Why Does Duda Melzer Want To Share His Leadership Style With All?

Duda Melzer has actually shared his leadership ideals in a summit at Santa Catarina, and he wants to make sure that people in Brazil understand that he thinks differently than other leaders. He believes that he can help people get better jobs by working with RBS Group leadership to grow the company. He is the next person in his family to become the CEO, and he takes over from his cousin who left him a very solid company to work with.

The young people of Brazil want to see someone just like them running large companies, and that makes Duda Melzer one of the best role models in the country for young people. He also wants to show the country that investing in other businesses is very necessary for success. The success of a company like his is contingent on other companies having a chance to grow.

RBS Group can offer more services to people with a larger workforce, and Duda Melzer wants everyone he hires to believe that they are a part of something much larger than just the jobs they do every day. RBS Group is helping people exchange ideas and stay in touch with those they love, and it is very easy for people to realize that they play a bigger role in the world and the economy when they work for a visionary like Duda Melzer.

Duda Melzer has spent a lifetime preparing for the moment where his company would be his own, would be ready for someone like him and would be ready to offer the assistance that would grow Brazil. His homeland is in need of better communications solutions, and these solutions only come with expansion. Duda Melzer’s soft touch in each part of his company will motivate workers and improve morale in the industry.



Great Hair With Wen By Chaz Dean

Lustrous, beautiful hair, the kind that swings in the breeze and turns heads everywhere you go, has always eluded me. I’ve still had a good life, but I’ve always longed for the great-looking hair that women on television and in magazines seem to take for granted.
My hair is very oily and lank, so it’s hard to style. It’s just flat. It sits there. I wrote about my hair adventures on www.Bustle.com, so you can tell it’s been an obsession.

I’d given up on having great hair until I heard about the WEN hair by Chaz Dean shampoo and conditioner product line. These Sephora endorsed very natural products were developed by the stylist in response to the complaints he’d heard from his clients who wanted a great hair product that would make their hair clean and bouncy.

I tried the Amazon best seller Sweet Almond Mint style of shampoo and conditioner for a week, using a large palm full with each washing. Wow! Within days I was getting compliments, and by the end of the week I was a whole new me. Wow!

Yes, I’ll be using more and more of these shampoos and conditioners. I’d like to try the Fig scent as well, as it is just yummy.

Thank you Wen hair by Chaz, for giving me new hair!

FAQ page: http://www.wen.com/faq.html


Adam Goldenberg: Bringing Fun Into Fashion And Business

One of the aspects of Adam Goldenberg’s success is that he has a lot of fun with what he has put together. Adam Goldenberg has developed his passion for fashion and apparel. He has studied the industry closely. He has then found a new opening in the form of fashion e-commerce. He and his partner have decided that fashion needed to be a social, engaging and fun activity in order for it to work in the online realm. They worked hard to provide just that for the customers. Goldenberg and Ressler have decided on making their e-commerce retail site as easy to customize for customers as possible.

Adam Goldenberg and Dan have put together a platform for people to personalize their selections. They have also hired designers and style consultants. Most of all, they have put together a model for subscription that is very attractive for customers. They also made sure that they kept the pricing at a reasonable level so that people will be more likely to use the model for subscription. They gave members a subscription service called JustFab which sends them a selection of clothing that they have chosen each month for $40. Adam Goldenberg is also working on something beyond this subscription service.

Among other things that his company is doing for women is putting together a style board that shows women the ideal ways to wear the items that were shipped to them. There are a lot of complete outfits that are worn by models on Racked. This is to inspire women to find a look that they love. They could also put together their own look and respond with their own outfits.

One thing that could inspire people is to find out that Don and Adam were not that knowledgeable about women’s fashion when they started the fashion line. One thing that they paid attention to was the potential that the company had in order to succeed. They learned everything they could about fashion as they ran their business. They also focused on multiple aspects of retail and clothing. They made sure that the clothing they were given was made of high quality material. They also made sure that they were able to sell these items at a low price. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JustFab

Securus Releases Information About Abuses By Global Tel Link

Securus Technologies is releasing as series of press releases that highlight the gross mistreatment and abuses of inmates and their families by Global Tel Link. Global Tel Link is a telecommunications company that bids on contracts with federal and state prison systems for communication services. They provide these services to the inmates and their families. Securus Technologies is releasing this information in order to highlight the wrongdoings in the industry and to shame Global Tel Link into doing the right thing and stop committing these crimes.

