David Giertz Asks People to Focus on Retirement Planning With Straightforward Approach

David Giertz is one of the most famous financial advisors in the financial industry of the United States. He has been associated with the financial sector for over three decades, which makes him one of the most famous financial advisors. Moreover, he is often seen as the financial contributors in many of the reputed TV shows on CNN, CNBC, and others. The advice provided by David Giertz is simple and easy to understand, which helps him connect with the audience easily, most of whom are a layman and don’t have much about the finances and investments. It is seen that without the financial expertise, most of the people end up making wrong investment choices, which costs them heavily in the future.

David Giertz says that retirement planning is one of the critical aspects of financial planning that people must not take lightly. He says that it is vital that people start their retirement planning as early as possible and ensure that they keep their investments diverse. David Giertz has been with one of the most popular financial firms, Nationwide Financials, for many years as a financial advisor and executive with its sales and distribution arm. At Nationwide Financial, David has helped with increasing the sales of the company and engaging in marketing techniques that helped in adding to the popularity of the company and its products, which eventually reflected in the growing sales.

David Giertz has done his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Miami and completed his graduation from the Millikin University. David Giertz says that people should take into the account the amount of money they need for their retirement life and then plan accordingly. Knowing the goal always helps in deciding the path towards it without hassles. He says that people should not only put cash aside in savings account but also invest a considerable portion of their savings in different long-term investment plans. As there are many retirement plans out there to choose from, doing a little research and investing accordingly makes sense. He says that it is also essential to have an IRA and brokerage accounts to add diversity and stability to the retirement planning.

Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group Continue to Serve the Globe in the Food Industry

Sheldon Lavin is a decorated CEO who has served several decades as the head of OSI Group and has led them to an extraordinary level of success as a global food processor. He has been their visionary figure who’s business acumen has allowed them to flourish on a worldwide scale and one important skill that he’s utilized is strategic acquisitions. They have steadily grown over the years as Lavin was able to successfully evaluate purchase those companies which complemented and improved their own capabilities.

OSI Group is still in expansion mode with Lavin at the helm and one recent example is their purchase of the former Tyson Foods facility in Chicago. This has added a significant amount of additional square footage to help increase their productivity. They also recently acquired a food processor called Flagship Europe and this purchase fully complements their already strong presence on the continent.

Sheldon Lavin received a prestigious award from India’s Vision World Academy in 2016 when he was recognized with a Global Visionary Award. This distinct honor highlights those business professionals who turn their dreams into reality with perseverance and persistence. It also drew attention to the remarkable rate of growth that OSI Group has enjoyed over the years as they executed under Sheldon Lavin’s business vision.

The decades of experience that Sheldon Lavin has as the CEO of OSI Group actually began when he established a relationship with them while running his own consulting business. He played a pivotal role in securing additional funding for the company which helped them expand and fulfill a contract with McDonald’s corporation. He maintained a relationship with the prior owners as time went on and eventually acquired the company when they decided to retire. They were then called OSI Group and Lavin was free to pursue his dream of owning a global business.

An entrepreneurial spirit is something that Sheldon Lavin prizes greatly and OSI Group is encouraged in this regard. They have created an atmosphere of creativity and unique thinking throughout the company. New ideas and innovations are welcomed at OSI Group and Lavin sets the tone for all of this in the corporate office.

OSI Group has developed a notable expertise in cultivating strategic business partnerships that are mutually beneficial. They partner with the world’s leading retail food companies and the top food processors to create unique products that are tasty and nutritious. The career of Sheldon Lavin has continued into his eighties due to his love of the work, the company, and its employees.

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The Importance of Cardiology and Dr. Honig at Glen Cove Hospital in New York

Heart problems can hit rather fast and unexpectedly. These conditions end up leading people to visit a cardiologist routinely to deal with the aftermath of a diagnosis. Cardiologists are trained to provide the right kind of help needed to treat these diagnoses. However, there is one doctor at Glen Cove Hospital in New York who is the best in his field: Dr. Edward Honig.

What Does a Cardiologist Do?

Cardiologists are proficient at taking care of patients who have heart problems or issues with their blood vessels. They study this field of medicine extensively, and they have to become board certified to become a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology (FACC). Only doctors who are outstanding in their field receive this type of certification. Cardiologists attend university and post-graduate programs for many years to receive their training. Most programs last for at least seven, but they can last as long as ten.

What Services Do They Provide?

 The services cardiologists provide are crucial to most of their patients. They look closely at various tests to determine diagnosis and treatment paths. Some of these tests include ECGs, x-rays, and blood tests. From time to time, cardiologists have to perform surgery on their patients to treat certain conditions, so their services must also provide aftercare to these patients.

Why Should a Person Visit a Cardiologist Routinely?

