BMG Executive Marcio Alaor Interviews Tag Heuer CEO, Jean-Claude About the Company’s Marketing Strategies and Future

Recently BMG Banc executive, Marcio Alaor, interviewed Tag Heuer CEO, Jean-Claude Biver, about the direction of their watch line. Tag Heuer has 150-years of experience in making quality Swiss watches. Tag Heuer is one of the largest watch makers in Brazil and is well-known for their intricate sport watches. The company has recently made changes in their watch line including their Carrera model. They have made strives to make the Carrera watch more sportsman like at a $4500 price point. Tag Heuer also uses celebrities and athletes to excel promotion of their brand. In the interview, Biver addresses demographics, digital marketing and marketing strategies that will change the company’s outlook in the coming years.

Tag Heuer in Brazil

During his interview with Alaor, Biver discussed the importance of the Brazilian market to the company’s marketing strategy. Brazil is the company’s main demographic in Latin America. Brazil has provided passionate consumers who are emotionally connected to current trends. Biver points out that Tag Heuer’s current performance in Brazil is very active and aggressive. Consumers also love and identify with the brand which gives Tag Heuer a marketing advantage. He believes that the current situation shows that Brazil is a great market for their brand.
Internet Marketing Impact on Tag Heuer
Today’s smart marketer utilizes the internet to spread their brands wordwide, Tag Heuer is no exception. According to the interview, Biver believes that Tag Heuer has to use the digital market era to their advantage. In order to expand in the market, Tag Heuer has to include social networks, this is their next move according to Biver. Online purchases encourage convenience and reaches more potential buyers says Biver. He expresses his concerns of buyers online who may be skeptical of buying a $10,000 item online. However, he believes skepticism will die as buying online becomes even more common worldwide.

Tag Heuer Marketing Strategies

Tag Heuer has enlisted the help of celebrities in order to market their brand. According to Biver, the company uses celebrities to encourage buyers because they connect to celebrities and want to be like them. Using celebrities plays to consumers’ emotions and inspires them to buy the same products. When Tag Heuer first relaunched in Brazil they used Ayrton Senna as an ambassador. Ayrton was a well- known race car driver who re-sparked popularity of Tag Heuer’s sports line. Currently, Tag Heuer has enlisted Tom Brady as an ambassador of the brand as he is a popular football player and has fostered a lot of following. Biver is confident that using celebrities will further grow the brand and is a strategy that will never change.
In addition to using celebrities, Biver says that the company uses a simpler design for their watch designs. They use the more complicated designs for their collections that are more expensive and less in demand. However, the watches they produce more have a more simplistic design, according to Biver. He states that this saves in cost because they still produce those high end watches that are the crowd favorite but also have styles that people can afford.

About Marcio Alaor

Marcio Alaor is an executive at financial bank BMG. Much like Tag Heuer, BMG also utilizes sports sponsorship in the marketing of their business. In addition to helping run one of Brazil’s largest financial institution, he also reports on many financial phenomena such as the performance of automakers, state of global economy, Netflix financial plans, Apple financial future and many more. Alaor was recently honored with a food court tribute his city. His focus has always been to uplift and support his home city. His contributions to others will be remembered for years to come.

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Politicians Ask FCC About Erroneous Telecommunication Billing and Related Investigatory Powers

Cable, phone and Internet subscribers have been complaining about questionable billing practices by their telecommunication services providers for years. On Wednesday, February 3, six senators from the U.S. Democratic Party sent a letter to Chairman Tom Wheeler at the Federal Communications Commission finally asking about the telecommunications oversight and regulations agency’s role in dealing with these claims.

