Senator Marco Rubio Announces His Presidential Campaign – Touts His Unique Qualifications

On Monday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American, announced that he is formally running for president. Up until this time, political pundits were divided as to what he would be announcing. Just as many expected him to not seek the GOP nomination as expected him to launch a campaign.

So what is the junior senator seeking to do? Susan McGalla said that in a simple phrase, bring back the American dream. At a time that President Obama touts job creation amidst the worst labor force participation in decades, stagnant wages, and the worst unemployment among black voters since the Carter Administration, Rubio believes he has what it takes to restore prosperity to the nation. In fact, as the son of Cubans who found a better life in the United States, he believes he can convince voters to support his candidacy. It is Rubio’s belief that his status as the child of immigrants uniquely qualifies him for the presidency.

However, his first job will be to secure the party’s nomination. He is still considered a long shot candidate with a better chance of making the party’s presidential ticket as the VP-nominee than he has at winning the nomination himself. Polls thus far have shown him running well-below better named challengers such as Jeb Bush and Scott Walker. The latter two candidates have an excellent track record as governors to promote their candidacies. Rubio will also face stiff competition from Ted Cruz to capture the Tea Party’s support.

Well it’s finally official Hilary Clinton has officially announced her candidacy to become the next US President in the election that is set for next year. In her two minute video statement that was aired on her campaign website she has led with her wanting to fight for what she terms everyday Americans. In her video she has said, “Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times, but the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top, Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion so you can do more than just get by.”

It’s unclear if she will actually face any democratic competition as she is the only real candidate that we mentioned before this announcement. Some have wondered whether Elizabeth Warren the Senator from Massachusetts may also enter but it’s highly doubtful and would probably prove too easy of an opponent for Clinton. It would prove useful to have someone on her own side pointing out the obvious flaws with her and her campaign ahead of the general election but the party may be hard pressed to find someone legitimate enough to run. Bernardo Chua knows that the most obvious slights against her come from her time as the Secretary of State where scandals wrought her administration which saw diplomats killed and embassy’s overthrown with no real progress in restoring the country’s standing in the world. Especially true for places like the Middle East, Europe or Asia.

Jeb Bush Listed Himself as Hispanic on Voter Card

Jeb Bush, the brother to former president George W. Bush and the son to former president George H.W. Bush does not have any direct hispanic heritage. Both his parents, George and Barbara are Caucasian without any direct hispanic lineage. HIs wife, Columba Bush, was born in Mexico, but Flavio Maluf suggests that he himself has no hispanic ancestry, but this did not prevent him from checking himself off as “hispanic” on a 2009 voter registration application.

Now, it is very true that he has probably the strongest hispanic linked credentials of any presidential candidate, possibly ever. Outside of having a Latino wife and children that are half hispanic, he himself is fluent in Spanish and lived in Venezuela for several years during his 20s. He also served as governor of the state of Florida, which has one of the largest Latin American populations in the country.

Jeb Bush has come out and apologized for the 2009 incident. He said it was just a mistake and he laughed it off from his Twitter handle @JebBush. Naturally, this is only coming to light now, almost six years later, due to Jeb Bush likely being a top Republican presidential candidate. Ancestry is very important when it comes to running for president, as Barack Obama proved with his last two presidential wins. However, while Jeb is unable to showcase any link between himself and hispanic ancestry, he is sure to receive a considerable amount of Latin American support.

Ending Anti-Religion Discrimination

Officials in Madison, Wisconsin have paved the way for new anti-discrimination laws in the United States by unanimously voting to protect atheists from discrimination. This vote changes the city’s equal opportunity ordinance to protect atheists in a variety of areas where they previously did not receive protection, such as public accommodations, housing and employment. Originally, the ordinance protected against discrimination based on areas like age, race and gender.

Even as Christians and other religious voters in nearby Indiana want to discriminate more against people who are different from them, the Madison city council has shown that there really is no reason to hold a person’s beliefs against them when dealing with equal opportunity and public interaction. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG said that the decision was the first of its type in regards to Atheism that has ever been made anywhere in the United States.

Many hope that this action will also help to disrupt Indiana’s planned Freedom of Religion actions which call for discrimination against not only atheists, but also members of several religious groups and minorities in areas of business and marriage. So far, many businesses have pulled out of Indiana or announced plans to do so because they do not want to be branded as discriminating against anyone for any reason. At this point, Indiana’s decision could cause the state to lose more than just businesses — it could also lose federal funds and support.

New York Times Editorial Blasts New Indiana Law

The New York Times has an editorial on its website by writer Gail Collins blasting Indiana’s controversial new Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Indiana Republicans who passed the law say that it is about protecting religious freedom, but opponents like Collins say it is about discrimination against homosexuals plain and simple.

