Qualifications Of A Personal Injury Attorney Such As Dan Newlin

For someone to offer legal services in US, a personal injury attorney should pass a printed bar examination and, in several instances, a printed ethics examination. Bar examinations differ from state to state. Nevertheless, most states need candidates to have finished a 4-year university degree plus law degree from a certified law school (California is among the distinguished exemption, although the non-certified law school should satisfy particular requirement.)

In majority of states, a personal injury attorney is supposed to take a Multistate Bar Examination (MBE), the Multistate Essay Examination (MEE), as well as the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) plus state bar examination. Several states need another examination, the Multistate Performance Test (MPT), also.

As soon as one is admitted to state bar, personal injury attorney should stay up-to-date on current lawful and non-lawful happenings in their area. The sum of CLE hours needed differs with state.

Attorneys can focus their work to specific scopes of law that is normally factual about personal injury attorneys. By restricting the variety of lawsuits they tackle, personal injury attorneys are capable of acquiring particular knowledge as well as experience. Nevertheless, to be accredited as a professional in personal damage, an attorney should do a specialty accreditation program licensed by American Bar Association (ABA). The specific states control the attorneys in their own states plus promulgate guidelines of specialized responsibility. These guidelines conform to US constitution.

Accreditation programs have established principles of competence, skills and understanding that attorneys should meet so as to be acknowledged in their field of work as a professional. Attorneys who have done a specialty accreditation course in personal damage law at a licensed certifying institution are acknowledged as personal damage professionals. Several states, like New Jersey, provide an accreditation as a “Certified Trial Attorney” that may be a lawyer for the plaintiff or the defense. Not every state acknowledges a field of personal damage advocate. For example, Ohio doesn’t have such title as a professional in personal damage. Several states, like Arizona, limit the utilization of the terms “specialist” or “specialize” in allusion of a personal damage attorney just to those attorneys who have acquired a license from the ‘State Bar Board of Legal Specialization.’

The career organization of most attorneys varies extensively. When licensed, an attorney might handle any type of lawsuit regardless of whether they have lots of experience or not. Nonetheless, legal ethics call for an inexperienced attorney to enlist proper assistance or spend the time learning the matters to wholly represent a client. Most attorneys fancy focusing on one section of law so as to gain the skills and know-how necessary to offer the top quality law representation to clients.

Dan Newlin is among the best personal injury attorneys in US. He has a law office in Florida and works with a group of highly educated and experienced lawyers.

What Makes A Successful Entrepreneur?


An important part of the American Dream is become a self-sufficient entrepreneur, to be able to control your own destiny and grow to beyond your wildest dreams. The unfortunate truth is most people let their own self-doubt and insecurities get in the way of breaking out from the achieving their goals. 

A Dallas, Texas based entrepreneur named Marc Sparks is an example of not letting your average schooling, or background stand in your way of becoming the best you can be. In fact, Mr. Sparks is currently working on a book titled “They Can’t Eat You” that outlines how anyone can become a successful business owner. Sparks, currently the head of Timber Creek Capital, an investment and venture capital firm, has been involved in the telecommunications, real estate, and business solutions sectors. 

An entrepreneur is someone who starts a business (or multiple businesses), ignoring the risks in order to achieve their goals. Some entrepreneurs define their goals as wealth or financial success while others seek to build their business to provide social good. The goals of becoming an entrepreneur are as varied as entrepreneurs are themselves, but the common thread among all of them is a desire to achieve their goals whatever they may be. 

Entrepreneurs share a number of common traits and characteristics. All of theses attributes can be learned and developed albeit some easier than others. The basic characteristics of any entrepreneur are that they are leaders. They have learned how to get people to follow them on their path, or buy their goods or services. A good leader will make people want to follow them, not by coercion or manipulation, but by their charisma and the faith they have in themselves and those around them. They see things from a high level, but do not hesitate to put up the shovel and dig the hole themselves if that is what is needed to complete the task.

As leaders, they demonstrate an unshakable belief in themselves and in their mission. If they have set out to provide a new service, then they will have absolute confidence that their service is the best available to solve their customer’s problems and fill their needs. However, they also know that an unwavering belief has to be tempered with the ability to change and make corrections to their paths as additional, newer or more accurate information becomes available. Their core values do not change, but the path to achieving those values remain flexible.