Securus began by releasing the first in series of 6 press releases that highlight the abuse and misdeeds committed by Global Tel Link. The first press release details a series of findings from an investigation by the Louisiana Public Service Commission. This investigation took 18 months, and the document was released in January of 1998. Even though the document is nearly 18 years old, Securus believes it is still relevant.

Securus believes that these abuses and misdeeds have never stopped and that this document can shed some light on the type of misdeeds that have occurred ever since Global Tel Link began providing phone service to inmates in Louisiana. Furthermore, they believe that these abuses have not been limited to Louisiana, but have occurred at the facilities around the country where Global Tel Link has provided services.

There are four main abuses highlighted in the document. These include hiking rates beyond allowed tariffs, tampering with clocks in order to add time to calls, double and triple billing customers, and added unaccounted for and unexplained charges to the bills of customers.

Securus is a telecommunications and safety company that provides a wide variety of services to inmates and law enforcement officers at facilities around the country. They are headquartered in Dallas, Texas and also have offices in other parts of Texas and in Atlanta, GA.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Doe Deere And Lime Crime In Driver’s Seat For Successful Female Entrepreneurs

It ain’t a crime to love Lime Crime makeup. Seriously though, the crazy-colored cosmetics brand has been sparkling through the competition and making a major name for itself, thanks to Doe Deere. A fascinating interview in GaloreMag.com paints the pretty picture.

The Lime Crime CEO and founder has slowly found her niche in the cut-throat, ever-changing business world of beauty. Doe Deere knew she had a super concept but wasn’t exactly sure the world was watching. However, she was wrong and in a good way.

Today, eight years after Lime Crime launched, the modern makeup line is sitting pretty at the top of the social media heap, with a growing 2.2 million Instagram followers. Fans are loyal and love adorning themselves with Lime Crime’s beyond the rainbow color palettes. Metallic Gold, Squash and Mushroom are just a sampling of the wacky-cool Lime Crime lipstick shades young women are obsessed with.

Even Self-Made magazine is impressed with Lime Crime’s creator, catapulting Doe Deere to further recognition with their recent list of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs. Doe Deere made the cut along with other worthy recipients like Arianna Huffington and Suze Orman, who are successful veteran businesswomen.

That’s not too shabby for the little girl from Russia who grew up with a wonderful imagination and love of bright colors along with fantastical creatures like the elusive unicorn.

Doe Deere took those dreams with her to New York City and forged ahead. She founded Lime Crime, because she had a tough time finding vibrant, head-turning makeup even in a metropolis as enormous as NYC. She hoped there were other women out there who shared her love of bold beauty and would find her Lime Crime brand and buy it.

Social media has played a significant role in Lime Crime’s success and for its online shopping website. Doe Deere strongly believes that e-commerce is the way shoppers prefer finding new, interesting things to buy. Her strong presence on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and others allow her to stay connected with her loyal, global fan base.

Finding Legal Issues in Unexpected Places

It’s self apparent that the law is a part of everyone’s life. But I, like most people, tend to think of it on a very personal level. I consider how my actions would fit into the law. But I don’t often consider the underlying legal factors and deals which allow medications to get onto the market. Or where those profits will end up going. But a recent case involving Laidlaw & Company has made me far more aware of just how ubiquitous legal issues really are.

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern

Laidlaw & Company recently received a temporary restraining order and associated injunction. The investment bank is currently settling legal matters between itself and a clinical-stage company by the name of Relmada Therapeutics. And the medical company is insistent that Laidlaw & Company has been spreading misleading information about them. It seems plausible enough for the court to begin acting on that concern even while proceedings are still in motion. The matter is further complicated by the fact that Laidlaw & Company had previously served as an investment banker to Relmada Therapeutics. As an outside observer, I found this entire situation fascinating and rather complex.

Looking into Laidlaw & Company helped to add a little extra context for me. To be sure, it’s still a complex case. But I was at least able to understand where Laidlaw & Company was coming from. The company’s principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, are highly featured within the Laidlaw & Company site. I also found it quite interesting to see the company’s history, dating all the way back to 1846. To put things into the proper historical context, Lincoln was only just getting married when Laidlaw & Company were formed.

