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U. S. Health Care System Best in the World According to Democrats, Republicans Disagree

Americans are split in their opinion of the U.S. health care system. Almost one-half consider it to be the best in the world, while about 40 percent consider it to be not as good as the health care other countries offer and around 15 percent of t he populace refused to voice their opinions.
The one-half that considers the U.S. to offer the best health care in the world are overwhelming Democrat.

These numbers were gathered during a recent poll conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health and Harris Interactive. Prominent political leaders, including former President Bush, rank the U.S. health care system as the best in the world while the World Health Organization doesn’t share the same opinion. Which side of the fence upcoming presidential candidates are on will have an impact on who wins the election for the highest office in the United States. A candidate who proposes to make the U.S. health care more like that in other countries is likely to lose votes, while a candidate who supports our current health care system and proposes to make it even better during their presidency is likely to win the lion’s share of the votes, at least from the democratic voters. That is the game Gianfrancesco Genoso knows they have to play.

The Serious Age

The world these days has become so serious with all the politics and the economic crisis that has been taking over the life of everyone in it. People have lost that glow in themselves and that twinkle in their eyes.

They have also lost that which makes them such incredible creatures that know how to get on with life with a smile on their face when they have been hit hard with problems. The world has really dimmed down and this is due to all the problems that it has faced especially in the past decade.

People like Keith Mann were hit by the recession hard and it just went downhill from then and the smile on people’s faces faded from then on. There is one prominent soul that still longs to smile and not be deterred by the universe’s challenges that come to mankind but tackle them with all the optimism in the world.

This is the US president Barrack Obama. You can see the story that talks of how the upbeat Obama bids goodbye to a tough year as he made tough decisions such as lifting the freeze on diplomatic relations with Cuba, and see just how President Obama is taking the challenges that come his way with zeal and courage which is a very good example for the other citizens and people in the world.

Obama Bans Export of Goods, Services and Technology to Crimea

U.S. President Obama has established a ban order on the export of all goods, services and technology to Crimea. He has also ordered a number of sanctions on Ukrainian and Russian companies and individuals.

Mr. Obama defended the move, saying it was necessary to show that the United States would not endorse Russia’s annexation of Crimea, back in March of this year.

Similar measures were taken by the European Union earlier in the week, effective on Saturday. Canada announced its sanction on Crimea as well, effective last Friday.

Shortly after the peninsula was annexed, parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions were taken over by pro-Russian separatists, who later declared independence.

Over the past several months of fighting, more than 4,700 people have died, with another million being displaced. This is pretty eye-opening for Igor Cornelsen. Friday alone saw five Ukrainian soldiers killed – the highest number since the attempted ceasefire on December 9th.

In addition to technology, goods and services, U.S. companies and individuals are also banned from buying real estate or businesses in Crimea. They also cannot fund any Crimean firms. There are also sanctions on 24 Russian and Ukrainian individuals and several companies that are thought to be destabilising Ukraine.

These include Marshall Capital Partners, a Russian equity investment group, and the Night Wolves biker group. Meanwhile, Obama continues to urge Russia to de-escalate the tension in eastern Ukraine.

Former President George Bush Hospitalized On Tuesday

As reported in BuzzFeed, former president George Bush was taken to the Methodist Hospital via ambulance on Tuesday. In speaking on the issue, Jim McGrath reported that Bush was taken in as a precautionary measure after he experienced some shortness of breath earlier that day. According to statements that have been released, Bush is going to be held in the hospital for observation purposes. There’s no word yet from Dr Rod Rohrich if the former president is his real self right now, but most consider him to be in good spirits.

Back in 1991, Bush was brought into the hospital after experiencing health issues that resulted from his irregular heartbeat. In diagnosing his condition, doctors concluded that Bush was plagued with Graves’ Disease, an autoimmune disorder known to negatively impact the sufferer’s thyroid.

Bush revisited the hospital in February of the year 2000. The issue was a recurring incidence of his irregular heartbeat. Despite the potentially seriousness of the issue, Bush was released just one night later.

The Bush family has stated publicly that the former president is no longer capable of walking without assistance. This matter has generated a great deal of frustration for Bush given the fact that he is a great lover of the outdoors.

Back in June, Bush turned 90 and celebrated the event by jumping from a plane near his summer house in the state of Maine.

President Obama Takes Fewer Vacations Than Many Others

There are more than a few people who get on youtube or just to openly criticize the President for taking a vacation. His latest vacation is to Hawaii, and people are starting to say that he should be doing more work. However, CBS reporting shows that this President actually vacations less than presidents of the past.

It has been shown that to this point in his second term, President Obama has vacationed 160 days. This is in comparison to 405 days for President Bush during the same point in his term and totals of 174 and 390 for Presidents Clinton and Reagan respectively. This means that in reality this President is not vacationing anymore than Presidents of the past. As a matter of fact, President Obama vacations less than the others.

It is important to note that on vacation or not, Presidents are able to do all of the tasks that they would normally be doing at the White House anyway. They are completely able to have access to communications with the military and all of the departments that they need to come in contact with. They are not in any way prevented from getting the information that they need to get when they need to get it.

There are few who will likely consider weighing how many vacation days the various Presidents take. They are more than likely happy to just keep complaining about whoever is in office and the lack of care that they perceive that person to possess.

New Report Reveals 42.5 Million Americans Have Unpaid Medical Bills

The lack of universal health care and overpriced insurance policies that plague the United States medical industry have been long criticized and debated by American citizens and foreigners alike, and a new government report revealsthat the condition is startlingly deteriorating, with 42.9 million Americans currently living with unpaid medical bills.