Marc Sparks will likely agree that an entrepreneur must develop the habit of planning everything like a chess master. Also, entrepreneurs must become their own most ardent self-promoters. Above all to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to enjoy what you do and have fun in the process.

Andy Wirth Survives Deadly Skydiving Accident Thanks to Pearl Jam


Andy Wirth was recently appointed chairman to the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board but before that crowning moment the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski nearly lost it all. Last October Wirth was involved in a deadly sky diving accident that left without an arm, struggling to stay alive. As is his style in business, Wirth kept a cool head and relied on his unconventional nature to save his own life.

Andy Wirth may not be an adrenaline junky but he definitely likes to push himself against nature. Wirth is an accomplished triathlete with focus on cycling and running but his passion has always been for skydiving. The Squaw Valley CEO learned to skydive and quickly made it one of his weekend hobbies. Last year in one of his routine jumps he was blown off course and forced to try a landing in a crowded vineyard, which is dangerous and far from ideal. Wirth ended up clipping a pole and getting hung up while in the process watching his arm get ripped from its socket.

Spouting blood and knowing that help was at least twenty minutes away the businessman turned to his own cool nature to stay alive. Wirth began to hum the Pearl Jam song “Keep Breathing” in order to fight the rapidly impending shock. Using his fist as a ball underneath his injured arm, Wirth was able to prevent himself from bleeding out until help arrived. He would spend three months in a hospital recuperating.

A fortunate meeting after discharge brought Wirth face to face with a Navy Seal unit. He made friends with a few members and they went on to form a competitive triathlete team called the Special Warfare Warrior Support Team. They raise funds for Navy Seals who have lost either their limbs or lives while in service. Wirth cites his friendship with these Navy Seals as the primary motivator to keep going and keep trying to get back to his old self and now he competes in Ironman competitions with the team. Wirth has come a long way since that dreaded October accident and he won’t be slowed down any time soon.

A dog’s diet changes everything

I recently adopted an older dog from the SPCA. When I got him, he was being fed a very cheap brand of dog food. He was very lethargic and would barely walk up the stairs to the bedrooms. He acted exactly as you would expect a dog of 10-12 years would act. I tried to get him to play or even just run after me, but he only looked up with his droopy eyes, and sighed at all of my attempts. This concerned me a lot and I took him to multiple vets asking them what I could do to make him more active. Each of the vets suggested that he needed more opportunity for exercise and socialization. I took him to dog parks and tried to get him into as many dog social activities I could. Each time he would simply lay down and look up at me. That’s when I changed his diet from the cheapest dog food I could find to Beneful via wiki. Within a month of changing his dog food he began to be more chipper. When I came home he would jump up and spin around. This change was a amazing. At the dog parks he began running with the rest of the dogs, and suddenly he had friends and he didn’t want to lie around the house or the park.

Brazil’s Diverse Economy; Exports Surge

The supply of iron ore that Brazil produces surged in June. Brazil is the second largest iron ore exporter in the world, after Australia. China leads in demand of consumption of Brazil’s export. Brazil is a resource-rich country that has proved to be a great investment for people living there, but also foreign investors. Brazil is the largest economy in South America, and it is seen as an important hub for both its geographic location, as well as its resources. Iron ore is just one of these resources, and it saw records in output break this year from its mining giant Vale. Vale’s mining also saw records in its production of copper, as well as gold. South Korea spent $100 Million in the mining company Manabi Holding SA in 2011 for an iron-ore exploration project.

Zeca Oliveira is an investor in Brazil. He is the president of Bridge Trust, which is a Brazilian-based investment group. He has long been a prominent figure in business, both in Brazil and worldwide. Bridge Trust does not focus in the manufacturing processes of Brazil’s economy, but the products and services side.

Another way that Zeca Oliveira is a prominent figure in business, is his entrepreneurial methods. In 2012 he took over as a vice president of an Olympic club. He then invested in the team. He says that it will help Brazil’s chances in 2016.

Brazil is hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics which will be held mainly in Rio de Janeiro, but will have other venues elsewhere throughout the country. Brazil is the first country in South America to have ever hosted the Olympic Games, and it is seen as a symbol of pride to have the country host the games.