Laidlaw & Company strikes me as an investment bank which has a lot of momentum behind it. It’s easy for a company with such an extensive history to seem a bit overly harsh at times. But I also believe that any entity which has survived intact since 1846 will by necessity have some bluntness to its approach at times. If so, it’s a philosophy which seems to be working for it since they’re thriving in both the US and Europe.

Take Control With Better Reputations Free Assessment

In today’s digital world, news travels at what seems like the speed of light. As a business, your reputation can either make or break your success. Especially, Google Reviews popping up on the side of the search results. Not to mention the vast sea of review sites that blanket the internet. A single bad review can send your 5-star fame spiraling.

Obviously, this rule of thumb doesn’t only apply to businesses. Job seekers and other professionals can also feel the wrath of negative reviews. Fortunately, there are ways to counter the bad and highlight the great. A growing trend is the use of an online reputation management firm.

Suffering from the actions of bad apples, there is little one can do, alone. The internet is so large that a small less than positive review has the ability to go viral within a short time. That’s why online reputation management firms exist. These are the pros at keeping your name clean. An up-and-coming firm that stands out from all the rest is Better Reputation. Their name says it all.

Keep your profile clean, and your reviews positive with Better Reputation. Protect your brand and reputation from those horrible reviews and nasty comments. It’s understandable that not every review a company or comment a person receives is above average. It is important to know your online presence and what message it sends to potential prospects.

Get ahead of the slander and take charge today! Better Reputation gets it! They know your digital image is just as important as your personal image, which is why they go to bat for you! Let them take care of the ugly, so you can get back to enjoying the positive side of life. Act now and get a free reputation management assessment today. By clicking here, you have made a choice to better online reputation. That’s a step in the POSITIVE direction!

More information:

Online Reputation Management Matters


As Coworking Buildings Grow in Popularity, Workville Becomes the Premier Example In NYC


Millennial and other 21st-century office workers have a similar mission and a similar goal and many of them are opting for co-working spaces. This group of office workers and small business owners are drawn to the community style that co-living spaces offer. They typically work best in a setting where they are independent, yet can rely on those around them.

The new breed of co-workers prefer structure, safety and the ability to focus on their work while allowing others to maintain the details of the office. Details such as cleaning the office every week and making coffee throughout the day are tasks that office owners must put up with, bu these are tasks that superior co-working spaces automatically include when renting out space. With reasonable costs, it is easy to see why they have become a popular choice for workers in office settings.

Workville NYC is a Premier Coworking Space

In the past decade, an innovating co-working space has risen to the top of this category of community buildings. If you are working in NYC, it is conveniently located on the 21st floor of the luxury office building at 1412 Broadway. This puts the building right in the center of the downtown area with prime access in any direction to the city. Workville coworking space NYC is a unique combination of luxury and convenience that is only a short distance from Times Square.

Aside from its central location, Workville NYC offers many amenities to make it easier for workers to focus their time and energy on their work. High-speed internet, 24 hour-a-day access, daily cleaning, fresh coffee, private phone lines, mail service and printers are all included in the monthly rent.

These amenities create a smooth working environment, and Workville also has three terraces as an added benefit for the tenants. Whenever someone may want to step outside or have a private conversation, there are three beautiful terraces around the building for fresh air.

Workville is a working culture of high-quality new and established small businesses who have decided that they would rather be surrounded by others with the same mindsets when it comes to focusing attention on their businesses. Co-working spaces allow all to be committed to the same goal of success.

The lounge area and café’ offer places where co-workers can meet for conversation and a sense of camaraderie, outside of their private sections. This environment allows everyone to work individually while still being a part of the community.

Bearish George Soros Is Hunkering Down For Economic Failure

For years now, George Soros has made very few changes to his investment strategies. Yet, now he is making some big changes that signal he has become a bearish investor, hunkering down, preparing to weather a bad economic storm that George Soros claims to see just over the horizon, as it were. Many investment analysts are paying attention. He has been right so many times before, that they are smart to pay attention to his wisdom. He has, after all, amassed his own fortune of approximately $30 billion.