As mentioned previously, most people wait around to see a cardiologist after a disastrous life event, like a heart attack or stroke, happens. Then, they end up seeing a cardiologist for routine treatment. However, people with family health histories that indicate trends in heart concerns should start seeing a cardiologist much sooner in their lives to receive preventative care. In this case, people are recommended to see a cardiologist through their primary care physician.

 Dr. Honig at Glen Cove Hospital in New York

 Some cardiologists stand out as the best in their field. Dr. Edward Honig is one such doctor. He is located at Glen Cove Hospital in New York, and he is considered to be the hospital’s heart of their cardiology program, no pun intended. He is mostly known for being a patient advocate as he focuses on caring for a patient above all else. His technique focuses on assuring patients that everything possible will be done to take care of their health needs, so this means that he is thorough with all of his appointments, especially when it comes to going over test results.

 Honig has been practicing medicine for almost 75 years, so he has become a force to be reckoned with in his field. He is mostly known for being an advocate for women’s heart health as he has focused on tailoring his cardiology skills to the needs of his female patients. He is rated as one of the top cardiologists with this focus in medicine for women.


Heart health is extremely important, so people should not wait for a catastrophe to strike in the form of a heart attack or stroke before they start seeing a cardiologist. People who live in the New York area should consider visiting Dr. Edward Honig at Glen Cove Hospital as he is considered the best in his field.

George Soros a Voice of Hope to The Oppressed

George Soros is one of the leading philanthropists around the world, having given more than $12 billion to charity throughout his life. Born in Hungary in 1930, Soros experienced first-hand persecution during the Nazi German occupation of his home country during the World War II. Being of Jewish descent, Mr. Soros and his family survived the period by using fake documents and identification papers. He learned then that evil and injustice in the world can be defeated if people are resourceful and brave enough to stand up to it and learn more about Goerge Soros.

At age 17, George Soros fled Hungary in 1947 to join the London School of Economics where he pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Coming from a humble background, he had to work as a railway porter and a part-time waiter to get himself through college. It is at this time that he came in contact with the teachings of Karl Popper on an open society. According to Popper, it is impossible for humans to create the perfect society. Therefore, society must always be given the space to grow and change through the provision of democratic governance, freedom of expression and the respect of all individuals’ rights within the society and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

When Soros immigrated to the United States, he did two main things which have made him famous the world over. The first was that he made a fortune for himself, becoming one of the richest people in the world. A shrewd manager and investor, Mr. Soros has amassed a world of wealth estimated to be $23 billion. He also founded the Open Society Foundation to help advance the creation of society as had been described by Karl Popper. Democracy, freedom of speech and expression and the respect of the rights of each individual in a society is George Soros’ main concern and the philosophy behind the establishment of the Open Society Foundation and Follow his Twitter.

Although the Open Society Foundation is the main organ through which George Soros carries out his philanthropic activities, he occasionally makes individual contributions to courses he believes in and holds dear. He believes in tolerance, acceptance, and diversification of all societies around the world and more information click here.

In this accord, Mr. Soros has been in the forefront of funding politicians and political parties that advance this school of thought. He believes in giving the politically oppressed a voice around the world. In effect, this has placed him at loggerheads with conservative political parties, especially the Republican Party in America and what George Soros knows.

Although he became relatively inactive throughout the Obama presidency, Mr. Soros has made a comeback in the Trump era. He has been actively involved in funding the Democratic Party agenda and was among the main contributors to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

More Visit: http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=977

The Impeccable Career of Drew Madden

Drew Madden is a Healthcare IT entrepreneur who has a profound passion about coming up with high-quality teams, an attractive company culture, as well as a trusted partnership with the clients. By its nature, healthcare information technology is a wide abstraction. It encompasses technology that helps in storing, sharing as well as analyzing patients and various health information. Most healthcare providers have adopted the use of healthcare information technology to improve in the patients care. Healthcare providers are not the only people who can take advantage of the health IT. An individual can use it to better their communication with his/her doctor, and at the same time share valuable information regarding the health wellness. Once a person is acutely aware of their health status, they can improve their quality of life.

In the year 2010, Drew Madden joined Nordic Consulting Partners. It did not take long for him to be promoted to the position of the organization’s president. He served as its chairperson from the year 2011 to 2016. Nordic has remained the largest Epic consulting company. It has garnered various KLAS awards for being an excellent consulting company. Under the leadership of Drew Madden, Nordic was ranked number one for implemented Epic services from the year 2012 to 2014. During Drew Madden’s incumbency, Nordic experienced tremendous growth. Its employees increased from 19 to 725. The client partners rose from 3 to 150. The organization used to have an annual revenue of $ 1 million, but with the input of Drew Madden leadership, the amount significantly increased to $130 million.

