an American president should employ when speaking of his country. No one will argue that President Obama uses such Reagan-esque language in reference to this country. For this reason, Giuliani told a private gathering at the 21 Club in Manhattan that President Obama does not love this country. In saying so, Giuliani was quick to point out that he does not believe Obama hates the nation. Rather, he was raised differently than the average person. While baby boomers and many post-baby boomers were raised to believe in the concept of “American Exceptionalism”, Barrack Obama was raised to view the world from a prism of racial disparities and injustices rooted in America’s European roots.

At the same time, Giuliani stated that he believes Obama is a patriot. While it is uncertain how much “gravitas” Giuliani carries nowadays, he made it clear that he will only endorse a GOP candidate for if they embrace a Reagan-style view of this nation. The former 2008 GOP presidential candidate said he would endorse Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who was in attendance, if he would embrace a belief in “American exceptionalism”. Gov. Walker shares such views of America as a beacon of freedom and justice.

Obama Strikes a Hurdle with Amnesty Plan – District Court May Overturn

President Obama has used a broad definition of executive authority to issue new memorandums or executive orders redefining laws to include authority not granted by congress. In 2013, he used an Eisenhower-era law regulating the federal government’s ability to procure supplies to increase the federal minimum wage for contract workers without an act of congress increasing the wage. Bruce Karatz remembers this past November, the president redefined his authority of “prosecutorial discretion” to include giving illegal aliens a legal standing in the nation with a green card and access to benefits such as work permits.

On Monday night, Texas District Court Judge Andrew Hanen explained that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has the right to decide whether or not to enforce existing immigration laws. However, the judge sternly rebuked the Obama administration by stating it lacked the authority to order the DHS to actually reward the illegals with green cards and other benefits. The DHS is bound to obey the laws passed by Congress. It lacks the authority to actively seek to thwart the will of the Congress.

If the temporary injunctions stands, it will mark a major loss by the president. However, the decision will be appealed to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. The court may overturn the lower court judge’s decision based on the principle of “standing”. The Department of Justice is seeking to get the decision overturned immediately. Whether or not the injunction stands will not indicate the legal merits of the case the states have brought forth. The injunction is a procedural maneuver as to whether the amnesty plan can be halted while the courts rule on the constitutionality of the plan.

Republican Primary Fight Wide Open

Before anyone knows it, it is going to be election time throughout the United States. Next year in November the top Republican and Democrat candidates are going to debate each other as the country takes to the polls in order to elect a new president. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG ( has heard that, with President Obama exhausting his term limits, he is no longer able to run. Because of this, both Democrats and Republicans are vying for possible placement and support. Currently, Hillary Clinton has a strong lead over the other potential Democratic opponents, although few are actually coming out to compete against her yet. On the other side though, the GOP has a large select of individuals, many of whom are currently neck and neck with initial polls. Naturally, not much is known about some and they have yet to officially debate one another, but in initial polls, the race is extremely close.

New Hampshire and Iowa are two of the most important states when it comes down to determining who runs for president in each party. Currently in New Hampshire, Jeb Bush, the brother of former president George W. Bush and the son of president George H.W. Bush leads with 18 percent of Republican supporters. However, the other candidates are not far behind, with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker standing at 15 percent, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul at 14 percent and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie sitting at 13 percent of the votes.

Congress Mulls Options in Response to Possible Win in Supreme Court Obamacare Case

With the Supreme Court still four months away from issuing a ruling on the current Obamacare case called “King v. Burwell”, Congress is mulling what options it will have if outcome is in their favor. At issue is health care premium subsidies for Obamacare. Architects of the plan intended the subsidies to be available only to states operating their own health care exchanges. The health care law’s designers believed this would act as a counter-incentive for states to embrace the law and manage their own exchanges. Instead, nearly 3 in 4 states chose to let the federal government manage the health care exchange. In response, the IRS decided that although the law’s language explicitly referred to the subsidies being available to state run exchanges, they were in fact available to anyone who qualified to receive them regardless of the type of health care exchange being used.

This has led to most peculiar legal challenge says citizen Igor Cornelson. Plaintiffs, who want Obamacare overturned, are essentially arguing that the law must be followed exactly as the architects designed it to operate. Defendants are arguing that the affordability of health care premiums should supersede any dogmatic interpretation of the actual law. Should the Supreme Court rule in favor of the plaintiffs, congress will need to do something to help the 8 million people who will lose health care coverage. That is Congressman Paul Ryan’s opinion. However, others believe nothing should be done so that Obamacare can unravel and fail.

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