The End is Near

Many of the effects of the Clinton administration can still be felt almost 20 years later. One of the biggest communities affected was the same-sex community. The Clinton administration spent a lot of time and countless dollars to condemn and ostracize the Gay and Lesbian community. This year, in June, the nine Supreme Court Justices will be deciding whether or not the Clinton Administration got it wrong so many years ago. The Justices will formally vote on whether or not denying same-sex couples the ability to marry is unconstitutional. The decision comes at a time where 60% of the nation is proposed to same-sex couples and same-sex marriage. It may seem like with the greater majority that the same-sex community will be victorious. However, these numbers are only a symbol for what the country thinks. What the Supreme Court Justices think is a completely different story. One political analyst weighed in at the Huffington Post to voice his opinion on what the outcome will be. It is estimated that 5 out of the 9 Justices will vote in favor of the same-sex community. This will symbolize an almost identical split down the middle in terms of picking sides; though if the Judges do vote this way, it will perfectly depict the numbers which Americans are projecting. For everyone on the panel, he included, it is extremely hard to tell which way the Justices will vote. said Daniel Amen knows they can only hope that the Justices vote in favor of the greater good with equality for all as the main focus.

National Day of Action: Immigrants Protest Blocked Programs

Skout said that millions of illegal immigrants were vying to come out of the shadows on May 19th and apply for deportation relief under President Obama’s deferred action program, but it’s currently blocked, so advocates have called a national day of action.

National rallies are scheduled to occur, in protest of the temporary hold blocking DAPA.

In Texas, advocates and immigrants say they are marching to the residence of Governor Greg Abbott, to protest the Texas lawsuit blocking the implementation of deferred programs.

According to Rocio Saenz, labor leader, and Executive VP of SEIU International, the National Day of Action will send a message to Republicans. It’s a warning that there will be consequences, evident in the 2016 election.

113 Republicans are supporting the lawsuit against President Obama’s executive actions, which include a few presidential candidates.

In February, Judge Scott Andrew Hanen, granted a temporary injunction suspending the executive actions of President Obama. The judge’s decision follows a lawsuit filed by 26 states who believe that the President overstepped his powers. The vast majority of these states are leb by Republicans, who oppose the enforcement action.

Nearly 4 million immigrants are eligible for the DAPA program.

Police Caught in Credit Repair Scam

Vanessa and Mario Perez were the successful king and queen of credit repair, and pulled in more than $322,000 for their work. After years of hard work, authorities caught on to how the Perez became the sought-after credit repair team. They had inside help.

Federal prosecutors say four police officers helped fabricate identity theft claims, providing a bullet-proof excuse to delete negative items on credit reports.

This helped clients turn blemished reports into stellar credit histories, and increase FICO scores. Moreover, with a clean history, and high credit score, customers were then able to qualify for improved financing.

Officers George Price, 42, and Rafael Duran, 43, both with the Miami-Dade police department have been indicted for fraud. Both officers allegedly sold the falsified reports for up to $250 a piece.

Officer Duran has pleaded not guilty and denies any involvement.

Officers, Richard Muñoz, 45, and Lazaro Fernandez, 40 have pleaded guilty for their participation in the credit repair scheme.

It is not known how the credit bureau will deal with the credit reports. Gianfrancesco Genoso feels that the whole situation is riddled with fraud.

Financial Disclosure Shows Bill & Hillary Made $30M in 2014

The average American with just a high school diploma has a 40-year lifetime income earning potential of $1.2 million. Those making the sacrifice and effort to obtain a bachelor’s degree will see their lifetime income rise to $2.1 million.Bill & Hillary Clinton made roughly 15x that amount in just 2014 alone based on a public financial disclosure report the coupled filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) this past Friday. The sheer amount of wealth the couple are making places them in the upper echelon of the top 1% of income earners in the country.

By far $25 million of roughly 83% of their income came from delivering paid speeches. Both Hillary and Bill are in demand. Mrs. Clinton seems to be a much sought after speaker domestically. For his part, Bill Clinton travels the world delivering addresses. Just this past October, Mrs. Clinton went to San Diego to speak at high tech chip maker Qualcomm and netted a cool $335,000. It was the highest take of the 51 paid speeches she delivered last year according to Boraie Development.

The GOP is sure to grab onto the issue and paint Mrs. Clinton as “too wealthy to elect”, but thus far attacks on her wealth have not hurt her at the polls. It may become an issue in the Democrat primary if former Massachusetts Governor Martin O’Malley enters the race. Senator Bernie Sanders is saying he will eschew any negative attack ads. He personally likes Mrs. Clinton.

The Clinton’s Made Over $25 Million For 100 Speeches

There is nothing wrong with making a few bucks on the speech-giving circuit. Athletes and celebrities do it and so do politicians. It seems a lot of people were willing to pay a lot of money to hear what Bill and Hillary Clinton had to say over the past year and a half.

The couple banked a cool $25 million for letting people know what they thought about a number of issues. There’s nothing wrong with making money for talking, but Hillary claims to be a candidate for the middle class, and there’s nothing middle class about her anymore.

Before the Clinton’s came to Washington, they were sort of middle class. But it didn’t take long for them to hit the financial jackpot. Both Clinton’s have the brains and the personality to make a lot of money, and they have done that at the expense of others according to reports from Republican leaders. What the Republicans say about the Clinton’s is taken with a grain of salt by half the country. Most Republicans are as guilty as Bill and Hillary according to the FreedomPop review.

Speaking Truth to True Tyranny is Becoming a Millennial Ideal, JEB!