The impeccable career of Drew Madden kicked off at Cerner Corporation. He was responsible for implementing in-patient clinical solution. Four years later, he joined the Healthia Consulting which was acquired by Ingenix Consulting. Ingenix is an affiliate company of United Healthcare, currently known as optuminsight. For four years he was the company’s a business developer and an Epic consultant. All the experience that Drew Madden has is supported with a BSE in Industrial Engineering with an emphasis on Medical Systems. He earned his education from Lowa College of Engineering. Drew Madden shares his knowledge on with his followers on Twitter.

Rocketship Education

About rocketship Education

In San Jose, California the very first rocketship school was opened in a church ten years ago. Rocketship has strived to make an impact on the communities they serve, but they are yet to be finished. Their work is still in progress. They are in the process of learning how to provide the best service for their students and community.

In the ten years they have been doing this they have learned quite a bit, some of them being:

They learned that personalized learning starts from the home. They learned the importance of understanding the needs and different interests in the students and their families. They do an annual home visit which gives them a better understanding of the student and their family.

  1. They learned that in order to change the system they must create more of a demand. They focus mainly on elementary school kids which is hard to let the children go in the 5th grade.
  2. They learned to honor the power of the parents. They built a parent leadership program because parents are an important part of the students life.
  3. Culturally responsive schools will not be created by integrating students but by teachers.
  4. They learned that actions actually do speak louder than words.
  5. They learned that meaningful inclusion benefits every child.
  6. They learned it’s important to never stop learning.
  7. They learned to define your mindset.
  8. They learned you won’t go far if you’re trying to go alone.
  9. Lastly, they learned the importance in being proud to be in a public school.

Rocketship schools have a mission to work together with the students, teachers, and parents to change the lives of low income communities across the country. They strive to better the lives of every rocketeer that they have the privilege in serving.

George Soros is a believer in democratic reforms and developments

When thinking of philanthropists who are renowned globally, it is common to have George Soros in mind. A man almost in his 90s and still has a huge impact on the society. To date, over twelve billion dollars have been given out by George Soros in support of accountability, governance, freedom of expression and transparency. He believes in a just a society that promotes equality and read full article. Many are the times that his donations go to the discriminated in the society. George Soros has been at the center of a discriminated society having lived in Hungary during the occupation of Nazi. During this occupation over half a million Jews in Hungary were killed. He understands the struggle and therefore focuses on building a better society through his philanthropy. Getting encouraged by the fact that he and his family not only survived during this era but were also able to help others, he continues this good will and Follow his Twitter.com.

George Soros managed to get himself through the London School of Economics by working two jobs in London after he fled from Budapest. After he finished his studies he packed his bags and settled in the United States venturing into investments and finance. After years of hard work, he started a hedge fund. Soros Fund Management showed success after success and George Soros became a renowned investor in the U.S. Open Society Foundation was formed from his fortune. The foundation has a broad network and runs various projects in over one hundred countries. Soros’ giving began on a high note when he sponsored scholarships for South Africans in 1979. As the 1980s were passing by, he had a hand in encouraging awareness for open idea exchange by providing photocopiers for the communists in the Eastern Bloc. He also donated towards the exchange of culture towards the West and the Eastern part of Europe. Asia has also been a beneficiary of George’s philanthropy. He stands for justice and this can be evidently seen in the fact that he supports lawyers who represent the wrongfully detained individuals. He uses his independence to benefit the society as a whole and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros has a keen eye when it comes to investments in the market. As much as instability has been predicted so many times, this man has bit the odds. He placed a bet opposing the British pound and he emerged a billionaire overnight. Similarly, he placed a bet during the Asian Financial Crisis and he won. George Soros has also had a hand in supporting the political figures he believes in. He donates towards supporting the democratic reforms globally. Open Society foundation continues with its plan for advocating for social justice. It has spent over 1.6 billion dollars in development and over 1.5 billion dollars in reforms. Soros is determined to continue with the work he began to build a better society and learn more about George Soros.

Other Reference: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1997/02/the-capitalist-threat/376773/

Dr. Clay Siegall – CEO, Seattle Genetics

Dr. Clay Siegall is the CEO and Founder of the Seattle Genetics Company. Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company based in the United States that specializes in the development of therapies that target the association of better business reviews. Dr. Clay Siegall founded the Seattle Genetics Company so that he could develop drugs that can be used to treat cancer and other diseases in the country. For as long as time commenced in the world, cancer has been a leading cause of death in the industry. This is the reason why Dr. Clay Siegall is working hard to achieve better business reviews to develop an animated solution for cancer. Dr. Clay Siegall also wants to work towards finding the cure for cancer as a disease.