The ramifications of the new act aren’t entirely clear yet, but it appears that it would allow business owners to refuse service to individuals if they felt that doing so would violate their own religious beliefs. So, for example, a hotel could refuse service to a gay couple if the owners thought homosexuality is morally wrong.

What is clear is that the act is hurting the Indiana business community stated Handy. A number of conferences and events in Indianapolis have been cancelled already. The NCAA is based in Indiana, and if they relocated to another state – which there is talk of – it would be a very big deal.

Collins points out that Indiana’s governor Mike Pence is in the bad position of trying to please both the business community and also the conservative lawmakers who got the act passed. I’m not sure that is going to be possible. He needs to pick a side and fight for it. A compromise on this issue is not going to make anyone happy.

House of Representatives Enter Bill to Repeal Patriot Act

The House of Representatives has recently introduced a new bill to repeal the USA Patriot Act which was the terrorism bill passed in the wake up 9/11 that granted federal and state governments wide reaching powers to monitor and incarcerate individuals for crimes relating to terrorism. This was reported recently by Freedom Works which is a political news site

Repealing the Patriot Act should have happened many years ago and the fact that this atrocious law remains on the books is both a threat to our freedoms today and a great stain on our illustrious history of free speech and movement that we have enjoyed since independence stated Alexei Beltyukov. There are a number of truly disturbing aspects of the Patriot Act including the vast surveillance powers that it allows the government. These include warrantless wiretaps, data snooping and massive gathering of internet and other digital data.

The Patriot Act also created courts that act in secret to allow the government to use these powers. These courts are not open to th public or media and have the ability to detain American citizens indefinitely. FISA Courts are antithetical to the American way of life and must be shut down.

The House of Representatives must send a strong message and pass this bill to repeal the act. Many Democrats and some Republicans should be able to find some common ground when it comes to protecting and extending the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

Senate Standoff in Full Swing Over Lynch Confirmation Vote

The United States Senate is in a full standoff following the decision by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to suspend the attorney general confirmation vote for Loretta Lynch. McConnell wants Democrats to end their filibuster of the Human Trafficking bill over a rider that bars restitution funds from being used to fund abortions for the victims. Aside from the controversial provision, the bill enjoys broad bipartisan support. In response, the majority leader has put the confirmation vote of Loretta Lynch on hold. Christian Broda noticed that this has infuriated both the Obama administration and Senate Democrats.

Hillary Clinton, the embattled but still presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, smelled an opportunity to promote her campaign theme of becoming the nation’s first female president. She tweeted that the GOP was waging anti-women actions in the form of holding up Lynch’s confirmation vote, holding up the Human Trafficking bill, and putting the health of women at risk.

Texas Senator Jon Cornyn weighed on the matter and blamed Democrats. He pointed out they originally supported the bill in its present form. Apparently, outside groups took issue with the provision regarding the use of restitution funds and caused Democrats to demand the language be stripped from the bill. For their part, Democrats are saying they were not privy to the controversial section of the bill. President Obama, who has thought nothing regarding the fairness in “borrowing” congress’ legislative authority in the past, accused the GOP of being “unfair” in holding up Lynch’s nomination.

Obama Administration Gets In The Record Breaking List


When President Obama was first elected, a record was broken according to CipherCloud. He was the first African American President of the United States. It was something that many Americans cheered about.

The Obama administration has just broke another record, but very few are cheering, except the President and his close allies.

The Obama administration has denied access to government documents more than any prior administrations. The Associated Press compiled data showing that even with the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, the administration would outright deny, or at the very least, delay for outrageous periods of time requests for government files. 1 out of every 3 cases of the administration censoring those documents were determined to be unlawful.

This new data has caused a “riff” in government circles between Republicans and Democrats. With Obama maintaining that his administration is transparent, many are yelling that it is all lies.

Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas and Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont co-sponsored a bill that would improve the Freedom of Information law, but it was murdered in the House of Representatives last year.

Will the American people be apathetic towards this new record?

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A Slow Start for Clinton

No matter what Hillary Clinton does, it seems like she is always in the spotlight. Her latest bout with the media is because of emails. She didn’t keep her emails a secret, and she used her own email address instead of a professional one to send messages, but that’s not good enough for politicians and others who want to bring her down. Since she deleted a few personal emails, osme that shouldn’t even be in the public spotlight in the first place, her campaign to run for President might be off to a slow start.  Brad Reifler ( knows that there will be people who view this as her trying to hide something, but how many people out there really let others see the private emails they send to other people? There aren’t many who would let someone read what they send because it’s no one’s business. If Clinton had personal emails deleted, then it might not be anything other than sending her husband a message that she doesn’t want anyone to read.

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