As pointed out by a few sleuths at the Laidlaw & Company forum on Wall Street Oasis, senators Ron Wyden, Al Franken, Bernard Sanders, Edward J. Markey, Jeffrey A. Merkley and Elizabeth Warren, the FCC received a high number of complaints in 2015 about errors in service provider billing. Television-related billing complaints took up more than 38 percent of all complaints to the FCC. Internet-related billing complaints were more than 30 percent. In many cases, complaints were about “accidental” instances of over-billing, continued billing after a customer ended a service and/or returned rental equipment, rental billing for customer-owned equipment and repeat calls to fix billing errors months after initial complaints. Comcast was mentioned specifically in all examples. In a statement released to the press after the letter was published, Comcast explained that it’s attempting to fix its customer service to reduce billing errors.

The senators also mentioned that a lack of competition in various geographic areas has forced many customers to continue getting critical services like phone and Internet from companies that have repeatedly failed them. Wheeler has yet to respond to either the senators’ letter or Comcast’s statements.

Managing Image in the Digital Era

Reputation can make or break a business in the modern age. A study conducted by the World Economic Forum determined that more than 25% of market value can be directly tied to the reputation of corresponding businesses. Yet industry surveys suggest that businesses over all are not equipped to contend with risks to their reputation, including online review management, allowing businesses to control ratings and reviews from customers on external sites.

Considering that roughly half of the world’s population is connected to the Internet in some fashion, and the number is increasing all the time, brand recognition and exposure isn’t an option but a necessity for healthy growth.

With online reputation such an important contributor to positive growth and stability, you’d think that more businesses would take advantage of global trends and exploit the avenues of social media to track and monitor opinion while maintaining business privacy for the purposes of analytical processing and strategy. But it’s not realistic to expect a sole entity to do it all, and to manage a business’ reputation online there are professionals who can help.

Firms like Status Labs work regularly in the realm of online reputation management. The strategies deployed in favor of their clients works to bolster positive public opinion of a business, individual or organization. By managing positive feedback, reviews and media circulation, a strong support system could be put in place to influence potential buyers of products or investors looking to build relations in a particular market.

Enabling clients to reach and engage their prospective audiences, increasing sales and strengthening interaction, while managing their reputation, Status Labs helps businesses tailor their image to better their performance online. This effective public relations strategy helps expose companies to previously untapped markets, allowing for ambitious goals to be met.

Based in Austin, Texas, and operating out of New York and São Paulo, Brazil, Status Labs has lent their expertise in public relations and management to more than 1,500 clients stationed in over 35 countries. Among them are prolific public figures and Fortune 100 brands, taking advantage of Status’ services to reach global acclaim.

Marcio Alaor, The Influential Vice President Of Banco, BMG Group

Marcio Alaor is the vice president of one of the leading banks in Brazil, Banco BMG. The bank has over eighty percent dominance in Brazil with over three thousand point of sales and over five thousand agents in the region the bank specializes in affordable credit to Brazilians. The bank was founded in the 1930s as Land credit bank which helped peasant farmers in financing heavy commercial trucks and small cars. BMG has grown to become one of the most reputable commercial banks under the leadership of Marcio Alaor and Ricardo Guimaraes as the president and CEO of BMG. As a general overseer of the company’s operations, he has earned accolades such as the best top entrepreneur in Brazil in the financial matters sometimes back among other awards.


Marcio Alaor has a record of being the first business executive to be born in San Antonio de Monte. He is endeared to people of Brazil because of his generous nature of assisting the local people and companies. His enthusiasm for giving back to the society. He is a pioneer of various rural development projects, especially in agriculture. He is an inspiration to many students, farmers, and investors who seek consultancy from him while making possible decisions. Despite the fact that Brazil has unfavorable climate and limited space for agriculture, Marcio has turned things around, and the region is becoming one of the largest producers of milk in a province.


His experience of ten years in BGM has made him a crucial resource for achieving goals of the bank and in promoting the bank’s operations and investment strategies. His economic analysis prowess has also been recognized by investors. His speculations are second to none when it comes to matters stock market. In a recent automobile stock market hitches, Marcio unmasked the situation and as an economic analyst, he preferred taking a risk in automobile stocks.