Dr. Clay Siegall is a prominent biotechnologist based in Seattle. For over three decades of professional experience, Dr. Clay Siegall has worked towards sustaining the better business reviews in a manner that is not guaranteed in the industry. People who are not looking for better business reviews, they can work to achieve the best business solutions in a manner that can achieve the desired goals for his clients. His first company after graduating from school was the Apex Industries. This was a company that used to produce special therapies for treating chronic illnesses such as heart and liver diseases. While Dr. Clay Siegall worked for the company for over a decade, he gained enough experience to start the Seattle Genetics Company based in Seattle for better business reviews.

Dr. Clay Siegall graduated with the highest honors from the University of Maryland. He graduated with a degree in Zoology that could help him pursue his studies further. Because his parents died of cancer, he knew it was a time he could work to achieve the most sophisticated business solution by working hard to seek the cure for cancer. Dr. Clay Siegall also knew that the level of education he had at that time was not enough to land him at a safe job towards finding the cure for cancer. Therefore, he continued his studies to graduate with a post-doctorate degree in Biotechnology from Washington University.

OSI Group Impressive Expansion to Global and Local Markets

OSI Group is the world’s leading provider of quality products and custom solutions in the food industry. The multi-million dollar industry continues to expand. Last year alone, the company realized huge growth and managed to open seven new food production and processing facilities in various parts of the globe.

Growth in Terms of Capacity and Quality

According to OSI Industries president, David McDonald, the company is not only focusing on capacity but also in quality. The company achieves this by collaborating with suppliers who can help them increase sales. This helps the company meet the demanding needs of their customers. OSI Group offers their clients the choice of natural and organic foods, and premium specialties.

Global Growth

The company, whose headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois, has branches in 17 countries and continues to expand. On August 2016, the company penetrated the European market when they bought a major food distributor in region, Baho Food. The food company, had subsidiaries throughout Netherlands and Germany. In addition, it was supplying food in 18 countries and now with the leadership OSI Group, it will increase production and sales.

Last year still, the company bought another European food company, Flagship Europe, and took control of their pies, frozen chicken, and condiments. So far, Flagship has leveraged OSI success tactics and managed to expand to Spain and Germany.

Domestic Presence

The company’s focus is not on international growth alone, but the domestic one as well. In June 2016, OSI Industries purchased Tyson Foods in Chicago, which was on the verge of closing down. If Tyson Foods had closed, it would have cost the local community nearly 500 jobs. OSI Group saw an opportunity to increase their production options and offered Tyson Foods $7.4 million. In doing so, they were able to save jobs for all employees who were willing to continue with under new management.

About OSI Group

OSI Group started in 1909 when it opened its first meat market in Chicago. Through the years, the company has managed to stay on top of the market despite the economic turmoil. David McDonald maintains that their success is due to their precise marketing strategies and careful product development. The company’s personal connection with the communities of its operation is also impressive. In Chicago, it contributes to charities such as Feeding America and Ronald McDonald House.

Learn More: www.ziprecruiter.com/c/Osi-group

Preston Smith Learned These Tips While At Rocketship Education

Being deeply involved with the educational institution he founded for the past ten years, Preston Smith has learned innumerable lessons from his time at Rocketship Education. Less than two months ago, Mr. Smith shared ten of the most important lessons he was privy to thanks to his administration of, service towards, and participation in Rocketship Education. Here are just a few of them.

Taking advice and soliciting the opinions of people not directly involved with the formal education process at Rocketship Education is vitally important for improving each facility. This holds true because of how intertwined Rocketship Education is with school board members, parents, community members, and all others directly or indirectly – not in the slightest – involved with the leading primary charter school.

Public schools typically are outperformed by private schools. However, Smith believes that students, parents, educators, and others involved with public schools should exude pride about attending such schools. There’s far more improvement to be made at public institutions, especially in low-income areas, something that those related to public schools should shelter.

It’s important to not be afraid of holding back new plans. For example, Smith unveiled a system of learning called the “flex model,” in which three teachers and one administrator were assigned to each classroom. While over half of test locations enjoyed the flex model and experienced success, to boot, he decided to keep the plan under wraps because it wasn’t applicable to all schools. Most importantly, he wasn’t afraid of holding his plan back, despite spending hundreds of hours working on it.

Preston Smith has worked in education since he graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2001, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Latin American studies to better communicate with Spanish-speaking parents of children at low-income schools in California, particularly the San Jose area. Three years after graduating, rather than moving away from the San Jose he had grown up in and at this point taught for three years, he attended San Jose State University for a master’s degree in educational leadership and administration.

Combined with John Danner’s technological genius, the pair built a strong foundation at Rocketship Education, arguably the most popular, effective, and sought-after public charter school in America.

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