Soros has made many comments in the last year, some of which ended up in publications on Wall Street, that make it clear he does not intend to continue supporting stocks that he believes may completely fail in the near future. He has sold millions of his equities assets and then turned around and immediately bought large amounts of gold and invested in active gold mines. Both of these moves signal his belief in a major economic downturn, very soon.

He has made many comments pertaining to China’s economic problems with corruption and over-growth in all of their markets. He says he is concerned that China’s finances will soon drop through the floorboards. George Soros worries that China’s problem will become everyone in the world’s problem soon, similar to how Greece caused major upheaval in the European Union (EU) when they defaulted on a major loan, but on a much bigger scale. He believes not only all Asian countries will have their economies pulled down, but that everyone who relies on China, including much of the West will suffer as well.

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George Soros just made big bearish bets? Everybody panic… and then consider buying

The reason analysts are so concerned is that Soros has been right in his predictions and investment savvy, on very similar situational terms, a number of times in the past. He certainly did correctly predict the fall of the British pound in the 1980s, betting against it by shorting it in the market. He was proved right and his investment paid off well over a billion dollars for him. This is why everyone is so concerned and paying close attention to Soros’ actions.

Born in the Eastern European country of Hungary in the year 1930, George Soros has always come out on top. When the German Nazi regime invaded his country in World War II, he was a teenager who resisted and survived. In the early years of the Cold War, after the end of World War II, Soros escaped Soviet occupation and made it to England. There he absorbed himself in studies at the famous London School of Economics. After graduating, he moved to the U.S. Not only has he amassed a large fortune, he has also been quite involved in social activism, promoting political reform, and lots of generous philanthropy. This includes his founding of the Open Society Foundations (OSF). The OSF promotes human rights and democracy in all parts of the world where people are being oppressed by their own governments.

Learn more about George Soros:



Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts Made A Comeback In 2016 After Four Years Of Drought

Last year was a miserable year for the ski resorts in Northern and Southern California. In fact, 2015 was a miserable year for the residents of California. Mandatory water rationing was the flavor of the day for residents.

Fruit and vegetable farmers were trying to stay afloat in the driest weather in decades. Ski resorts had to make their own snow to compensate for the gaps in real snow on their precious ski runs.

But some skiers still said Lake Tahoe ski resorts runs felt like dirt instead of snow. The 60-degree temperatures and the lack of snow closed several resorts in Northern California, but Squaw Valley, the mother of all ski resorts, stayed open as long as it could thanks to the smart thinking of Andy Wirth, the CEO, and Chairman of Squaw Valley.

Andy Wirth was a guest on the Press Play with Madeline Brand KCRW radio show. Mr. Wirth said that his ski resort had a decent 2015 in spite of the four-year drought. Squaw Valley is an enormous piece of property. Wirth told Brand that 4,000 acres of the 6,000-acre ski resort were available for skiing in 2015. Learn more about Andy Wirth: https://www.crowdrise.com/wwsupport

Wirth did say that the drought made skiing harder because of the amount of fresh snow was not up to par, and that cut into Squaw Valley’s profits. Revenue was down 20 percent in 2015, and Brand wondered how many seasons Squaw Valley could survive if the drought continued to stick around.

Wirth said that Squaw Valley is financially sound and would be able to survive several years of light snowfall. But thanks to the presence of El Nino in 2016, Squaw Valley made a big comeback.

Madeline continued to ask Wirth some tricky questions, but Andy has the experience and the know-how to answer them. Mr. Andy Wirth was actually born in Nuebrucke, West Germany, and his parents said that Andy’s first love was being outdoors in nature.

He attended Colorado State University and fell in love with skiing and the Rocky Mountains. He became a backcountry ranger during his school years, but Wirth continued his studies at Edinburgh University in Scotland.

His grandfather was a US National Parks Service Director. In 1986, Andy took a job as an intern at the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation. Andy Wirth held several positions with the Steamboat Ski Resort over the 20 years he spent there. In 2006, Wirth was named the Executive Vice President of Sales and Chief Marketing Officer for the company.

In 2010, Andy was named CEO of Squaw Valley, and he guided the resort through a $70 million renovation. Squaw Valley is considered one of the best Ski resorts in the world thanks to Wirth’s leadership.

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