Marcio also believes in economies that embrace manufacturing and mining. In an example of the Australian economy in 2008. During this year, there was the major economic crisis that was felt global. However, Australia was the only country that showed economic stability. Australia mainly deals with exporting consumer products rather than relying on domestic consumption or imports. It balance of payment remained stable. It exports products such as aluminum, iron wheat among others.


Under his tenure and as the leader of business operations, BMG has intentions to partner with Itau. The partnership is aimed at increasing the bank’s portfolio on payroll loans. According to Marcio, Itau provides options that showed an excellent future revenue with fewer costs incurred. Both banks have a significant payroll loans client base and hence can do a profitable business.

Brazilian Bank Ricardo Guimarães Thinks Brazil’s Biggest Export Customer’s Currency Devaluation Will Hurt The China’s Economy in 2016

China’s weak economy is the culprit that sent Brazil into the worst recession in more than 100 years. Slower Chinese demand for Brazilian products has impacted Brazilian exports, and the country can’t seem to get its exporting mojo back. Ricardo Guimarães, the President of BMG Bank, sat down for an interview with Portal.Comunique and told the interviewer that the China situation isn’t going to get any better in 2016.

Mr. Guimarães believes the Chinese yuan is going to lose value against the dollar and that will hurt Chinese consumers. Guimarães said China exports figure may improve, but their import needs will be less than they were in 2015, and that’s bad news for Brazil.

Brazil’s economy is at a crossroads, according to Mr. Guimarães. The government will have to inject money into the Brazilian economy by way of consumers if they want the country to shake off the two-year-old recession that is plaguing the country. Guimarães wants the government to invest in small businesses and middle-class consumers the same way he invested in Brazilian soccer clubs. BMG Bank’s soccer investments have made the bank one of the most profitable banks in Brazil.

The website newspaper confirmed the fact that BMG Bank is the leader in soccer sponsorships, and Ricardo Guimarães is one of the most respected figures in the soccer world. But Guimarães is also respected in the financial world as well. Mr. Guimarães is one of the bankers that is not only a local banker that made it big, but a wealthy entrepreneur that has interests in mining, cattle, and commodities.

The city of Belo Horizonte showed Ricardo how respected he is when city officials honored him with the Diploma of Merit for his relentless service to the city and his contributions to soccer. A article mentioned the Guimarães family contributions to Belo Horizonte which date back to the 1930s. Ricardo’s grandfather Antonio set the bar high for his son Flavio and grandson Ricardo, but both men have exceeded that bar in banking as well as in other endeavors.

Brazil is getting ready for the Summer Olympics, and the country is trying to go on without China’s business. Guimarães believes 2016 will be the year that Brazil shows the world how resilient the country is. The history of Brazil is filled with economic highs and lows and Ricardo says this economic slump is just that. Ricardo said if BMG Bank can break out of banking herd and perform as good as or better than the top five banks, then Brazil can do the same thing on the world’s global market.

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Igor Cornelsen Gives Advice on Investing

In order to reach financial security, most people will need to invest in the stock markets. While stock markets have historically gone up over a long period of time, the wild fluctuations from one year to the next can make any investor nervous. For those that are looking to invest, taking tips and advice from a savvy and successful investor could be a great option. One investor that historically has provided great advice is Igor Cornelsen.

Igor Cornelsen according to flickr is currently the proprietor of Bainbridge Investments, an investment management firm. Prior to taking this role, he was a leading manager of several different Brazilian investment firms. Igor Cornelsen has since retired and lives in South Florida, but still routinely gives investment advice to those looking to achieve a higher rate of return.