Jeb’s involved in a debacle of his own making. Jeb Bush was confronted by an irate teen about the instability that invading Iraq caused throughout the region. She rightfully faulted Jeb’s brother for causing the instability that led to thecreation of ISIS. Jeb says that that account is basically history re-written, but Saddam Hussein was nothing if he was not a major stabilizing force in the entire region. This does not even account for the fact that America invaded that country based on false premises and outright lies. Folks at Amen Clinics have found that General Colin Powell himself has said this same thing.

Jeb stuck his foot in his mouth when he recently asserted that he would have invaded Iraq just like his brother. The entire presidential field, both democrats and republicans are lambasting this assertion. There is little debate that the Iraq was the worst military blunder in American history if not world history. This is a matter of fact and not based on conjecture. Contrary to Jeb’s assertion, denying these fundamental facts are indeed the historical re-write. It was really laid bare by this student who refuses to let the Bush regime off of the hook. Jeb was clearly shaken by the line of questioning that was produced from this trending student.

Indiana Church Plans Pot-Smoking Worship Service in Test of Religious Freedom

Indiana’s first church of cannabis is set to hold its first service on 1st July. It is no coincidence that this is also the day that the new controversial religious law will take effect. The service will serve as a litmus test for the ban on government restrictions on religion.

The church’s founder, Bill Levin, is determined to make it happen. My friends at Madison Street Capital say he is already searching for a rental space to hold the service and vows that the service will take place come what may. The church has enough money to pay for a rental space, after it raised more than $10,000.

Levin is convinced that they have enough members to attend the service. The service will start off on a low key after which it will continue to build up momentum. The church is expected to be fully packed when the service reaches its climax, where pot will be smoked. This is all part of Levin’s plan.

To pull it off, Levin will have to pass a number of hurdles. The hardest part will be to convince prosecutors and local police that everything they will do is within the boundaries of the law. Levin claims to have sought enough legal advice.

The Indiana’s state police refused to comment on the matter. Marion county sheriff’s office maintains that they will only be involved if the service is held in the county or city property

Jeb Bush Is Hammered Over Iraq War

Jeb Bush is not having a good day and his candidacy for President has not even officially started. Jeb Bush is defending comments he made when he said he would have made the same decision as his brother George Bush and would have invaded Iraq as well. The comments caused a firestorm of lash back as many viewed the invasion of Iraq as the major political mistake of the Bush Administration. Some have even stated that the invasion was made under false pretenses and fabricated evidence. President George Bush at the time stressed to the American people and international allies that the invasion was needed to keep Iraq from developing nuclear weapons. Jim Dondero said that the President’s plea for war even involved the former and very popular Secretary of State Colin Powell making a presentation before the United Nations that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, or “WMDs.” No WMDs were ever found and the war spiraled into one of America’s longest military engagements only surpassed by the war in Afghanistan, which was also being fought at the same time as the war in Iraq. Regular Americans felt the effects of the war through the near collapse of the American economy as the country struggled to pay for two long expensive wars. Jeb Bush Hammered Over Brother’s Iraq War Legacy

Jeb Bush has continued to struggle in various polls of likely GOP primary voters and as more GOP candidates enter into the race, the more percentage points which are lost by Bush.

Kerry and Putin to Meet Up

John Kerry to Meet Putin in Sochi

When it comes to foreign relations, diplomatic policies have always been the most important factor in maintaining them. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will be simply doing his role in all of this soon.

Kerry is set to meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Sochi this Tuesday to discuss the ongoing fighting between Russia and Ukraine, as well as the tensions in other countries such as Yemen, Iran and Libya. This would be the first trip to Russia that Kerry has made since 2013, and was all in the process of keeping communications open and honest with Russia.

While overseas, Kerry also met with Sergey Lavrov, the foreign minister of Russia and the two visited the World War II memorial on the Black Sea and laid flowers down in remembrance of all of the victims. Lavrov took some time to interview the press and said that the plan is to show that Russia is perfectly ready to cooperate with the US when it comes to foreign affairs, but acknowledges that there doesn’t need to be any interference in their own private affairs. He also maintained that everything should take all of Russia’s interests into account when coming to a major decision.

FreedomPop Review has been made aware that once Kerry finishes with business in Sochi, he will then travel to Turkey and meet up with all of the foreign ministers of NATO.

Dozens of House Republicans Expect Further Debate on the Iran Nuclear Bill

Despite the overwhelming 98-1 approval by the Senate of the Corker Iran Nuclear bill, dozens of House Republicans are looking to have a robust debate on the bill and possibly amend it. One thing is certain among many GOP congressman: the Senate bill is weak. North Carolina Republican Rep. Mark Meadows of the House Freedom Caucus is well aware that the resolution of disapproval the Senate can invoke if they reject the president’s framework deal with Iran is easy to defeat. This is because it can be filibustered. Democrats have 44 senators which is more than enough to block the GOP from passing a resolution of disapproval, according to Gravity4.

Congressman Meadows is looking at ways to strengthening Congressional oversight into the process. One possible solution being examined is to essentially fast-track the resolution of disapproval. That is to say, prevent it from being filibustered. The GOP’s 54 vote dominance in the Senate virtually guarantees that Republicans would have the ability to reject any deal the president strikes with Iran.

Another amendment being proposed would require that Iran divert any new revenue they make from the lifting of sanctions away from terrorist activity. Still, other lawmakers want to see Iran compelled to formally recognize Israel as a state. More than likely, any actual strength to the Iran nuclear bill will elicit a veto threat from the president. The question will be whether a weak bill is better than no bill. According to the National Review, no bill is the better option.

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