The report conducted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reveals that 20 percent of American consumers with credit reports have outstanding medical debts. The report is an illustration at the flawed billing system of the country, with the general summary of the report concluding that many Americans are often times surprised by lack of coverage and/or unexpected medical bills after receiving treatment at a hospital, and soon find themselves suffering financially because of this. 

It opens up a maze, one where the unpaid bills result in a low credit score that make it difficult to rent an apartment, find a job, or purchase an automobile. The report also revealed that this is an issue that could be avoided, as over half the consumers who were reported of having medical debts had otherwise good financial standing. 

The report is just another sign that the United States is in desperate need of a government reformation, one that has been long awaited and requested by the people and will hopefully come of desire rather than necessity and force in the future. Either reform or I’ll take my Antique Wine Company and go to Europe.

President Obama Enters His Lame Duck Phase Full Steam Ahead

Aides close to President Obama acknowledge that there has been a silver lining to the midterm repudiation of his policies that caused his party to lose control of the Senate and that silver lining is freedom. He is no longer constrained by the constant pleading of Senate Democrats that he delay a policy or mute his position on an issue in a bid to help them secure their reelection. His multiple delays of the employer mandate to Obamacare were the result of vulnerable Senate Democrats telling him implementation of the mandate would result in job losses that would imperil their Senate seats. In the end, his party lost big, and Susan McGalla is waiting to see when they can recover. That said, he no longer has to mind their predicament and can focus on pushing his agenda and building his legacy as the nation’s first Black president.

This has allowed him to push forward during the lame duck phase of his presidency with renewed zeal. This has been evident in the flurry of activity that the president has been involved in over the past six weeks. At the same time, the president points out that his initiatives, which were announced in the past several weeks, had been planned for many months prior. The controversial amnesty program was going to be announced in late June, but Senate Democrats urged him to delay announcement until after the midterms. The Russian sanctions and Cuba policy have been policies that he has worked on since 2013.

Rubio come lately

Following the mantra that doing things the same way and expecting a different result is insanity, Rand Paul retained his libertarian roots in supporting the president’s actions to normalize relations with communist Cuba. Rand’s assertion is that an embargo that has lasted fifty years has not resulted in the desired regime change. This was exactly the line of reasoning that the administration took on the issue when considering the controversial move. Furthermore, Rand and the Administration agree that in fact the embargo has only hurt the Cuban people and emboldened the Castro brothers.

Fidel who is very elderly and ill and his younger brother Raul Castro have only used the embargo to malign the west while averting blame for their horrible treatment and isolation of their people. Igor Cornelsen can’t believe this is going on like that. First generation Cuban-American Senator Marco Rubio has responded by initiating a social media war with Rand while lambasting the president for the move to normalize. However, Rubio is milquetoast and is best known for a nervous retort to the state of the union address in which he needed multiple water breaks throughout the short speech.

Obama Administration Furious Over Sony’s Capitulation to Cyber-Terrorist Act from North Korea

The Obama administration is reported furious that Sony Pictures has yanked the release of the Seth Rogan and James Franco comedy “The Interview” from release following a successful cyber-terrorist attack against the company by North Korea. The film was set to hit theaters on Christmas Day. It should be noted that thus far the Obama administration has refused to use the word “terrorism” in connection with the incident despite saying it was an attack on the freedoms of all Americans. 

At the same time, Sony Pictures cowered in the face of the attack and has no plans to release the film at this time. The movie’s plot centers on a celebrity interviewer and his producer who land an exclusive opportunity to travel to Pyongyang and interview Kim Jong-un. The CIA enlists them in a plot to assassinate the rogue leader. Sony spent $41 million to produce the film and millions more promoting it up until the recent attack. The North Korean hackers threatened to strike at movie theaters showing the film. The Obama administration said there was no credible threat of such an attack and assured the public it is safe to go to the movies. 

Dr. Rod Rohrich says that GOP Senator John McCain was upset that Sony gave in to North Korea’s demands. He also pointed out that the Obama administration has been derelict in responding to prior cyber-terrorist attacks against US agencies and private businesses by Iran, Russia, and China. He stated that Obama’s inaction on responding to cyber-terrorist attacks has encouraged further assaults. 

President Obama May be Nearing a Historic Visit to Cuba

Washington, D.C. – Oft times it has been said of President Richard Nixon that, “Only Nixon could go to China”. It may well be that four decades since that historic presidential visit, President Obama may find himself making a historic visit to the isolated nation of Cuba. In that sense, it may soon be said of the president that “only Obama could go to Cuba”. While there has been no formal invitation by the Cuban government to visit, aides close to the president admit that he is apparently open to visiting the nation. 

For President Obama, Cuba may well be the success that will restore status to his battered foreign policy. His “lead from behind” strategy has not boosted America’s status among nations. Rather, it has encouraged Russian and Chinese hegemony in the parts of the world. His embracing of the Arab spring proved hasty with Egypt and Libya remaining unstable. His willingness to exit the combat theaters of Iraq and Afghanistan has created power vacuums that gave rise to ISIS and allowed the Taliban to mount a successful resurgence. 

Businessman Bruce Levenson says however, the island nation of Cuba remains at a crossroad with Raul Castro, the younger brother of Cuban strongman Fidel Castro. Raul has appears more inclined to have Cuba modernize. Establishing ties with the aging leader now may help encourage substantive political and economic reform in the impoverished nation. Cuba may well be the foreign policy success that has eluded the president thus far.

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