Given Igor Cornelsen’s experience gained working in the Brazilian banking system, Cornelsen has plenty of advice to give when it comes to investing in Brazilian companies and those based in other emerging markets. Like most businesses, the success of companies in Brazil, as well as much of South America, are based on the success of the Brazilian banking system. There are currently ten major banks in Brazil, which will need to continue to lend to companies in the country in order for the overall economy to grow. As long as the Brazilian credit marks stay open, there should be plenty of room for growth for local businesses looking to grow in the global marketplace.

While the local banking system is very important to the success of Brazilian stocks, the country is also heavily dependent on China. China is Brazil’s largest external trading partner. If China is doing well, it will mean that Brazilian companies will be able to purchase goods at lower prices, which will result in better profits. However, China will also provide some significant competition when it comes to producing and exporting goods to other countries, such as the United States.

Calls For Muslim Ban Criticized By Philanthropist George Soros

The global economy and future of the continent of Europe are hanging by a thread, according to the billionaire hedge fund manager and philanthropist George Soros. In an interview published by Forbes the billionaire credited with breaking the Bank of England in 1992 reveals his unhappiness with the words of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump following his call for a travel ban in the U.S. for those of the Muslim faith. George Soros believes the words of New York based real estate mogul Trump are dangerous in completing the work of ISIS and other terrorist groups for them.

George Soros is in a strong position to discuss the ideology of Donald Trump and his supporters after spending time as a refugee following his survival of the Holocaust during World War II. In 1979 Soros established the Open Society Foundations, which his Website reveals is dedicated to bringing democracy and education to the people of the world. Soros explained his belief that the words of Donald Trump would only assist the terrorist groups he fears in recruiting new members with ease.

The rise of ISIS has been a subject of major concern for George Soros as he looked to the future of the European Union and saw many areas of concern for the future. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been an individual George Soros has saved much of his criticism for because of her approach to the Syrian migrant crisis currently dividing opinion across the continent. George Soros was supportive of Merkel in her initial response to the refugee crisis, but now feels stronger leadership is needed to secure the future of the European Union.

In the interview Soros revealed his belief that stronger border controls being introduced across Europe would see the beginning of the breakup of the European Union. Coupling the migrant crisis with a loss of faith in the Euro zone caused by the economic crisis seen in Greece and growing in Ukraine would see the European Union face its biggest challenges in its history. Soros believes the loss of the British referendum on remaining in the European Union would result in the death of the continent wide community and cause major losses in the global economy.

Entrepreneurship in Brazil According to Ricardo Guimarães

Employment opportunities are scarce in Brazil because of the existing crisis being witnessed currently in the country as reported by Ricardo Guimarães, a Brazilian entrepreneur who serves as the President of Banco BMG. The labor market in the country does not offer adequate opportunities to many candidates who are less experienced, or where organizations are facing reduction in the rate of hiring employees. For these reason, a large number of people have decided they should work on their own, more so starting businesses. According to Ricardo Guimarães, more Brazilians have embraced entrepreneurship because of lack of opportunities.
Additionally, entrepreneurship seems to provide solutions to their problems. The President of BMG says that Global Entrepreneurship Index research 2016 revealed that Brazil has a promising future in entrepreneurship category, showing significant improvement as compared to past years. Ricardo Guimarães of BMG cites research as a way of proving the potential of entrepreneurial practice in developing Brazil. In his views, Ricardo Guimarães believes Brazil has positive outlook based on analysis and also in comparison to other Latin American nations. Brazil scooped three positions although 15 other countries are ahead of it like Chile, Columbia, Uruguay as well as Argentina. Ricardo Guimarães, President of Banco BMG, said Brazil is exposed to some shortcomings in comparison with other countries, like unwilling to expand and innovate within the entity.
Ricardo Guimarães of BMG noted the need of investing in projects as a way of contributing to the exposure of entrepreneurial skills and talents, because there is inadequacy of skilled labor in Brazil. The executive of Banco BMG also cited the potential of the country in developing new technology as another factor playing critical role to influence entrepreneurial profile. He further stressed that Brazil lacks notable competitiveness in relation to nations that are enjoying the same socio-economic level.
The executive of Banco BMG says that global services provided by small and medium entities in Brazil have not helped the situation at all. In fact, Brazilian entrepreneurs were ranked among the worst investors operating in foreign markets, as published in the Global Entrepreneurship Week, says Ricardo Guimarães. The executive cites the import culture developed in Brazil as the major reason for this because the exchange is in its favor, but he says things have changed hence the need to consider another approach away from the one which has been used for a long time.
In his conclusion, Ricardo Guimarães of BMG said that several barriers must be broken by those hoping to be Brazilian future entrepreneurs. Some obstacles he cited include lack of professional qualification, the government failing to invest and bureaucracy. Indeed, the government has to play its role of assisting entrepreneurs who wants to achieve big dreams in their career.