For a long time, Brazil has been seen as an agricultural or manufacturing hub, but it is emerging with a diverse economy, that seems to have a vital future. The Summer Olympics will only improve its economy due to the foreign investors that see it is a great opportunity for tourism.

Joseph Bismark: Adding a New Dimension to Business

While browsing through “Come on Valerie” I recently stumbled upon an article about the philosopher and business phenomenon Joseph Bismark. Incorporating his philosophy and philanthropic nature into his business affairs, Mr. Bismark has been a force for the success of the multinational QI Group team which he co-founded with visionary Vijay Eswaran. Born in the Philipines, he is certified as a philosopher and meditation trainer. His road to spiritualism began at the age of nine when he embarked on the journey of becoming an ordained monk. I found this to be highly intriguing, as he was born into a very wealthy family. How many of us would leave behind riches to live a solitary and humble religious life in the mountains? However, he realized that finances were not as important as some would believe, and set out to find a more harmonious happiness. 

At the age of 17, after returning home, he became a guru after the influence of a disciple of the Hare Krishna Movement imparted a new direction to his being. He has been spreading his wealth of knowledge and spiritual guidance globally ever since, as a servant of God. I find Bismark’s devotion to religion and service to be admirable and respectable in today’s cut-throat world. Bismark spends a large portion of his time presiding over charitable efforts, specifically with the RHYTHM Foundation. His Gem-of-Wisdom series is especially remarkable. Introduced to inspire amateur entrepreneurs, it is a collection of ideas and experience devoted to educating the future management class. 
What I found most remarkable about the man was his steadfast ethos concerning the work environment. He fully believes that peace of mind and spirituality in the workplace serve to create a brotherhood within co-workers and peers, ultimately leading to group success. This is exactly why I respect the man so much. He implores his disciples to attain success respectfully, to step up with their peers and not to step on. He preaches reaching for something greater than oneself while staying humble and respectful to those to whom you owe your success no matter your ranking.

The Evolution of Mobile Wi-Fi Plans

Mobile Wi-Fi plans are data plans that enable you to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots for internet access. These Wi-Fi plans are especially to travelers as they allow them access the internet from whatever location they are in. With the increase in the popularity and subsequently, numbers of iPads and tablets among the population, the need for a mobile Wi-Fi plan has significantly increased. Owners of the tablets and iPads want to be able to use them while they are on the move to browse the internet, access social networks and watch and download videos online. These has triggered new entries into the mobile data market whose aim is to provide cheap but affordable data to its users. An example of such an entry is FreedomPop.

FreedomPop recently launched a low-cost Wi-Fi service that enables users get, for just $5, boundless use of and automated sign-on to 10 million hotspots across the U.S. This came just a while after they launched and started offering free, basic cellular voice and data plans. This Wi-Fi service that can work on a user’s multiple devices was first made available on FreedomPop’s Android app. The CEO and co-founder of the company, Stephen Stokols, said that they had been waiting to get something compelling that ensured the Wi-Fi experience worked like cellular and when they achieved that, they added the Wi-Fi plan to their service. FreedomPop did not specify who provides for its Wi-Fi, but Stokols noted that the service would be provided at retail locations such as Burger King, Best Buy, Starbucks and McDonalds’s. Mr. Stokols also mentioned that this service is an opportunity to cut cellular data bills by half by delivering value despite the carrier the user is on. The service also targets users that have phones that have no connectivity. An MVNO deal enables these that the company has with Sprint, which gives them an opportunity to provide more value to abandoned phones while offering a cost-efficient service.

On May 12, 2015, FreedomPop announced that it was opening up in the UK as a SIM-only service. The service provides 200 minutes of calls, 200 texts and 200MB of data. Free international calling to 60 countries, free services to other FreedomPop users and an allowance to carry forward data to other subsequent months also comes with the deal. The company also announced the launch of Jetsetter, a free roaming data SIM that would launch later in the year. The company partnered with the carrier, Three for its premier commercial offering with the hopes of a second carrier joining in the UK. The company has also signed deals with six other carriers over nine countries. The UK being one of the biggest and most saturated and competitive markets in Europe, the move was bold. However, the CEO sees the move as a growth opportunity for FreedomPop because no one can compete with free.

Joseph Bismark Shows How To Achieve Success and Happiness

I came across a great article about Joseph Bismark on this new blog Left Handed Right Mind– check it out.

Joseph Bismark is a talented, diverse business leader who lives among a spiritual community in the Philipines. Bismark’s attitude toward health and wellness places great emphasis on energy conservaton and recycling. 

Bismark co-founded the QI Group in 1998. The company is a diversified company that deals with direct selling, financial services, education an hospitality. QI Group employs people in 30 countries around the globe and regional offices all over Asia. Through Bismark’s leadership, the company has continued to see rapid and sustaining success. 

QI’s marketing platform is direct selling. The thousands of independent representatives sell a number of health and wellness products. Following his own example regarding energy conservation, Bismark relies solely on solar power to generate electricity. The QI Tower in Malaysia stresses paperless billing and the scant use of paper products to which helps the timber industry. 

Bismark heads the Rythm Foundation and the Vijayaratnam Foundation. Both carry out charitable endeavors that include fighting hunger and providing basic needs to the less fortunate. Bismark’s Taarana School in Malaysia, helps children with special needs. Those who know Bismark say he is admired for his amazing generosity and love of mankind.

It is Bismark’s goal to continue to inspire young entrepreneurs through his amazing vision and incredible leadership.


5 Qualities of a Good Personal Injury Attorney

When you need to file an injury claim, choosing the right lawyer is one of your greatest concerns. The attorney you choose can determine whether you win or lose the claim. Here are several qualities you should look for in a personal injury attorney to increase your chances of winning.

1. Experience

An experienced personal injury attorney, such as Dan Newlin, will know what to look for and where to look for it when investigating your claim. The lawyer you choose should know your state’s laws and standards pertaining to personal injury and their relevance to your case.

Hiring an inexperienced lawyer to represent you in a personal injury lawsuit is a gamble. Their inexperience can cause you to lose the case. An experienced lawyer gives you sure footing in the courtroom.

2. Specialization

The field that the lawyer you choose specializes in can be a determining factor in your case. Choose a lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases to represent you in your claim, increasing your chances of winning. Since most personal injury cases are resolved by settlement, a personal injury lawyer is better placed to value the compensation you are entitled to accurately.

3. Reputation

Your attorney’s reputation precedes them as you go towards a trial or proceed with negotiations. If your lawyer has a reputation for winning difficult cases, the defendant is more likely to cave in and settle.

Your lawyer’s reputation with the court also matters. Ethical conduct and good behavior in court will put you in the court’s favor. This improves your chances of winning the claim and getting better compensation.

4. Personality

The attorney you choose should be accommodating to you. He or she should take his or her time to answer your questions and be willing to offer an explanation for areas you are unsure of to clear your doubts. A lawyer who is not willing to spend some time to make sure you are comfortable is not likely to put your interests first. The state of a lawyer’s office serves as an indication of their personality.

5. Charges

A good personal injury lawyer should not charge any consultation fees on your first visit to their office. Professional personal injury attorneys will not bill you unless you win the injury claim. The fees charged by an attorney should be reasonable enough. Exorbitant charges show that the lawyer is interested in money than justice.

These qualities should help you choose the right lawyer and better your chances of getting compensation for personal injury. Dan Newlin is an experienced injury attorney, who previously served as a law enforcement officer for over 10 years. His firm offers experienced legal representation to accident and injury victims. Consultation is free for all potential clients.

Hats Off to You Mr. President!

President Obama announced a new demonstration project that will bring free or low cost broadband to over 200,000 families in public or subsidized housing, reported Uplifting News. The new project called Connect Home offers a chance for students of low income families to have the same advantages to study as other students once they come home with access to the internet for research. Bringing the project about is the duty of HUD, and it is doing so with very little federal funding.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is partnering with eight major internet providers to bring their services to residents of HUD sponsored housing. Big name electronic retailers, through their own funding are offering technical training to the residents, and they are also kicking in with large cash donations. Ricardo Tosto (chambersandpartners.com) has learned that, at this point in the project, only 28 demonstration communities are eligible for the service to help HUD find the solutions to bring it to all those who live in public housing. Planning continues to add it to assisted living communities as well in the future reports The Hill.

You have to take your hat off to President Obama because he has moved some mountains, and brought about some very fine things for low income and middle class Americans in his time in office. Hats off Mr. President, and thank you.

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