Keith Mann Encourages Police

Keith Mann recently brought the entire 54th Street precinct police department lunch. After visiting with his uncle who is a detective on Staten Island, he realized that the morale within the police department was declining because of recent protests against the officers. Mann found this unacceptable because he realizes that citizens rely on the police to enter into situations when others might run away. While many citizens wonder what they can do, Keith Mann figured this simple act of kindness might help raise morale. Keith feels that more citizens should find ways to show the police that they have their support.

Keith Mann is the managing director of Dynamics Executive Search helping alternative investment arena find highly qualified candidates for their businesses. For over 15 years, Dynamics Executive Search has provided qualified candidates to these businesses that are often ignored by other search companies. They now maintain one of the largest databases of qualified individuals in the United States. In the process, Keith Mann has been very generous with his money using it to support many organizations in town.
Keith Mann is also a large supporter of Uncommon Schools. This organization operates charter schools in Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey. In New York City, this organization teaches 5,900 students at 21 charter schools. Students at these schools scored 21 percent higher on standardized tests than their counterparts in the public school system in math. One of the ways that Keith Mann helps support these students is giving scholarships to students after they graduate from the Uncommon Charter High School.
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New Jersey’s Avi Weisfogel Helps Operation Smile

Operation Smile is a famous nonprofit organization known for their philanthropic work with children who have been afflicted with cleft lip of palate as well as other facial malformations and deformities. With the aid of surgeons, Operation Smile has provided free surgeries in parts of the world where medical infrastructures are lacking in the expertise or funding to assist suffering children and young people. In order to carry this out, medical professionals and assistants volunteer their time to ensure that unfortunate persons could have a chance at a healthy life. That they need funding in the form of a GoFundMe campaign is both a sign of the times and the indication that even skilled people with the best of intentions can’t do it all on their own.

At the head of the crowd-sourced campaign is Dr. Avi Weisfogel, who has pledged every dollar donated to his campaign will go directly to fund the work of Operation Smile during their medical excursions around the world.

Dr. Avi, a Rutgers graduate, obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from New York University College of Dentistry and began his career in the field of dentistry at Old Bridge Dental Care where he handled patients and administrated the business of this healthcare office. For several years, thanks to the dedication of his team and concern for patients and service, they were acknowledged as Top Dentist. Personally, Avi isn’t short of accolades for his work in cosmetic surgery and implants.

Unconventional paths are not mysterious to Avi, which makes his outreach to Operation Smile seem most logical. After his time in a traditional setting in dentistry, Avi was ready to reach out to different specializations. With rudimentary oral care behind him, he now owns and operates Dental Sleep Masters in New Jersey. Along with Dr Glassman, he assists patients and instructs other healthcare providers how to deal with issues of sleep apnea with oral medical devices and accessories. By adapting his nontraditional career path and accompanying education, Avi has become a leading expert in the field of sleep disorders, treatment, and the effect they can have on a patient’s oral health. Understanding the many ways in which oral health can be compromised and the importance of addressing these issues in those who do not have access to regular oral care or a dentist has driven him to assist Operation Smile with his GoFundMe campaign.

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